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Worn Down Teeth Makes you Look Older

VENLAY® Bite Restoration Requires no Shots or Drilling

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When we clench and grind our teeth, the teeth get shorter. As the teeth wear down, our face also shortens and the lower jaw looks smaller. The lower jaw is really normal in size but looks small because of an overbite. The effects of tooth wear can now be reversed without grinding down any teeth.

When a patient wears down their teeth, they will experience premature aging. What most people do not know is that they can have a new high tech layer built right over the biting surface of the teeth without shots or drilling.

Expect More than just a Pretty Smile

In the world we live in it seems that we are always looking for the next best thing that will improve our lives. The field of dentistry is no different in the sense that it is constantly evolving and creating new treatments that help you look and feel better than ever. Over the years dental treatments like veneers have become extremely popular as a way to improve your smile. At the same time bite correction procedures have dramatically improved the health of many people. Now the very best that cosmetic dentistry can offer has been merged with the science of bite correction dentistry into a state of the art procedure called Face Lift Dentistry®. This means that you can expect even more than just a pretty smile because this treatment improves the appearance of your entire face and profile as well.

His bite was uneven and worn down. His new bite is balanced and his teeth are permanently whiter. His appearance has been transformed beyond the smile.

Preventing Premature Aging

Face Lift Dentistry® is a treatment that non-surgically idealizes your bite and jaw position to create cosmetic results that are unprecedented in the dental field. You can have the smile that you have always wanted while improving the health of your bite and TMJ at the same time. By having your bite and jaw position idealized you can improve the overall shape of your face, provide better balance to the proportions of your profile, and support the soft tissue of your lips and lower face.

All of these facial improvements are an integral part of the procedure that will leave you with so much more than just a smile makeover. Preventing deep facial wrinkles before they even get started is the key to preventing premature aging. Getting the best jaw position and facial support is the key to reversing years of aging.

Bite and Jaw Health

If you are someone who clenches and grinds your teeth like the patient above than you probably need a bite correction anyway. If you are someone who suffers with TMJ problems, jaw pain, trouble chewing, muscle fatigue or tightness, or even headaches then your bite and jaw position are probably not in synch. If you have an overbite, under bite, open bite or cross bite then you have needed your bite and jaw position corrected for years. Even if you do not have an obvious bite or jaw problem, you can still be proactive and idealize your bite health now before problems arise. There is no sin in taking the initiative to look your best with a procedure that helps your live healthier everyday.

After years of bite correction and cosmetic dentistry Dr. Sam Muslin created the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure by bring together the science of non-surgical jaw repositioning with bite development. He discovered that by studying the jaw joints of his patients in conjunction with their bite positions he could dramatically improve how they looked and functioned. It was no longer good enough to focus only on smile dentistry that did very little to improve the health of his patients. Instead, he created what some may say is a totally new field of dentistry that idealizes your bite and jaw position in one procedure.

Non-Invasive Bite Correction

By non-surgically creating the ideal bite and jaw position for your anatomy, you should not only function better than ever but you should also have an amazing smile. Since the VENLAY® Bite Restoration procedure improves your bite position there are far less limitations cosmetically then there are with just smile dentistry and veneers. Veneers can improve your smile but they do not fundamentally change the way that your teeth meet together. Because the dentist must respect the restrictions of your existing bite position the length of the veneers or the width of your smile has limitations. Face Lift Dentistry® creates an improved bite position so the limitations of your previous bite are not as relevant. This means that there is a lot more freedom to create the cosmetic result that would be best for you.

The best part about the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is that you get all of the cosmetic and health benefits without grinding down your natural teeth. Several years ago Dr. Muslin developed what he calls a VENLAY®, which allows him to create the new bite position and smile that you need totally non-invasively. You may be familiar with a typical full mouth reconstruction, which usually grinds down all of your teeth to make crowns. Face Lift Dentistry® has the opposite philosophy of leaving your healthy teeth intact while the VENLAY® restorations create the shape, height, and look that is desired. Just like a crown or a veneer, a VENLAY® restoration is bonded to your tooth. The difference is that a VENLAY® restoration creates a new bite position and a beautiful smile without needing to grind down your natural tooth underneath.

