VENLAY® Restorations for Anti-Aging Dentistry

There are many cosmetic symptoms of the aging face such as wrinkles, sagging skin, and thinning lips but they are rarely blamed on the real cause of the problem. We are too quick to assume that the symptoms of aging have no cause other than just the aging process. This is because most people do not realize that their bite, jaw position, and teeth directly affect the appearance of their skin, lips, and overall facial proportions even when they are not smiling.

In reality, the main cause of your aging symptoms may be your bite and jaw position. Fortunately looking decades younger really is as simple as idealizing your bite and jaw position with an anti-aging dental procedure like the exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® method.

This method is a treatment that can restore fullness to your lips, smooth and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, improve the appearance of your jawline, and restore your face back to a more youthful shape.

VENLAY® Restorations Anti-Aging Dentistry
Her overbite was wearing down and it no longer supported her face, skin, or cheeks. Notice how the shape of her mouth on the left is actually turned down and sad. Her eroded bite and jaw position was responsible for the shape of her face. After Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment, her face is a more youthful shape, her mouth and skin is supported and this treatment is a true “age reversing dental method” that can transform you face.

Improving the Shape of Your Face and Reverse Aging

Over the years your bite and teeth erode as a result of totally normal chewing. This is commonly referred to as bite erosion or an aging bite and it is happening to all of us without exception. Eventually, this erosion shows up on our faces as aging and sagging skin and we look for a way to reverse the problem. Most of us resort to surgical procedures such as a facelift or fillers to improve how we look. The problem is that these solutions do not address the root of the problem, which is our bite and jaw position. Not even the best plastic surgeon in the world can hide an aging bite from affecting your appearance. The only way to look and feel your best is to have an ideal bite and jaw position.

Treating the Aging Face

By creating the most ideal bite and jaw position for you, the Face Lift Dentistry®treatment minimizes wrinkles and sagging skin provides support for fuller and pumper lips, and restores your youthful facial shape. Each of us age differently and this means that over the years our bites eroded differently. As a consequence what my face may need to look younger is different than what your face will need to look younger. For some of us getting older means a rounder, wider, or shorter facial shape. For others, our faces lose volume and we get sunken cheeks. Many of us suffer from wrinkles around our mouths, thinning lips, and sagging skin below our jawlines. No matter which of these aging symptoms are affecting you, the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment creates a total custom bite and jaw position to make you look younger.

Not Just Bite Correction but Three-Dimensional Jaw Repositioning

The side effects of an aging bite are not isolated to only your face. Your profile and jawline also pay the price as your bite erodes. For some of us, an eroding bite means that we have a weak jawline, jowls, poor posture or even the beginning of a double chin. You may also notice that an overbite is starting to appear or that your existing overbite is getting worse. For others, an aging bite can mean the opposite and your chin starts to stick out. Sometimes this causes a sunken mouth or thin and squished lips.

Repositioning Your Jaw Three-Dimensional will be Demonstrated During Consultation

VENLAY® Restoration Jaw Repositioning
His bad bite has left his jaw and chin protruding forward and his mouth sunken in. It is almost as if his lips have completely disappeared. He needed the Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment to restore a healthy bite, support his lips, and get his jaw into a more comfortable and attractive position.

Plastic Surgery does Not Support Your Face

While some of us have already had plastic surgery or we use fillers and Botox® to look younger, we can all still benefit from the anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry®treatment. There is no other non-invasive procedure that accomplishes the anti-aging results that your bite and jaw position needs. Previous cosmetic enhancements look even better when paired with the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. On the other hand, if you are considering plastic surgery many patients have found that having Face Lift Dentistry® makes the surgery unnecessary. For others who are looking for the ultimate in youthful rejuvenation, they may choose to have plastic surgery after the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. This is still a reasonable plan that makes the surgical procedure easier because there is quite a bit less work to do. The critical point to remember is that plastic surgery does not create a youthful facial shape and jaw position nor does it build support for your lips and skin. The bad news is that you can only look as young as your oldest facial feature so idealizing your bite and jaw position is key.

There is simply no reason to live with a weak chin, sagging skin, or a lifetime full of fillers for thin lips when you can reverse these signs of aging naturally. The Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is the pinnacle of all anti-aging procedures because it improves all of these symptoms holistically. The goals of the treatment are not just cosmetic in nature as an optimal function of the TMJ, breathing better, sleeping more soundly, chewing more comfortably, and minimizing headaches or jaw pain is all possible. There is nothing better than a health-centered dental procedure that takes years off of your appearance without any healing time.

