Anti-Aging Dentistry

Anti-Aging Dentistry

Reverse the Effects of Aging by Physically Removing Tension and Stress with the Dental Facelift®

Anti-Aging Dentistry with the Dental Facelift®

Only Possible with VENLAY® Restorations and JawTrac® Alignment.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration can structurally correct your bite, optimize your jaw position, correct the proportions of the face and cosmetically reverse facial collapse without surgery or grinding down healthy teeth.

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Anti Aging Dentistry - It’s Not About Your Smile, It’s About Your Face

The Dental Facelift® is a non-surgical, non-invasive, method of treatment to restore facial collapse.

Reverse Aging Faces – The ultimate physical and cosmetic solution that reverses premature aging by structurally and strategically rebuilding the support for your face.  This is beyond smile type anti-aging dentistry because it goes deep into the root causes of the aging face.  The Dental Facelift® provides physical support without surgery, fillers, plastic surgery and especially without drilling down your healthy teeth. 

Head and Neck Tension and Stress Reduction – The tension and stress reduction is a result of re-establishing the jaw position of a much younger person.  This is the secret to reversing the aging process.  Anti-Aging dentistry in the other dental offices is not much more than cosmetic dentistry.  This method benefits the physical health of our patients.

Improving the Proportions of the Aging Face – Faces look older because the face is loosing the structural support of the teeth (they are getting shorter) and the sinking jawline from a worn down bite causing facial collapse.  The proportions of the face are changing from an egg shape (younger people) to a short round face (mature people).

The Sinking Chin & Facial Collapse Reversal – The chin is not getting smaller, it’s only moved. Dr. Sam Muslin uses this to your advantage by reversing the position of the sinking chin.  JawTrac® alignment is the secret to reversing facial collapse by establishing the chin position of a much younger person.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration, Ultimate Anti-Aging Dentistry – Imagine having all of your teeth perfectly matched and the jawline of a much younger person and getting it done without the cosmetic dentistry drilling down your healthy teeth?  VENLAY® Bite Restoration is the magic to this method making the course of this non-invasive, drug free treatment faster, more predictable and far less painful with unmatched anti-aging results to your face.

Featured Anti-Aging Dental Facelift® Patients

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The symptoms she experienced made her wonder if it could be a result of nerve damage. Much to her delight, she discovered Dr. Sam Muslin who did not find these symptoms uncommon.

We look older and we feel older because we do not have the support to our faces.  We have lost facial support from years of aging; clenching, grinding and natural wear to our teeth and bite.  The problem is if you go to a full mouth reconstruction dentist…

Treatment for bite collapse, overbites and underbites is amazingly easy, safe and fast.  There is a pain-free, non-invasive method that does not require anesthetic, shots, injections, surgery, braces or grinding down your healthy teeth.

When you want to look and feel your best it is important to relieve as much physical stress on your body as possible.  Most patients do not have the most ideal jaw position and consequently live their lives with…

As we get older our upper teeth get shorter and our faces also get shorter. Some young people never had upper teeth that were long enough so they also suffer form the “Where did my upper teeth go” syndrome.

If you want to look younger and improve your health at the same time, bite correction with this exclusive method is your ticket to age reversal and making the aging face younger looking. The key is to…

Benefits of a Dental Facelift®

The Dental Facelift® is very different from a surgical facelift and is the optimal anti-aging dentistry treatment.

Facelift surgery is a type of plastic surgery called rhytidectomy. This type of facelift uses surgery to make the face and neck look younger. It focuses on facial sagging, neck skin, jowls and similar issues of the face falling and looking older. This treatment would be provided by a plastic surgeon.

Unlike that treatment, a Dental Facelift® is provided by Doctor of Dental Surgery Dr. Muslin or another dentist who has been specially trained in his trademarked technique. The Dental Facelift® is able to make the face look significantly younger by improving jowls, facial sagging, a shortened face and similar concerns of aging, delivering true anti-aging dentistry. Yet this method doesn’t require surgery and is non-invasive and painless, with no recovery time.

Plus, its results go beyond lifting the skin. It changes the facial structure to elongate the face and balanced the chin with the rest of the face. It changes the jaw in a way that can correct facial sagging. And it brightens and beautifies the smile, which provides a youthful effect. You’ll also lose the tension and pain in your jaw and neck that can contribute to stress and aging.

This treatment fixes numerous issues at once to make your face look dramatically younger with a healthier, more beautiful smile at the same time. Through other methods, you would need a surgical facelift from a plastic surgeon plus veneers from a dentist to gain these same benefits, and then you still wouldn’t fix your bite and your facial structure.

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What Is a Dental Facelift?

The Dental Facelift® is a trademarked dental treatment that puts your jaw into its correct position to fix a bad bite. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive method that corrects underbite, overbite, open bite and other bite problems. Not only does it fix the bite, but it also improves the smile and the structure of your face. What this can do is take years off your appearance and make your face look more proportional and youthful. It delivers the best anti-aging dentistry treatment available today.

How Does a Dental Facelift® Work?

Dr. Muslin, the dentist who created the Dental Facelift®, performs this treatment at his office in Santa Monica, California in as few as two visits. He starts by finding the correct position of the jaw through his JawTrac® imaging technology. The second part of this treatment is to restore all the teeth, or the full top or bottom row, with VENLAY® restorations. Unlike veneers, these do not grind down the healthy teeth or harm them in any way. 

With this innovative technique, Dr. Muslin determines the best bite to improve your oral health and ability to talk and eat. His method will also improve your facial structure to enhance your look and provide anti-aging effects.  

