Small Chins And Premature Aging

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As life spans get longer and longer, occlusion is a dental problem that rears its head more and more frequently. Mechanical wear on teeth contributes to the dynamics of structural facial collapse. As the teeth get shorter, our lips get thinner, and the lower face begins a slow collapse over years that adds unnecessary wrinkles and creates a rounder, older-appearing facial structure. Most patients that experience small chins and short round faces have an overbite.

Tooth Grinding or Bruxism: – His chin looks larger and more masculine and the proportions of his face are improved giving him a younger more “credible” appearance with overbite correction. His new chin position was created by correcting his bite.

Overall Shape of a Face

It’s not just an issue of appearance, either. As we age and the wear on our teeth causes our faces to shorten and appear older, the clarity of our speech can suffer. The age of our teeth is really an excellent indicator of the progression of aging. As we age, the chin looks smaller than normal and the face looks shorter than normal.

Only the Teeth Needed to be Treated

That’s why Dr. Sam Muslin, , developed Face Lift Dentistry ®, which has the ability to technically reposition the jaw, physically lengthen the face, and increase the face’s vertical dimension. No surgery is done on facial areas – only the teeth are treated. Dr. Muslin can completely reverse the occlusal dynamics due to aging in just two visits, achieving a facial lengthening that would be impossible for a plastic surgeon to accomplish. Remarkable outcomes are possible – see Faisa’s Case Study as another example.

Shortcomings of Cosmetic Dentistry

A provider of traditional cosmetic dental care would add porcelain veneers to the patient, making his smile look more attractive. Unfortunately, this would do nothing for the shape of his face, which would remain the same. Dr. Muslin’s Dental Face Lift® is much more comprehensive, involving far more functional requirements on the part of the dentist, and the final results greatly exceed the expectations of ordinary porcelain crowns, porcelain veneers, or Lumineers®.

He always had a normal size chin but his face was never developed to it’s fullest potential because he has always had an overbite. Overbites cause small chins, short lower face and weak facial profiles.

More than Just a Smile

Treating the whole face has an advantage over pure cosmetic dentistry. The average person smiles just 3% of the time, and the other 97% of the time the face muscles are at rest. A short face makes the typical person look like they are angry about something. The Dental Face Lift treatment benefits facial appearance 100% of the time.

Face Lift Dentistry ® – High Tech Cosmetic Dentistry

To properly do a Dental Face Lift®, the dentist needs to understand the changing facial functional dynamics, including adjustments to a shortened lower face, a deep over bite, a collapsed bite, a weak-looking chin caused by jaw position, and flattened lips and creasing in the corners of the mouth. A dentist like Dr. Muslin completely customizes his high-tech dentistry treatment plan for the individual characteristics of each patient. The goal of dental treatment is to render care that is quick and easy for the patient, does not require grinding down healthy teeth, yet produces results that complete revitalize the face.

To encompass the shortened lower face, the collapsed bite, the deep over bite, the weak looking chin caused by his jaw position, the flattened lips and creasing in the corners of his mouth, the dentist has to understand the evolving aspect of facial functioning dynamics.

To ultimately customize the care for the individualized characteristics of the patient all levels of high tech dentistry must be engaged. The goal of treatment is to render care that requires little down time to the patient yet achieve results that revitalize the entire facial complex and exceed expectations that are normally not associated with dentistry.

Patients looking for high quality bite reconstruction in the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area should call Sam Muslin, DDS, at (310) 829-6796.

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