TMJ Relief and Bite Correction

No Surgery, No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth, Much Less Painful

Bite Correction with VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Jaw, TMJ, and Bite Alignment

TMJ Pain, Headaches, Clenching, Grinding Teeth, Sleeping Problems, Premature Aging, Head & Neck Pain, and Misaligned Jaws treated with one comprehensive plan.

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Jaw Alignment for the Optimum Bite and TMJ Harmony

A receding chin and signs of premature aging are signs that your bite is not in a healthy position. Treatment without surgery or braces was completed in about a month.

Treatment Completed in a Month or Less​

This method does not take a month of your time.  There is very little pain because your healthy teeth are not drilled down to stumps and even if a previous dentist already drilled them down, this method is still for you.  When you start, it takes 4 days for testing, records and set-up, then Dr. Muslin needs 3 weeks to construct your new VENLAY® Bite Restoration and then you return for 5 days to complete the treatment.  It is a remarkable result to a multitude of health problems and cosmetic solutions in one totally comprehensive method.

TMJ Pain

The reason that so many patients are suffering is that TMJ pain treatment is patchwork type of dentistry from one doctor to the next.  After all of that treatment, the patient is still in pain. Our method is a highly organized non-surgical and non-invasive method with cosmetic benefits that are incredible.  All of your teeth are treated at one time, they will match and you will have a better jawline, larger appearing chin and a younger shape to your face.

Headaches, Head and Neck Pain

Our new patients say, “my headaches are sinus headaches and not my bite”.  We test them for bite correction and for many of these patients; the headaches disappear or are significantly reduced when the patient has a new jaw position.  Head and neck pain is also reduced and you can get a better facial profile, improved jawline and structural support for your face.

Clenching and Grinding Teeth

If your teeth are short teeth or small teeth or worn down teeth from clenching and grinding, this is the method for you.  We can increase the sizes of your teeth and put back the lost tooth enamel with this method. Your bite can be corrected, all of the tooth structure lost can be added back and you will get a new younger shape to your face with improved facial proportions and chin size.

Misaligned Jaws

When you have misaligned jaws you now have a non-surgical choice and the magic of this choice is that Dr. Sam Muslin will show you the new jaw alignment using your face on your very first visit.  You will actually see what he can do for you immediately and this is not possible with the other methods. 

VENLAY® Bite Restoration

This method is one well organized comprehensive plan to reverse the effects of aging, improve your facial profile, correct your bite, get the unbeatable smile, and align you jaws along with pain relieve in just about a month. Dr. Muslin has experience with all of the other methods and designed his exclusive VENLAY® Bite Restoration to be a huge advancement over the old methods.  The patients in this website are the ultimate testimonial to the success of his work.

Featured Bite Correction Patients

When jaw surgery does not work as expected, the best possible solution needs to be predictable, stable, non-surgical and most importantly non-invasive. It also needs to be done in just a few weeks without grinding down healthy teeth with a dental drill… 


Cosmetic dentistry would do a lot of damage to his existing tooth structure leaving this patient with the same face but a better smile. When you are dealing with the aging process, it is all about…


When we clench and grind our teeth, the teeth get shorter. As the teeth wear down, our face also shortens and the lower jaw looks smaller. The lower jaw is really normal in…

Insomnia and sleep apnea can be improved without drugs for the rest of a patient’s life with bite correction dentistry. The most important aspect of reversing the effects of aging are identifying what is …

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 VENLAY® Bite Restoration can widen the smile much more than veneers and cosmetic dentistry, plus it can correct the bite and improve the proportions of the entire face.

Her cosmetic and neuromuscular dentist said her teeth would only be “ground down a little”.  What seems like a little to the dentist could be a health problem for the patient.

Why VENLAY® Bite Restoration is the Optimum Choice

Our Bite Correction treatment is unique and differs from all other methods being offered. The central goal of our method is to accomplish everything possible, by maximizing your total existence from a normal functional prospective and from the ultimate cosmetic prospective.  This is accomplished with one comprehensive approach that is non-invasive.  Nobody else has the VENLAY® Bite Restoration and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method so if you want it, you will have to be in Santa Monica California.

This graphic shows that in order to have normal and healthy jaw function and the best cosmetics, the bite, jaw position, and TMJ should be coordinated together.

The Importance of a Healthy Jaw Position for TMJ Harmony

Many patients that have TMJ pain have had night guards, muscle relaxing drugs, Botox®, bite adjustments, Trigger point injections, Tens Units, electrodes on faces with computers, (Disneyland Dentistry), TMJ surgery, braces and removable orthotic appliances.  Patients bounce from one doctor to the next trying to get relief.

Misaligned Jaws

Most dentists believe that if the teeth fit together in a Class 1 occlusion with 1 mm of overbite, the patient has a perfect bite.  If this were true, why do so many people with that “perfect bite” get headaches, head and neck pain and have clicking jaw joints, cannot chew well, have sore muscles and face pain?  The reason is that the bite really is not perfect because the jaws are not aligned. The patient has straight teeth that look impressive but the functionality of the bite is in conflict with the TMJ joint.  Patients with straight teeth can have misaligned jaws and be miserable.  We can help them as well as those patients that have crooked teeth and misaligned jaws.