In the process, this treatment removes decay, old fillings and other issues, fully restoring your oral health. This treatment puts your jaw into the best position for your health and appearance. It does not require surgery or prep, is non-invasive and pain-free, and is more effective than other bite correction methods.

What about Getting a Surgical Face-Lift Instead?

Face-Lifts only treat the soft tissue so the source of the problem which is the collapse of the hard tissues, (the teeth, chin and jawline) was never treated.   When a patient gets a Dental Face Lift® using the Face Lift Dentistry® method, the real problem of the collapsed aging face is treated and that is the wear, the bite and the jaw position. 

When Should I Consider the Dental Facelift®?

A Dental Facelift® can be right for you if you’re searching for a solution for an overbite, underbite or other bite problem. In many cases, a dentist or oral surgeon will tell you that you need jaw surgery to correct a bite problem. When you think surgery is your only option, check with us first. Most likely, we can correct your bite with our non-surgical treatment option. 

Nonetheless, you don’t have to wait until a dentist recommends surgery to see us. We provide a more effective solution to the various bite correction options a dentist will recommend, such as braces, crowns, veneers or clear aligners. We are able to truly correct the bite without any of these methods, yet our technique is more effective because it changes the bite at the jaw level rather than simply adjusting or covering the teeth. 

Our method might help even if you’re not aware of a bite problem. Many people don’t realize that they have a bad bite, yet they’re experiencing pain in their jaw and neck, maybe having trouble talking or chewing. Our innovative method can usually help these kinds of symptoms.

Also, our method is free of pain and quicker to complete than other methods. Overall, it provides an alternative to any other bite correction method your dentist might recommend. That said, we are also able to help if your previous treatment failed.

What is the Difference between The Dental Facelift® and a Facelift through Dentistry Offered by Other Dentists?

The Dental Facelift® and the Face Lift Dentistry® method are the federal trademarks of Dr. Sam Muslin who developed this form of treatment. The Dental Facelift® is exclusively available at Dr. Muslin’s Santa Monica, CA, office.

Look at the shape of the face of the person in the before photo and see how much the face and soft tissue have collapsed.  Then look at the after photo and see the once the hard tissue (the teeth, the bite, the chin and the jawline) are corrected, he now has the Anti-Aging Dental Face Lift® using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

Before and After Anti-Aging Dentistry: When we do not have a healthy jaw position, we are physically compromised and age prematurely.

Shape of the Face and Facial Proportions

Again, look at the shape of this patients face and try to image what he would look like without the chin position, jawline and the new shape and proportions of his face.  In the before photo he has the short round face of a much older person and in the after photo he was treated with VENLAY® Bite Restoration and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

JawTrac® was utilized to establish the new shape to his face and to harmonize the jaw position to the TMJ.  We test this new position to verify he will look has best and feel physically better.  We then use the porcelain VENLAY® Bite Restoration to maintain this new position and function with chewing, speaking and sleeping comfortably. 

How Does a Dental Facelift® Improve Sleeping?

When you have the short round face like that of an older person, chances are quite high that the space normally available for your tongue has been reduced.  Patients will snore more, wake up more, sleep less and fail to get high quality sleep at night.  But, it is even worse than that because patients that have insufficient space for their tongues can also suffer from sleep apnea.

Decreased tongue space, lower blood oxygen level from a smaller airway, and aging prematurely from the inside out.

Shape of the Face and Facial Proportions

Again, look at the shape of this patients face and try to image what he would look like without the chin position, jawline and the new shape and proportions of his face.  In the before photo he has the short round face of a much older person and in the after photo he was treated with VENLAY® Bite Restoration and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

JawTrac® was utilized to establish the new shape to his face and to harmonize the jaw position to the TMJ.  We test this new position to verify he will look has best and feel physically better.  We then use the porcelain VENLAY® Bite Restoration to maintain this new position and function with chewing, speaking and sleeping comfortably. 

When the space for the tongue is reduced, the blood oxygen level is too low for normal internal organ function.  The internal organs can age faster just like the face ages prematurely.  Reversing the effects of aging with this method, changes lives.  Our aging faces are not the only unhealthy issue with bite collapse.

We are living longer than any previous generations and we now have a treatment that is a comprehensive solution to multiples problems with the aging process, and this treatment improves the quality of our patients lives physical, structurally and cosmetically.

How Long Does a Dental Facelift® Treatment Take?

Many patients are done with their Dental Facelift® within a week through just two visits. Sometimes the treatment can take a bit longer, but we are talking weeks rather than the months or years that other treatments, such as surgery and braces, can take to complete. The length of time depends on how long it takes to make the porcelain VENLAY® Restorations, which varies from one to three weeks.

The Dental Facelift® vs. Anti-Aging Dentistry or Non-Surgical Facelift through Dentistry

These days, you’ll hear about different anti-aging dentistry options available to you. But they’re not all equivalent. 

The Dental Facelift® is a trademarked technique that only Dr. Muslin in California and other dentists trained by him can perform. Any other dentist selling anti-aging dentistry is offering a different method. 

Dr. Muslin’s technique uses JawTrac® technology and VENLAY® restorations to actually correct the position of the jaw, changing your skeletal structure. In the process, he changes the look and bite of your teeth. Together, these techniques change the shape and look of your face, providing an elongating and lifting effect that is anti-aging. You lose the shrunken face, hollowed cheeks, worn teeth and other signs of aging and gain a more youthful appearance.

Other dentists say they provide anti-aging dentistry or a non-surgical facelift through dentistry, but they don’t have the same innovative methods as Dr. Muslin. Most likely, they are selling you the same old methods like veneers that don’t truly change the jaw or the facial structure.

Ask Dr Muslin

Dr Sam Muslin

During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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