His bad bite and nighttime grinding cause the uneven shape to his teeth. Face Lift Dentistry® improved his bite so that he could have a more youthful and attractive smile. Now that his bite and jaw are in a better place his grinding habit should improve. He wears a night guard when he sleeps to make sure that he preserves his new smile for years to come.

The health and cosmetic benefits of VENLAY® restorations are significant and you don’t have to sacrifice your natural teeth to reap the benefits. When your teeth are not being ground down there is no pain or additional long-term risk. This patient had his complete Face Lift Dentistry® treatment put in without any shots or pain because his healthy teeth were left whole. Now he has an improved bite and jaw position and from a cosmetic standpoint all of the grinding damage is reversed.

Living Healthier

There are several health benefits that come from the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure. First of all if you have any old dentistry that could be leaking or failing all of it is removed and your oral health is brought up to par. You would not believe how often Dr. Muslin’s patients tell him that they went to the very best dentist in their area so there should not be any surprises. Then as the old dental work is removed there is infection, weak bonding, and even older dental work such as fillings underneath the dental work that was just removed. Infection that goes undiscovered underneath old crowns and fillings is a constant source of bacteria. Every time you swallow you are introducing this bacteria to the rest of your body. Discovering these hidden infections sooner rather than later is critical.

Chewing more efficiently and comfortably is another health benefit that you can expect. Chewing is one of those areas that we don’t give much thought to because we assume that it is just fine. Unfortunately if you are under chewing your food it can lead to digestive issues like acid reflux and nutrient absorption inefficiencies. On the flip side if you are over chewing your food or just not chewing it efficiently then you could have TMJ problems, muscle tiredness and jaw or tooth pain. Since you cannot test drive a new chewing position it is only after the procedure that you can fully experience the difference.

Several of Dr. Muslin’s patients have reported sleeping better after Face Lift Dentistry®. By creating an ideal bite and jaw position there is more space provided for your tongue. When your tongue has the proper amount of room, you will have better access to your airway and this can make breathing more efficient. At the same time improving the space for your tongue and the shape of your teeth can help people who have a history of accidentally biting their tongues. In many scenarios it is the angle of your teeth and the height of your bite that cause you to bite your tongue at random times. By creating more room in your mouth and a more functional bite shape you should cause less damage to your tongue.

His bite was eroding so quickly from grinding that in just a few years he would have had a short old man face. He chose to prevent this premature aging from happening by idealizing his bite and jaw position. Face Lift Dentistry® gave him the tooth length, bite position, and jaw function that he need to stay looking young for years. After the treatment was over he said, “this is the best thing I have ever done for myself”.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry®

Despite the fact that the Face Lift Dentistry® procedure is good for your health at almost any age it is also a phenomenal anti-aging treatment. Over the years from normal chewing and grinding your teeth will shorten. This shortening affects the entire shape of your face by changing what was once a youthful oval face into a rounder and wider shape. People frequently mistake this side effect as weight gain or aging skin but in reality it could be because of your eroding bite. Face Lift Dentistry® restores the structure of your bite in order to create a more youthful facial shape.

Bite erosion has negative effects on the appearance of your soft tissue as well. Your lips may become squished and less full than they were in the past. Jowls or sagging soft tissue may appear around your jawline and wrinkles or folds may appear deeper around your mouth area. All of these problems are the results of aging that are amplified by bite erosion. As your bite breaks down and shortens, your face and soft tissue loose the support that they need. Face Lift Dentistry® provides support for your lips so that they can be fuller and less creased naturally. The appearance of your skin and jawline should look better because your bite and jaw position are providing the structure that you need.

By improving your bite or and jaw position it can also improve your profile. If you look at someone with an overbite they generally have a weak chin and a weak jawline. Their lower teeth are literally locked behind their upper teeth when they bite down which does not help the balance of their profile. The Face Lift Dentistry® procedure can eliminate the overbite by bringing their lower jaw forward into a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing position. A chin and jaw that once looked weak are now in a more prominent position that looks dramatically better.

It is really quite remarkable how much of an impact your bite and jaw position can have on your life from both a health and cosmetic perspective. Be sure to check out a few additional patients in Dr. Muslin’s photo gallery so that you can see the range of possibilities. If you are ready to schedule your consultation exam give our office a call 310-829-6796.

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When a patient wears down their teeth, they will experience premature aging. What most people do not know is that they can have a new high tech layer built right over the biting surface of the teeth without shots or drilling.