Bad Mouth Reconstruction – a “Disaster”

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Her local dentist was in the middle of treating her for bite correction and “it was a disaster” according to the patient.  Her local dentist ground down all of her teeth (the Face Lift Dentistry® method does not require grinding down healthy teeth), and the local dentist placed temporary crowns and temporary veneers on her teeth.  She was in severe TMJ pain, bite pain, had extremely sensitive teeth and after many visits with hours in the dental chair at her local dentist to find comfort with her bite, she could not take the pain any longer.

Bite Correction Disaster Video Testimonial

This patient had tooth pain, jaw pain and could not chew, sleep or eat normally for nearly nine months until a dentist belonging to the State Dental Board in her state, recommended that she see a dentist that does this type of work every day. 

Deep Overbite Correction- a Patient in Crisis

Dentists will open the vertical dimension for bite correction but the patient’s chin still looks small, they have headaches and they are still in pain.  Many patients will have a deep overbite when the mouth reconstruction treatment is completed.  Her local dentist placed porcelain veneers and her teeth were so sensitive that she could not eat.   She is a patient in crisis.

Extreme Tooth Sensitivity after Treatment

Having some tooth sensitivity after treatment is one thing but extreme sensitivity that continues for months indicates that there is a big problem.  She could not chew or drink or sleep because she was in severe pain.  Her local dentist bonded 12 permanent porcelain veneers several months ago and she has been miserable with her bite and her extremely sensitive teeth.

TMJ Problems during Bite Correction Treatment

She could not function normally because her jaws locked up and she was in severe pain in the TMJ.  She went back to the local dentist and she spent hours in his dental chair adjusting her bite but her pain and health problems got worse and worse.  She spent tens of thousands of dollars and was literally going crazy.

Temporary Teeth Fall Out

Sometimes with the best intentions all dentists can experience a temporary crowns falling out but when all 16 temporary crowns fall out repeatedly, there is a problem.  Her teeth were so sensitive and the temporary crowns so weak that she had to change dentists.   She was suffering from a bite reconstruction disaster and found Dr. Muslin online.  She saw the quality of his results and realized that seeing a dentist that does this kind of work every day is the best way to be treated.  Then she realized that Dr. Muslin’s Face Lift Dentistry® method could get her out of pain and also help her look and feel years younger.

The lines show how much the shape of her face improved as she is biting her teeth together in both photos. On the left, with traditional mouth reconstruction dentistry, she has a shorter face and a sunken chin, which does not touch the line. She has 12 porcelain veneers in the “before” photo on the left that cannot improve the shape of her face. The “after” photo on the right shows a younger face and a pain-free healthy bite.

Over Bite Correction – How Young Can You Look?

Dr. Muslin does his Face-lift Dentistry® method with data collection, imaging, photos, video, clinical analysis and x-rays in order to determine the proper position for her bite to improve the shape of her face.   A systematic method is the key to success to locate the healthiest bite position for the patient.   Many dentists have asked for a course on Face lift Dentistry® and Dr. Muslin will be teaching his method using an online venue so dentists from all over the world can receive training.   The best part of looking younger is actually feeling younger.

Small Chins and Aging Faces

Dr. Muslin determined the bite position using the JawTrac® method and showed the patient the new shape to her face and her new chin position when he completes his bite correction treatment.  His patients can see the expected results to their faces, as he will demonstrate the results of his bite position before the treatment even starts.

To begin her solution, he removed the temporary crowns that failed and replaced them with temporary teeth that gave her a younger face, that smoothed out years of aging and relieved her pain.   Her health improved because her TMJ pain was gone, and the biggest bonus to his treatment is the reversal of years of aging.  The patient said, “I feel a million times better”.

Traditional Bite Reconstruction vs. Face Lift Dentistry® Results

The lines on the photo help define the patient’s face and the chin position that help you evaluate the results. The Face Lift Dentistry® method improves the entire face without grinding down healthy teeth which make this treatment highly predictable.

Call for your appointment (310) 829 6796 or read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) and fill out the contact request.  It is about how young you will feel and how you are going to live the rest of your life.  Cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers are not going to help you like the Face Lift Dentistry method.

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