Reversing Facial Collapse

Reversing Facial Collapse

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Faces age for a variety of reasons and reversing some of the effects of the aging process can be a lifestyle enhancement for the rest of the patient’s life. The question is, how are you going to live for the rest of your life.

This is not an example of cosmetic dentistry as much as it is an example of living a fuller life. His teeth are worn down, crooked, stained and yellow but they are so short that you can hardly see them. It is typical of the senior patients to loose facial support and the visibility of their teeth.

You Cannot See my Teeth

Teeth cannot be seen when the patient is talking which is typical for the aging face. The face is slowly moving down and the teeth are getting shorter. When senior patients talk, you cannot see their upper teeth but when young people talk, you can see their upper teeth. What Dr. Muslin does is build the bite that has the characteristics of a much younger person for the cosmetic aspect. This bite is also good for the patients health which helps them feel younger as well as look younger.

This patient has lost facial support because his teeth and mainly his bite are so short. His upper lip is behind the lower lip and his nose is too close to his chin in the before photo on the left. With the photo on the right he has a longer face and better lip support because his bite is built to augment his facial structures.

Reversing Facial Collapse

Faces collapse because they loose support from teeth that are too short and they also loose facial length. As the teeth wear down, the face gets shorter. As the face gets shorter, the patient ages prematurely. Building the best possible bite for the face, that function in harmony with the TMJ is vital for longer-term health by reducing sleeping problems as snoring and digestion problems as poor chewing ability.

For those patients interested in this level of care, call the office of Dr. Sam Muslin for a consultation with his treatment coordinators.

Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks all of his patients that have given him permission to show the quality of his work. All of the photos are untouched and unaltered.

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