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The featured patient flew in from Texas because this method is not available anywhere else. The symptoms she experienced made her other dentists and doctors wonder if her pain could be a result of nerve damage.  Much to her delight, she discovered Dr. Sam Muslin who did not find her symptoms uncommon.  Here is her story:

Symptoms: Can’t Sleep well, Low Energy level, TMJ pain, Jaw Misalignment, Neck Pain, Headaches, Feels Bad, is Aging Prematurely, and cannot Speak Clearly.

Bad Jaw Position, TMJ Pain, and Facial Collapse

Many patients don’t feel their best because they have health problems that are caused by a lack of synchronization between their faces, necks, muscles, teeth, bites and jaw joints.   When a patient has ideal synchronization, the right jaw position, and teeth that are sized to their anatomical structures they sleep better, have a larger airway passage, increased energy, experience far less pain and cosmetically look and feel young again.

She has facial pain in the before photo because of a physical imbalance between her anatomical structures.  Face-Lifts don’t correct jaw position problems.  In the after photo, her physical stress level has been reduced and she now has something few patients will ever experience and that is ideal facial support and proportions, thanks to an optimized jaw position.

The Importance of the Optimal Jaw Position

As the bite wears down, the lower jaw is pushed back further than normal, resulting in increased facial aging. The bad bite decreases tongue space that contributes to sleeping problems, and low energy levels, The stress in our faces becomes more apparent because there is a physical conflict between the structures and the function of the head and neck areas. VENLAY® Restoration is health care that idealizes your jaw position leaving more space for your tongue and less stress on your face. It reverses facial collapse because the jaw position supports the face just like that of a younger person. It also reduces stress and tension because the body is functionally working together rather than lacking synchronization.

Why are we Aging Prematurely?

We are aging prematurely because the shape of our face is too short and round. The reason our faces are too short, and our chins appear to be shrinking is because physically we have the wrong jaw position and bite for our anatomical structures. Dr. Muslin has been treating patients as young as 14 years of age and up with bite problems because it is not an invasive method. No teeth are drilled down, no jaw surgery, and the treatment is much less painful. Our bite restoration method uses JawTrac® Alignment to test your new jaw position and allows you to see the new shape of your face immediately.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration for Younger Faces

Young patients also have the wrong jaw position and bite for their bone structures which manifests as underbites and overbites. They have short faces, or large chins, TMJ pain, lack facial support too. In other words, this is a treatment that improves the quality of our lives both functionally and especially aesthetically.

When a patient has TMJ pain, neck pain, jaw pain and goes to dentists, chiropractors, internists, specialists and nothing works, they lose faith.  They ask, “Am I losing it”?

TMJ Jaw Pain and Misaligned Jaws

The typical anti-aging dentist is a cosmetic dentist that will grind down your healthy teeth. Many are not educated or equipped to give the patient an ideal jaw position, but they can improve the smile with veneers. Without a method to develop the ideal jaw position, anti-aging dentists hope you like the white teeth they gave you enough, so you don’t realize that your face has the same shape as before. The key to the ultimate level of anti-aging dentistry is getting the optimized jaw position for your face and also getting the right bite that will support your face. VENLAY® Bite Restoration reverses the effects of premature aging,small chins, jaw pain and short faces on young and mature patients using JawTrac®.

She will tell you in her own words, how much of an effort she made to get help.  She spent years suffering and several years watching Dr. Muslin’s videos before she flew in from Texas to “take the plunge” into one of the most innovative non-invasive nearly pain-free methods that work!

Video Testimonial: "None of my symptoms shocked Dr. Muslin. He knew exactly what to do."

Our patient said, “Nobody else, no dentist or doctor, could help me. On the very first visit, Dr. Muslin knew what to do, told me his treatment plan, and after years of suffering, I am getting relief.” “One doctor thought I might have nerve damage when all I really needed was someone that listened to me and knew what to do without guessing.” All the doctors and dentists I saw wanted to help but had no solutions.

A Relaxed Jaw Position and the Cosmetic Impact

The health elements of this treatment are enormous because of the physical jaw alignment. The cosmetic impact it creates for the patient is a self-esteem boost that improves the proportions of the entire face.

Poor Jaw Position Can Obstruct Sleep

Our patient said, “I took sleeping pills to go to sleep not realizing that they were not a good idea.” “I really had a physical problem obstructing my sleep (lack of tongue space and a deep overbite).” “Dr. Muslin made me realize that I needed physical jaw alignment and he could do it without surgery!” He explained that a healthy jaw position using JawTrac® is painless, easy and relatively quick.  He said, “I will be able to experience my new jaw position and pain relief before I commit to treatment.

A face-lift, porcelain veneers, plastic surgery, jaw surgery, braces, facial fillers, a chin implant, and Botox® cannot get results like this.  Look at her lower face and her chin position compared to the after photo.

Health Care and Cosmetic Benefits at the same Time

This treatment is designed to save your teeth because Dr. Muslin does not drill them down into little pegs like just about every other dentist. Instead, he uses his patent-pending bonding system to bond high tech porcelain to each individual tooth that he personally designs for every one of his VENLAY Bite Restoration patients. This is way beyond porcelain veneers because this method will three-dimensionally reposition your lower jaw and improve your face, smile, and profile. It is a “one and done” comprehensive treatment plan that gives you incredible cosmetic and health care benefits all at the same time.”

Natural, beautiful and artistic bite correction is the ultimate health care delivered by this dentist. The functionality and aesthetics transform lives.

Am I a Candidate for VENLAY® Bite Restoration?

Almost everyone is a candidate and can benefit from this method. Dr. Muslin has been treating patients with all sorts of aging problems, bite problems, small chins, underbites, large chins, cross bites, bad facial profiles, small teeth, and open bites. The best part is that Dr. Muslin uses JawTrac® to test the new jaw position and within 15 minutes, this patient knew this method was already relieving her discomfort. “It is hard to believe that after all of these years and doctor visits, I felt more comfortable in about 15 minutes”. 


One of our patients said, “It is much easier to get on a plane twice rather than make another mistake and waste my time with a local dentist.”

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