The Importance of the Face Lift Dentistry ® Bite Correction with No Prep VENLAY® Restorations

By taking a holistic approach, the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment accomplishes more for your health but also for how you look than ever before. By creating the most ideal bite and jaw position you will have better access to your airway through your mouth. This can increase your body wide oxygen levels but it can also reduce if not eliminate snoring, insomnia or waking up multiple times in the night. When your bite is eroded or aging, your tongue does not have enough space in your mouth. It then blocks the access to your airway especially at night causing the oxygen levels in your body to plummet. As the oxygen levels drop, your body fights back by snoring or waking you up at night. The Face Lift Dentistry® treatment corrects your bite and jaw position so that access to your airway is restored making your breathing and therefore sleep more efficient.

This treatment is easier for the patient because there is a lot less drilling and the healthy teeth simply get a new porcelain layer with Dr. Sam Muslin’s patent pending method

Overbite - Lack of Tongue Space leads to Snoring
This patient was suffering with insomnia and she had looked for an answer to her problem many times before. Nothing worked until she had the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment and she offered to tell her story.
This patient was suffering with insomnia and she had looked for an answer to her problem many times before. Nothing worked until she had the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment and she offered to tell her story in the video.

For anyone with TMJ problems the pain, fatigue, and tightness of the muscles can be anywhere from annoying to excruciating. In most TMJ cases there is a mechanical inefficiency or disconnect between your TMJ and your bite position. The two are not working in harmony with one another and this forces your muscles to work overtime to get even the most basic tasks like chewing done. Some of us develop habits like clenching and grinding our teeth because our body is subconsciously trying to find a comfortable place for our bite and jaw to rest. Others experience clicking, popping, or headaches, which can all be signs of a bad bite and TMJ position.

This is not just Neuromuscular Dentistry – It is Face Lift Dentistry®

There are many different neuromuscular dentistry philosophies on how to treat TMJ such as Botox®, bite plates, and night guards but none of these are long-term solutions. The Face Lift Dentistry® treatment takes a holistic and long-term approach to TMJ by analyzing the movement of your jaw joint in connection with your bite. Then a removable Face Lift Dentistry® “test” or “concept” bite position is created which will improve the position of your jaw immediately. The appliance is not visible during normal talking so you can wear it in your normal life for as little as a day to as long as 3 months. The purpose of this removable concept or test position is to let you live your normal life in a healthier bite and jaw position. You will get the chance to determine for yourself which of your TMJ symptoms improve or go away completely. Then a permanent bite and jaw position that is usually even better than the one you test will be created for you.

Face Lift Dentistry® is for the Young because there is No Tooth Grinding

If you are fortunate enough to not have any physical TMJ symptoms you are lucky. This does not mean however that your bite and jaw function cannot be improved. Our adult teeth come in over several years of our lives and in the end these teeth form a bite position that is somewhat random. We learn to live with whatever bite position we received and we chew our food as well as we can. So how do we know if we are chewing as efficiently as possible? Unfortunately we don’t know until we experience the difference. Having the most ideal bite and jaw position means more thorough and comfortable chewing. This in turn makes digestion easier and it increases nutrient and mineral absorption.

Preventing Aging

While the topic of anti-aging dentistry is at the forefront of the industry it is just as important to understand if preventing aging or stopping premature aging is possible. Just as we discussed how your aging or eroding bite effects everything from your facial shape, to the fullness of your lips, to your double chin, to your wrinkles, what if your bite doesn’t age or erode? Can you stop your chin from receding back into a weak jaw? Can you keep your skin and lips supported so that they stay full and plump? If you are young and not experiencing these aging symptoms then idealizing your bite and jaw position with the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment now can ward of the signs of aging for years to come. The treatment not only prevents premature aging from creeping up, it also improves your health throughout your body.

Facial Rejuvination
He is a young man that is already starting to see premature aging in the way of wrinkles around his eyes and deep folds in his cheeks. His bite and jaw position is partially to blame and he shows mostly lower teeth when he smiles. After have the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment the wrinkles and folds are less, his jawline is stronger, and his smile shows his upper teeth once again.

