Reversing The Aging Process

Breathing Better, Sleeping Better and Looking Younger

Insomnia and Jaw Pain Improved

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Insomnia and sleep apnea can be improved without drugs for the rest of a patient’s life with bite correction dentistry. The most important aspect of reversing the effects of aging are identifying what is happening as we grow older.

In this video the patient explains the benefits of reversing the aging process that deals with improvements in her health that are rarely associated with dentistry. Jaw pain, insomnia and poor digestion are all explained by this patient.

Insomnia, Digestion and Jaw Pain Reversed

When a patient’ health is significantly improved by developing the best jaw position and facial support the benefits could last the rest of their life. Patients that sleep better are healthier patients. Chewing the food more effectively improves digestion which can avoid a lot of medications over the life of a patients.

Getting the Lower Jaw to Move Naturally

This is a surprisingly easy process that Dr. Sam Muslin will demonstrate using the patient’s face in his office. He can show the patient how their face will change by simulating the bite correction results he can achieve using his method. The lower jaw will naturally move to the best position without any interference or guidance by the dentist. Unfortunately, most dentists will try to manipulate the lower jaw which is why they can get into trouble.

This is not cosmetic dentistry, this is not just anti-aging dentistry, this is Face Lift Dentistry®. Bite correction can mean almost anything to a dentist so please understand that correcting the bite yields totally different results from one dental office to the other.

Moving the Jaw

Bite Correction repositioned her jaw to increase the airflow through the throat by making more room for the tongue through bite correction.

Patients fly in from all over the world to get premium dental care from Dr. Sam Muslin, DDS,. His use of ultra low imaging exposure in addition to a focus on the total health of his patients demonstrate how much he cares about his work. This patient flew in to meet with Dr. Muslin from Hawaii in order to get the best cosmetic dentistry and dental health care possible to address her concerns about insomnia and sleep apnea. During treatment, Dr. Muslin was able to reposition this patient’s lower jaw into a more natural position without the use of surgery or drugs and, as a result, her sleep apnea and insomnia were greatly improved.

Breathing Better, Sleeping Better and Looking Younger

By repositioning the jaw, he was able to increase the airflow through her throat by making more room for her tongue inside her mouth. Dr. Muslin explains, “as we get older, the size of our airway gets smaller and the space for our tongues also gets smaller”. The main reason that we loose the ability to breath more efficiently is because the bite position of the lower jaw was never in the best position for the patient and this position can get worse as we age. Dr. Sam Muslin estimates that over 90% of all adults over the age of 50 are not in the best jaw position for their bone and facial structure and have the potential for a better quality of life as a result his treatment.

Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry®

One of the best anti-aging treatments available today to help people to look and feel their best is drug free and requires no surgery. Patients can benefit from this anti-aging treatment that reverses years from their faces and simultaneously improves the quality of their health.

None of Her Healthy Teeth were Ground Down

The no tooth grinding aspect of this treatment made it all much easier with far less trauma. She did not need as many shots, did not need as many temporaries and saved all of her healthy tooth structure. Patients that do not have any fillings at all, don’t even need to be numb.
Before and After anti aging bite correction dentistry. This patient now enjoys a younger, vibrant, more relaxed face that has a more balanced shape, clearly visible in the after picture.

The transition from an older face to one that is more youthful and vibrant was accomplished without pain, without surgery , without braces in just a matter of weeks. When an overbite is corrected with Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry ® method, the patient’s face has a new shape and their profile is also improved. . Only through this Face Lift ® treatment can the shape of a patient’s face be permanently balanced without grinding down healthy tooth structure. While this patient enjoyed many cosmetic benefits as a result of her treatment, perhaps the most dramatic outcomes were the improvements to her total health.

Call the office and schedule an appointment to actually see the results possible on your very first visit. For those patients that live out of the state or are coming from another country, call our office to help us coordinate your treatment with your travel.

All photos are untouched and unaltered on this website and on every other website that belongs to Dr. Sam Muslin. All of the faces are his actual patients with real results.

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