Headaches, Head and Neck Pain

The reason that patients are suffering from headaches and head and neck pain is because they have a physical conflict between their bite, teeth and TMJ.  Headaches can come from a variety of sources but many of our patients have been pleasantly surprised at the relief that have experienced during the test phase.  Dr. Sam Muslin describes his method as a “physical solution to a physical and functional health problem”.

When the Meniscus is Out of Position

The meniscus is the small blue pad in this drawing that should fit between the skull socket and the condyle of the lower jaw.  In this close-up photo, the meniscus is pushed out from between the upper skull socked and the top of the lower jaw (the condyle). 

This is a close up of the temporomandibular joint or TMJ with the meniscus displaced in front of the lower jaw instead of between the lower jaw and skull socket which causes clicking and popping along with TMJ or jaw disfunction.

The teeth, the bite and the jaw position need to be coordinated with the jaw joint or TMJ and when they are not, clenching and grinding, clicking and popping and headaches can be a result.  This condition is referred to as “TMD” or jaw joint dysfunction.

Clenching and Grinding

The meniscus is the small blue pad in this drawing that should fit between the skull socket and the condyle of the lower jaw.  In this close-up photo, the meniscus is pushed out from between the upper skull socked and the top of the lower jaw (the condyle). 

Jaw Clicking and Popping

The TMJ or jaw joint is clicking and popping because the pad that normally works silently with the lower jaw opening and closing has been displaced into the wrong (forward) position.  Now instead of the meniscus moving with the lower jaw, the lower jaw and the meniscus click and pop.

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What is Bite Correction?

Testing First ​

We test to make sure you like the shape of your new facial proportions and facial profile.  We also test to make sure you are getting pain relief.  Some patients want this treatment for the big cosmetic benefit’s the other methods cannot offer. VENLAY® Bite Restoration can improve the lengths of the teeth, and can be designed to support the patients face at the same time.

When does Treatment for the Teeth Start?​

When the patient is ready to move forward with treating the teeth and bite is usually after testing.  Some patients only need “over night” to decide and others want more time.  It is up to the patient to choose to move forward. Some patients start treatment on the very first day we see them while others start a a few weeks later.


The reason that quoting a cost without seeing the patient is because we see patients from all over the world with incredible variations in their dental health.  Some need gum surgery, others have missing teeth, some need root canals etc. We have no idea what it will really cost until we see the patient in person.  For patients that don’t need a lot of dentistry, the cost is less.

3 Weeks to Create the VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Treatment can be completed in about a month time because it takes 3 weeks to create your new bite.  Dr. Muslin uses JawTrac® to locate, test and clinically evaluate to make sure the jaw position is within the patient’s biologic limits.  The he needs 3 weeks to create the VENLAY® Bite Restoration using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method so you are not in the chair during that time person.

5 Days to Finish

You are not in the dental chair for 5 days.  It usually takes ½ day to bond the upper porcelain and ½ day to bond the lower porcelain.   The remaining days are 30-minute visits, twice per day to refine the bite, smooth out rough areas, and make sure you are speaking clearly.   Then you go to lunch and return so we can repeat this process to get you as flawless as possible. 

Excited Patients​

When the treatment is done, our patients are really excited about their future.  When they return home, most of their friends have no idea why, our patients look so good.  The reason this happens is the we build the bite that you were always meant to have.

What is a Deep Overbite?

When the front teeth on the top go too far over the bottom front teeth, this is called a deep overbite bite. When a patient has a deep overbite the lower jaw closes too far and the lower jaw is pushed back towards the patient’s ears.  A deep overbite is the uneven eruption of the teeth, misaligned jaws, short round face, weak looking chin and usually sleep and breathing problems.

What is a Bad Bite?

A bad bite is another way to refer to the technical dental term malocclusion or misaligned jaws. It could also be called an overbite, an irregular bite, underbite, bad bite or a crossbite. With a bad bite, you have misaligned teeth from the way the upper and lower teeth align. This problem will affect how your bite and chew your food, and it can lead to dental problems that give you a hard time with physical problems that most patients never realize is due to the bad bite.

How Do I Know my Bite is Misaligned?

Signs that your bite is misaligned include discomfort and pain in your jaw, TMJ pain, headaches and facial asymmetry. Also, by looking at your teeth, you can see that the way your teeth touch each other, which is known as occlusion, is misaligned. Your teeth are not lined up properly, whether that means your upper teeth are going over the bottom ones too far in an overbite or the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth in an underbite. Most patients can tell they have a jaw misalignment because they can feel it and see it.

TMJ and Bite Problems

The TMJ is the temporomandibular joint where the Skull socket and the top of your jaw (condyle) meet. TMJ disorder (TMD) can occur, causing problems in your jaw and surrounding muscles along with head and shoulder pain combined with aging prematurely. You could feel pain, your jaw could click and not move properly, and you could have trouble chewing. One of the top causes is the bite not lining up with the TMJ as it should. When this is the cause, correcting the bite problem could solve the TMJ problem.  The VENLAY® Bite Restoration is designed to correct TMJ and bite problems by aligning the jaw with the TMJ.  Porcelain veneers can only offer a better smile, as they cannot correct an overbite.

