Aesthetic Ceramic Treatment Choices

Treating Black Triangles Between Teeth

Our patient had a history of having teeth that were just a bit undersized, assumed to be a common, minor genetic defect. During her early adult years they presented no problems and were in reasonably good health. In later adult years our patient, like many older adults, gum disease (periodontitis) took it’s toll and caused significant gum recession in different areas.
Dark Triangles Between Teeth Treated
As can be seen in these pictures, the telltale dark triangles appear on the upper arch (maxilla) with more severe indications on the mandible (lower jaw). Periodontal treatment was successful for the patient and her teeth structures were in good health. She did not like however the significant gum loss. Since many of her teeth had been small and lacked a certain cosmetic balance, she decided to have a variety of restorative treatments that would establish the smile she had always wanted. Dr. Muslin determined that a combination of premium all porcelain crowns and hand crafted feldspathic veneers could produce the cosmetic result the patient was seeking. Dr. Muslin maintained a close eye on the functional aspects of treatment, to assure the multiple restorations would maintain an optimal, normal bite.

Articulation Analysis and Study

Wax up models and a special articulator device was used throughout treatment enabling both Dr. Muslin and the patient to achieve the goals of great looking teeth that fit the patient’s smile… while assuring an occlusal relationship (normalized bite) that was appropriate for her larger sized teeth and opened bite. Articulation devices and accurate interpretation of the data provided by these instruments is critical for preventing the occurrence of jaw, tmj and tmd joint pains that are often associated with this degree of dentistry. Our last two post operative photos reflect the degree of change and result obtained with multiple crowns and ceramic laminates. Our patient was excited about the outcome. Her new teeth were the size she wanted and had helped in crafting, quite literally, a broad, tooth filled smile she had never had before. Color and shade matching was just about perfect, giving the appearance that her teeth were natural. High grade porcelain ceramics, including crowns and feldspathic veneers can provide patients with new choices in restorative dentistry for just about any dental need. In successful periodontic treatment programs, patients can look forward to recreating a great smile again… and in some instances.. have a smile and appearance they were unable to have during earlier years. Contact us at (310) 829-6796 to learn more about porcelain restorations and how they can be used in a variety of treatment plans.
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