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You will need to have the best jaw position for your facial structure, which will function in harmony with the TMJ.  You will have teeth that are proportioned to your facial features that support your lips and face permanently.   The quality of the porcelain will provide a translucent shade that radiates confidence and it will have surface texture that breaks up the light.  You will have white teeth that look natural and a wider smile.  If you have an overbite, you will have a larger looking chin and if you have an under bite you will have a smaller looking chin.  You will have a younger face, better profile and less tension.  You know your optimized and everyone you meet will recognize a person that has been revitalized physically and mentally.  Welcome to Face Lift Dentistry ®.

The photo on the left reveals the limits of anti-aging cosmetic dentistry. She already has veneers and they did not improve the shape of her face or remove the tension from a bad bite and jaw position. The photo on the right shows a person that has been “optimized” with the best possible chin position for their face. It is a quick and easy method.

Anti-Aging Dentistry Can’t be done with Porcelain Veneers Not just Anti-Aging Dentistry

All dentists are cosmetic dentist and just about all dentists do anti-aging dentistry and they are all about the smile.  They give you smiles with porcelain veneers and grind down your healthy teeth when your really need your jaw position idealized.

This is the only procedure that can improve the shape of your face without surgery, or facial fillers that utilizes a non-invasive method that does not require grinding down your teeth. In the photo on the left, she already has porcelain veneers and anti-aging dentistry that did not improve the shape of her face. In the photo on the right, she has “total optimization” of her natural facial features with the Face-lift Dentistry® method.

Premature Aging

Preventing premature aging is all about the chin position and facial proportions.  The goal is to treat the patient’s face by only working on the teeth.   The treatment needs to be quick, effective and non-invasive.  We want to create a younger looking face with the best possible tooth size, facial profile and jaw position.  We also want to reduce head and neck tension, which can have a profound effect on the patient’s health.  Preventing premature aging is only one element in the delivery of this treatment.

Anti-Aging Dentistry & Venlay® Restorations

Most dentists call themselves anti-aging dentists.  If you go to one of them, you will most likely experience just another form of cosmetic dentistry requiring grinding down your healthy teeth.  Most of these patients only look younger when they smile because they never got the position of their jaw idealized to the facial structures.  Without the ability to see the jaw position inside the patient’s using ultra low radiation type of imaging with head in a variety of positions during the treatment sequence, the treatment is really blind.  The treating dentist cannot see what they are doing without imaging the jaw position.  To see the actual jaw position with the new facial proportions requires specialized imaging with ultra low radiation that is not available with a CT scan at this time.   Dr. Muslin knows that the radiation exposure of the CT scan will be reduced as the technology improves.

She is biting her teeth together in both photos. In the before photo she has facial collapse that will worsen over time. In the after photo, she has the optimized jaw position that helps her look younger naturally. She kept all of her individualized facial characteristics but now the effects of the aging process were reversed.

Flying Across the Country to See this Dentist

She already went to several of the top dentists in Florida.  They advised braces which caused problems when the treatment was completed because she lost the ability to speak clearly.  Closing the gaps between teeth also closes down the space available for the patient’s tongue.

Another dentist then advised porcelain veneers and after getting them placed her bite and her ability to speak clearly got worse.  She was facing complex problems that seemed like no dentist could solve.  She suffered for two years with this problem until she found Dr. Muslin’s website.  She read everything, watched the videos and called the office because she got very excited that someone knew how to get the results she needed.

This isn’t just another anti-aging dentistry method; this is a method that is actually good for the health of the patient.

Better than a Facelift?

After going home the reaction by her friends was one of amazement.  As most of us know, our friends can be the harshest critics but her friends told her that, “It looks better then a face lift”.  When a patient can have a younger face without surgery, he or she look their natural best.  The goal is to be the best possible person that you were meant to be.

Because the patient’s teeth are preserved they can see the final porcelain VENLAY® restorations in their mouth before bonding. This puts the patient in control of the results with the ability to make changes.

Feeling Years Younger

When the jaw position is optimized, the patient no longer is physically compromised.  Bad bites will create jaw tension, facial strain, head and neck stress that all compromise the health of the patient.  When the patient has the best possible jaw and chin position through bite correction dentistry, they not only look younger, they feel younger.

Call for your appointment (310) 829 6796 and talk with our treatment coordinator.  Once you send us photos of your face, a cell phone photo of your dental x-rays and a 15 second video clip of you talking to us, we will be able to help you plant treatment and get some idea of cost.

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