Age Reversal Dental Facelift®

Jaw, Bite, TMJ Optimized with JawTrac® and VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Completed in Less than a Month, No Drilling, No Surgery

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If you want to look younger and improve your health at the same time, bite correction with this exclusive method is your ticket to age reversal and making the aging face younger looking. The key is to understand what has happened with time. The aging face begins to collapse as the bite worsens and the problem is that most of us never had the most ideal jaw position for our faces.

Some people may refer to this as the Bitchy Woman Face but this person happens to be one of the most pleasant people you will ever meet. Her problem is that she never had the right jaw position for her facial structures.

Bite Correction & the Ideal Jaw Position

When the jaw position has been “optimized” using JawTrac™, the patient’s face looks years younger because for the first time in the patient’s life, she has the most ideal jaw position and the bite to support it.  What makes this treatment the ultimate dental health care is that none of your healthy teeth are ground down.  For the first time in dentistry, just about everyone can have the most ideal jaw position for his or her facial structures created non-invasively and non-surgically.  The treatment is literally painless and with far less risk than the traditional cosmetic dentistry, anti-aging dentistry and bite specialist dentistry.  This patient had a lot of old dentistry that had to be replaced but she also had worn down healthy teeth that the dental drill never touched.

We look older because we are experiencing facial collapse due to a bad bite. When the bite is idealized with the jaw position, the aging process is reversed.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

The typical anti-aging dentist is a cosmetic dentist that will grind down your healthy teeth.  Without a method to develop the ideal jaw position, anti-aging dentists hope you like the white teeth they gave you enough so you don’t realize that your face has the same shape as before.  The key to the ultimate level of anti-aging dentistry is getting the optimized jaw position for your face and also getting the right bite that will support your face.  We just described VENLAY® Bite Restoration that reverses the effects of premature aging.  Be careful about the type of anti-aging dentistry you will receive.

The neuromuscular dentist that did the work on the right did not find the ideal jaw position for this patient. The cosmetic dentist also did not create teeth that harmonized with her face. In the after photo, she has been “optimized.”

Bite Correction that’s Non-Invasive and Non-Surgical

Today, patients that have great teeth without many fillings can now have the benefits of the ideal bite position without jaw surgery, braces and without grinding down your teeth.  Young patients are getting ideal facial features without the risk of surgery in just a couple of weeks.  Seniors are getting younger faces with bite correction that’s non-invasive and non-surgical and feel younger too.

Face Lift Dentistry® Overbite Correction & Under bite Correction

This patient had a deep overbite that braces cannot solve.  She did not want jaw surgery and when you see the results she received with the Face Lift Dentistry® method for overbite correction, she did not need jaw surgery.  Patients in need of underbite correction can get results in just a few weeks that are life changing and without the risk of jaw surgery.  Look at the jawline on this patient before and after treatment.

Overbite Correction

First using JawTrac™, her new jaw position was located.  She loved how her new face looked and how her new bite felt.  She had many teeth that were already crowned by previous dentists and she had many teeth that were worn down, short and yellow from years of wear.  All of her worn down teeth were restored non-invasively with VENLAY® restorations while all of the other previously restored teeth received new restorations.  Dr. Muslin removed all of the old dentistry and put back all new matching dentistry in just about 3 weeks.  It takes Dr. Muslin about 3 weeks to design and create the Face Lift Dentistry® results for each patient.

Dr. Sam Muslin sincerely and humbly thanks this patient for allowing him to show the power of this treatment and how it enhances lives.  Non-Invasive Face-lift Dentistry® is the future of bite correction.

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