Is All Face Lift Dentistry The Same?

Question: Dr. Sam, I shopped around for the best pricing on Face Lift Dentistry and was surprised to see the range of prices. How do I know which is the best Face Lift Dentistry?

Answer: Face Lift Dentistry was trademarked by me. I am currently the only dentist offering the real Face Lift Dentistry – anybody else offering this

There is only one dentist with over 30 years of experience and experience matters.  Every patient is totally unique and must be treated individually.  There are a large number of variables and this is no time to go to a less experienced dentist with a fancy office.  Dr. Muslin has one of the most high tech dental offices in the country combined with the experience and most importantly . . . a large number of paired or matched before and after photos of the patients that he treated. These patients are living testimonials to the lasting quality of his work and he sincerely thanks everyone of them for allowing him to show their faces.

Face Lift Dentistry® Explained
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