No-Prep Porcelain Veneers

This patient wanted straight white teeth for her wedding. She lives near London in the UK and was interested in getting the best possible cosmetic dentistry from the very best cosmetic dentist.

She interviewed a few cosmetic dentists and saw porcelain veneers that were done on other English patients and she was not impressed. She found the website of Dr. Sam Muslin and saw the results of his porcelain veneer work that was non-invasive. The thought that her teeth did not have to be ground down was very appealing.

She wanted the best cosmetic dentistry and wondered if it would be worth flying to the United States just to see this dentist. After careful thought and one last consultation with a cosmetic dentist in England, she decided to make the trip to see Dr. Sam Muslin in the United States. She is not a wealthy woman so the additional cost of the flight was a consideration.

Straightening Crooked Teeth

She discussed the treatment and because she came from such a long distance away, he stayed late to start her work. Straight teeth in less than two weeks are called Instant Braces by Dr. Muslin.

Her teeth were crooked and she did have to have a little shaving done, but no anesthetic was necessary. He explained that if he lightly shaved a couple of areas that stick out, she would have teeth that looked much more straight. The idea that she could have straight teeth in less than two weeks and not have the enamel of her teeth ground off was very exciting for her. She had the smile of a beautiful bride for her wedding and found the trip to the United States to see this particular cosmetic dentist very beneficial. She said, “I am so glad that I had this done and my husband was very impressed with the results”. The porcelain veneers placed on this patient’s teeth is called “Instant Braces” because the work was done so fast and no retainers are needed.

Gaps Between Teeth

The hardest part of her porcelain veneers or teeth veneers or laminates was to get a balanced look. Sometimes when there are gaps between teeth and dental laminates are placed, the teeth can look too big or too wide. Dr. Muslin explains, “the artistic element is to get the right sizes and proportions to the porcelain veneers while closing the spaces by a method he calls ‘size shifting’” The proportioning is the single most important element to achieving the best cosmetic dentistry using the best porcelain veneers. Proportioning the teeth with the Instant Braces technique cannot be achieved with any kind of orthodontics. The advantage of the Instant Braces method is that the sizes, shapes, and color of the teeth can be significantly improved.

Do Porcelain Veneers Break?

During dental consultations, patients have said that porcelain veneers break because that is what happened to their friends. Some of these patients have had several porcelain veneers break at very embarrassing times. They lost their confidence because they never knew when it was going to happen next. Some had porcelain veneers done by what they thought was the best cosmetic dentist in Malibu. But none of these patients had porcelain veneers done by Dr. Sam Muslin.

The difference is how he uses his dental bonding technique. He has not had a problem with porcelain veneers breaking. He has developed a bonding method that takes longer than the traditional method to bond but is so strong that bad porcelain veneers breaking off of the tooth have been extremely rare. Keep in mind that natural teeth that do not have porcelain veneers can break too.

The key is to get a perfect dental bond so the veneer actually integrates with the tooth enamel. Additionally, Dr. Muslin says, “Non-invasive porcelain veneers are bonded to enamel which is 5 times stronger bonding than if the dentist grinds down the teeth and tries to bond to dentin”!

Before and After closeup photo of no-prep porcelain veneers. This patient clenches and grinds her teeth as the flat edges in the before photo is obvious. However, the porcelain veneers done by Dr. Muslin are bonded so strong that they can withstand teeth grinding without breaking for most people.

Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

The goal of treatment is to do no harm to the patient. Non-invasive dentistry is the key to the best cosmetic dentistry. The teeth generally are much less sensitive because Dr. Muslin bonds a new layer of high tech dental porcelain that is a veneer over the tooth. The intact tooth under the porcelain veneer now has a new strong insulating layer that not only protects it from decay but protects the natural tooth from wear, tooth erosion, and tooth abrasion. The porcelain veneer actually strengthens the tooth, protects the tooth and makes it much less sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Tooth decay under the porcelain veneer is virtually non-existent.

Dr. Muslin is sensitive to the needs of his patients that travel long distances to see him and has the ability to deliver his care in very rapid fashion. Call the office to discuss your options and plan your trip because as this patient said, “you won’t regret it”!

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