Premature Aging and Your Bite

Bad Bites and Misaligned Jaws

Facial Collapse Indicates Jaw and Bite Problems

Jaw Alignment and Bite Correction is not Possible with Cosmetic Dentistry

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What is Bite Correction?

We may want porcelain veneers for a better smile or we may want old dark crowns replaced but the problem of collapsed bties from cosmetic dentistry can be a small mistake that causes huge problems.  The VENLAY® Bite Resotration is the total comprehensive plan that includes cosmetics and bite restoration dental health care.  It was designed to give you the jaw position you were always meant to have which goes way beyond just trying to fix the collapsed bite you do have with a band-aid type approach.

When a patient gives written permission to show her face, she is doing this to help other people.  She is feeling better, healthy and has had significant pain reduction.  So, she wanted to help you understand that this method has results that are predictable, safe and it takes only about a month and two plane flights if you live far away. 

We treat patients from all over the world because this is the bite correction method of the future.  Call us and let us help you live they way life was intended. 

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We see many patients that have had full mouth reconstructions that came to our office because the patient knows that far more could have been done to improve the appearance of the entire face and reduce the many health problems caused by a bad bite.

Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneer Failure

She has in her before photos porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry that left her with aging prematurely and a facially collapsing overbite. Now she knows through experience that cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers cannot correct her overbite.  She has seen over 40 dentists that could not help her with a badly needed bite correction.  

Full Mouth Reconstruction Failure

If we are going by Face Lift Dentistry® standards, the full mouth reconstruction she had done was a complete failure as it left her with premature aging, facial collapse and a deep overbite.  The reason that Face Lift Dentistry® was trademarked was to set the standards for bite correction to be very high if the dentist can learn this method.  This method combines the functional elements of the TMJ and the ultimate cosmetic issues like facial proportioning and improved profiles into one comprehensive dental health care plan.  

Reversing Bad Bite Corrections

When we use the words “reversing bite correction” we are talking about treatment that reverses the effects of a bad bite correction by creating a new shape to the patients face and correct the jaw position at the same time.  When your bite is really corrected with the VENLAY® Bite Restoration, the effects of aging are reversed and the face gains support from the teeth, the jaw position using JawTrac® changes the proportions of the patients face with this method.

Your teeth are treated by adding new high tech porcelain biting surface and an outside surface that aligns the jaw giving our patients faces, the shape of a much younger person and we improve the patient’s health at the same time by coordinating jaw position, jaw function and the jaw joint function at the same time.  This method is a comprehensive function and cosmetic health care plan.

With this treatment Dr. Muslin can show the patient on their first visit how the shape of their face will improve within five minutes by simulating the underbite or overbite correction in the patient’s mouth. She already has cosmetic dentistry and it obviously did not correct her bite or align the jaws.

Jaw Alignment and Full Mouth Reconstruction

It’s not enough to have a great smile when the bite needs correction.  A cosmetic dentistry smile does not improve your facial profile or enhance the lack of coordination between the bite and the TMJ.  With “real bite correction dentistry, her lips are fuller, the shape of her face is that of a younger person, she has less facial wrinkles because her overbite was corrected and her jaw position was “optimized” using JawTrac® for the jaw position.  Then the VENLAY® Bite Restoration maintains the new jaw position and both are combined with the Face Lift Dentistry® method.  This method improves the physical health of the patient and gets cosmetic benefits that are beyond cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Bad for Your Health?

When the cosmetic dentist gives you a series of anesthetic injections and takes the dental drill into his or her hands, and proceeds to drill away your natural, healthy teeth, we would say that cosmetic dentistry is bad for your health. Life expectancy has increased markedly over the last 30 years with far more people living into their ninety’s. We need to protect our teeth from the dental drill and get better cosmetic dentistry non-invasively. This is what the VENLAY® Bite Restoration is all about.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration is High-Level Bite Correction

The essence of this method is getting the right jaw position for the patient, and improve the shape of the facial proportions and get a better facial profile.  The health benefits can enhance the size of the patient’s airway for better breathing, and reduce any sleeping problems from an airway that is too narrow due to the bad bite.  The best part is that we physically coordinate the bite with the TMJ to reduce tension, stress, and headaches among other health benefits.   None of this is even attempted with cosmetic dentistry smiles.

JawTrac® testing before a Full Mouth Reconstruction

The best part is that the patient can experience the bite correction using Jawtrac® which is a removable bite position “test” appliance on the very first visit. The patient wears it home and can experience this new jaw position and see the shape of their new face.  Now over the next several days, or weeks, the patient can determine if they like the new jaw position. (99% love it) They can even see how much the proportions of their faces improve as well as the chin size by using JawTrac®.  Then the full mouth reconstruction using VENLAY® Bite Correction proceeds.

The Best Full Mouth Reconstruction is Non-Invasive

When we say the best full mouth reconstruction is non-invasive we mean that none of your healthy teeth are drilled down. The full mouth bite correction offered by other dentists will drill away all of your healthy teeth most of the time. Your healthy teeth stay healthy and remain intact under the VENLAY® Bite Restoration. This is the miracle of this method that makes this treatment so highly desirable that patients fly in from all over the United States, Canada and from across the globe. It only takes two plane flights if your testing goes well (it goes well for just about everyone). This treatment is much safer, quicker and more predictable with far less complications than any other method.

Bite Correction & Small Chins

Many patients with overbites have a small looking chin that is really a normally sized chin that looks small because it is in the deep overbite position. Once the bite is corrected by idealizing the chin position with this method, the proportions of the face and the chin size improve significantly. Cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers cannot achieve jaw position changes. A bad jaw position causes facial collapse and this method reverses facial collapse, corrects the bite and reverses the small chin appearance with a new JawTrac® jaw position.

In the before photo on the left she has facial collapse, a deep overbite, and porcelain veneers. In the after photo on the right she has the VENLAY® Bite correction with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

How Long Does Bite Correction Take?

Most patients with very little dental work stay for about 3 days to test and to start treatment. They go home for 3 weeks for Dr. Muslin to make the porcelain, correct the bite and support the face. The patient returns for 5 days. The first day or two is for bonding the porcelain restorations and the last 3 days are for tuning the patient’s bite and shaping the cosmetics in an effort to achieve a flawless result.

All Photos are Unaltered

We are proud to say that the “before and after photos” are not altered to improve the results. All of the photos are untouched and all of the patients signed release forms giving Dr. Muslin written permission to show their faces. Dr. Muslin is deeply appreciative of their feelings to help you get an understanding of the remarkable method.

Call us so we can get an understanding of your needs and get some idea of cost.

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