VENLAY® Bite Restoration

No Surgery, No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth, Much Less Painful

An Optimized Bite to Rediscover Your Potential

Jaw and Bite Correction Dentistry that helps patients look their best from every angle and with every expression rather than just getting smile dentistry with the same face and bite.

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No Jaw Surgery, No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth, Quicker, Safer, Much Less Painful

Bite correction is the key to having the incredible smile and the ultimate shape to your face. It is all about your bite and not just your smile.  You cannot reverse aging, correct bites or improve your facial profile with porcelain veneers.  VENLAY® Restoration is the answer to bite correction, premature aging, small chins (overbites), TMJ Pain, large chins (underbites), and transforming your life with the finest “first impression.”

Is it really possible to correct a Class III malocclusion, without jaw surgery, with VENLAY® Bite Restoration? Yes, we do it all of the time and the results speak for themselves . . .

The choices for overbite correction have not been very appealing.  Patients have gone through braces, sometimes more than once while others had…

The decision to go with this process is easy when you consider that you are going to keep your teeth intact and have high-tech porcelain bonded over the…

The ultimate physical and cosmetic solution that reverses premature aging by structurally and strategically rebuilding the support for your face.  This is beyond smile type anti-aging dentistry . . .

A receding chin and signs of premature aging are indications that your bite is not in a healthy position. VENLAY® Bite Restoration treatment without surgery or braces can treat this within a month.


Most patients with open bites find that it progressively gets worse with time.  After years of braces, head gear, speech therapy and orthopedics fail.  They are faced with only one choice of treatment and that is jaw surgery. 

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Dr. Sam Muslin Featured on The Doctors TV

“The Doctors” TV show contacted Dr. Muslin and asked if he would appear and explain how he can give a patient a Dental Facelift® with his VENLAY® Bite Restoration method. This jaw and bite correction method require no drilling down of healthy teeth and the outcome is predictable, unlike surgery.  It is an interesting TV appearance which recognizes the huge potential of this treatment. 

Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers

VENLAY® Bite Restoration was invented to correct the bite once the jaw position was functionally established without grinding away healthy tooth enamel and without harming any of the patient’s teeth.  In contrast, cosmetic dentistry grinds away your healthy teeth and offers no bite correction.  With the VENLAY® treatment, Dr. Sam Muslin was successful in correcting underbites, overbites, crossbites, TMJ pain, headaches, sleeping problems, neck pain, facial pain and overbites. There are many examples on this website.  In conclusion, VENLAY® Restorations provide non-invasive anti-aging dentistry benefits not available with any other method.

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Ask Dr Muslin

Dr Sam Muslin

During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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