Will Bite Correction Solve TMJ Problems?

Dentists try to solve TMJ problems, also known as TMJ disorders (TMD), with a variety of treatments. They might suggest orthodontic devices, physical therapy and even medication. But these methods won’t solve a bite misalignment. Sometimes, the cause of TMJ problems is not a bad bite but instead arthritis or teeth grinding, for instance. In these cases, a different course of action could be recommended. 

However, it can actually be a bad bite that is leading to tense muscles and teeth grinding. If a bad bite is the underlying cause, a bite correction is what’s needed to help the TMJ problems. While dentists often suggest jaw surgery and braces to fix a bad bite, there is a different option.  Our treatment option has cosmetic benefits that can improve the shape of a patients face while correcting the bite at the same time.

Bite Correction Options

Traditional bite correction focused on braces, jaw surgery or both. These are invasive, painful and long-term corrections, and dentists often need to use both to fully correct a bite problem. More recently, dentists have been using crowns and veneers. However, these damage the healthy teeth and only act as a superficial solution. They do not usually fix the bite problem at the deeper jaw to bite level. Fortunately, a modern non-invasive option is available that corrects the jaw and the teeth without surgery, braces or damage to the natural teeth.

Bite Correction with Veneers

Many dentists try to solve a bite problem by using veneers. However, bite correction does not work with veneers. Veneers are artificial coverings that go over the real teeth only to improve the smile.   We improve the entire face, jawline, and wrinkles, improve breathing, clarify the speech and align the jaws.  Veneers might make the teeth and smile look a little better, but they do not fix the structural problem underneath. The pain and other symptoms of a bite problem would remain after getting veneers. Also, veneers damage the natural teeth, which is irreversible and can lead to pain.

Bite Correction with Orthodontic Braces

Your dentist might recommend orthodontic braces to correct your overbite, underbite or open bite. A dentist might use braces alone or as an added step after jaw surgery. While braces can correct misaligned teeth, they do not fix a bite problem or improve the biting surfaces of the teeth. To achieve real bite correction, the bite needs to be addressed at the jaw level, tooth size level, TMJ and bite alignment and reversing the effects of premature aging with facial support which orthodontic braces cannot do.

Bite Correction with Clear Aligners

Many dentists offer clear aligners as a bite correction solution. These are alternatives to the traditional option of orthodontic braces. However, for more severe cases, the dentist will generally recommend surgery plus the clear aligners. This is because the aligners simply move the teeth and without improving the sizes or shapes of the teeth. Sometimes to get the smile you want, get TMJ pain relief, have a beautiful wide smile, TMJ pain relief and a younger shape to your face you need the VENLAY® Bite Restoration instead of just clear aligners.

Bite Correction with Jaw Surgery

Even when dentists use orthodontic braces or clear aligners for bite correction, they will often recommend jaw surgery. That’s because a bite problem requires aligning the jaw, and the braces or aligners only align the teeth. Orthognathic surgery, which is corrective jaw surgery, can help to realign both the jaw and teeth. However, it is a very invasive procedure that results in pain and extensive recovery time, and it doesn’t always work to solve the bite problem.  The big advantage to this non-invasive method is that it is quick, safe and can improve the color and shapes to your teeth.

Bite Correction Without Surgery

It’s possible to gain bite correction without surgery. This is not possible with braces or clear aligners, which only align the teeth but not the jaw and not the sizes of the teeth. However, today patients have access to a non-surgical, non-invasive option that truly corrects the bite without braces, and without damage to the natural teeth. This method is faster, less painful and more effective than jaw surgery or other traditional methods.

How Long Does Bite Correction Take?

Bite correction from a dentist using traditional methods could take months or years. This is how long it can take with options such as braces, clear aligners and jaw surgery, and these methods are not always effective. However, there is a faster method that works better to correct the structural problems of a bad bite. Bite correction with this non-invasive method can be done in less than a month.  

The advantage it has is the all of the elements can be corrected.  The jaw position can be aligned with the TMJ because the shapes and sizes of the teeth can be customized to the new position.  Braces and jaw surgery cannot improve the shapes and sizes of the teeth.

Bite Correction Benefits

True bite correction can provide many benefits. It improves your health by removing the pain and discomfort of a bite problem. It can also help you bite and chew better, which makes eating more comfortable and can improve your nutrition. You might be amazed at how much bite correction improves your appearance. It can create a better profile, give you a more beautiful smile, make your chin more proportional to your face and even take years off your appearance.  One of the little known benefits is improving the quality of sleeping.  When the jaw is in the right position, the airway is larger and we can sleep more soundly.  

Our facial profiles can look out of balance with our chin size which can be significantly improved.  Anti-Aging Dentistry using the Face Lift Dentistry® Method can reverse the effects of aging without facial fillers, Botox®, chin implants or drugs.  Bite Correction benefits with this method has major advantages and can positively impact the quality of your life.

The Danger Hidden in Bite Correction (we need to write this)

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During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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