This patient chose the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment primarily for cosmetic reasons. However, after living his life in a healthier bite and jaw position he realized how his breathing and chewing improved dramatically. Click on his video and let him tell you about his experience.

Imagine how much better you will look and feel in 20 years if you are able to maximize nutrient and mineral absorption, increase oxygen levels throughout your body, and sleep better starting now. There is no way to quantify how much better your skin, lips, and face will look with 20 years of better health behind them. At the same time your face will maintain a more youthful shape, your skin and lips will be better supported, and your jaw will be in a more attractive and healthier position than someone who did not have the treatment. There is no doubt that the cosmetic and health effects of the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment will benefit you for the rest of your life.

VENLAY® Anti-Aging Dentistry

While the cosmetic and health benefits of the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment are beyond compare the obvious questions become; what are the risks? How long does it take? Will it hurt? Are my real teeth going to be ground down or drilled on? Will I also get best smile possible? How long does it take for the cosmetic and health results to show up? Let us begin with the fact that the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment is non-surgical and totally non-invasive. This means that none of your healthy teeth are ground down for crowns like in the old days. It is a health-centered dentistry so it only uses non-invasive porcelain bite correction added to your natural teeth. VENLAY ® restorations are one of the greatest inventions in the field of anti-aging dentistry because they allow all of the cosmetic and health goals that we have discussed to be achieved without damaging your teeth. They are made of all bio-compatible porcelain and they are bonded to each tooth individually. Each one is carefully sculpted and designed so that when they are all bonded into place you have the healthiest bite and jaw position possible.

Bicuspid Extraction Orthodontics Reversed

If you have had your bicuspid teeth extracted when you had braces years ago, chances are high that you have an overbite and have lost facial support. Your chin probably looks small and you don’t like your facial profile. This treatment can give you the wider smile that you have always wanted. It can correct the overbite and it can make your chin look normal in size and improve your facial profile.

Since VENLAY® restorations do not require your natural teeth to be ground down, you will not have to worry about the typical risks associated with crowns. Without any drilling or grinding on your real teeth there isn’t any healing time or pain. Most patients without much in the way of dental work have the entire treatment completed without any shots or numbing because it is just not painful. If you already have exiting crowns in your mouth then these teeth are already ground down and will have to remain as crowns. For all of your other teeth however there is no reason to damage these teeth anymore than you already have over the years. These teeth will get VENLAY ® restorations so that they remain entirely intact and at no greater health risk than they were before treatment. If you want to look as young as possible for as long as possible, without damaging your real teeth, than choosing a treatment that does not require shots or tooth grinding is ideal healthy treatment. There is nothing better than reaping all of the health and cosmetic benefits that we have discussed without having to accept additional risks.

The Face Lift Dentistry ® treatment can be completed in as little as a week because there is no healing time and the results are immediate. Once bonded into place your bite and jaw position will be instantly improved. Your lips, cheeks, and skin will be better supported and your facial shape will be more youthful. While the majority of the cosmetic benefits are immediate you will notice over the next month or so how your skin and lips will improve even more with the new support.

Another benefit of the FaceLift Dentistry® treatment is your smile. While you don’t have to be smiling to look years younger, when you do, you will have a full and vibrant smile that surpasses your expectations. One of the nicest parts about using VENLAY ® restorations to achieve the results is that you actually get to try them on your teeth to make sure that you love how you look. There are no surprises because you will see everything and approve it before it is bonded into place permanently. You can walk around and look in the mirror and even go outside to see how you look in the sun. What if there is a little tweak or change that you want to make? Speak up when you are trying on the new porcelain layer! Almost anything can be changed before the VENLAY ® restorations are bonded into place.

From a health perspective you will start to feel the benefits right away and this is the best part about holistic dentistry. With a truly encompassing approach to your cosmetic goals and your health needs, the benefits are maximized. Whether or not you struggled with everything from neuromuscular problems and TMJ to insomnia and inefficient breathing, your new bite and jaw position will begin to benefit you immediately. Even if you are someone who was not aware of any chewing or breathing inefficiencies you may discover that you feel far better after treatment. Whatever your cosmetic goals or health concerns may be, by choosing the health-centered Face Lift Dentistry® treatment, you can feel good about looking your very best for years to come.

Call our office today to learn more about what anti-aging Face Lift Dentistry® and non-invasive VENLAY® restorations can do for you. It is never too soon to improve your health and restore a more youthful appearance! (310) 829-6796

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