The True Cost of Bad Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers can give discolored, uneven, and broken teeth new life.  But if a dental patient receives bad porcelain veneers, the cost can far exceed the dollar figure alone.  Can you truly put a price on feeling better about your appearance?  Feeling great about yourself shows in every other aspect of your life from your career to your relationships.  Whether patients realize it or not they receive so much more.

They receive the self-confidence that only a natural and beautiful smile can give; something bad porcelain veneers can never do. The characteristics of bad porcelain veneers include mismatched colors, ill-fitting veneers that feel and look bulky making it difficult to smile and red or swollen gums.  Done correctly, porcelain veneers can mask many types of imperfections as well as give patients an aesthetic boost to their smile.  But done improperly, bad porcelain veneers can have the opposite effect.  It can open doors to other dental issues that for many patients are best left closed.

A Bad Porcelain Veneer Procedure Can Lead to Bad Results

Patients instinctively know when they receive a bad porcelain veneer procedure.   Perhaps the result is that their gum line is uneven and lacks symmetry.  In other instances, staining can develop beneath the veneers detracting from that ‘perfect smile’ they were seeking.  After receiving bad porcelain veneers, patients may notice their gums have become inflamed, red or swollen.  For others, the porcelain veneers are often too large and it’s just too uncomfortable to talk or smile naturally.  Often they feel the shape of the veneers is somewhat off or the overall look is abnormally white giving them that unnatural ‘Chiclet’ appearance.

Let’s be honest, porcelain veneers should give patients that instant ‘makeover’ they’re looking for; that   guaranteed natural-looking smile in a short time span making it a convenient and reliable alternative.

What Causes Bad Porcelain Veneers

There are many reasons for bad porcelain veneers.  Here’s just a few:

Not Addressing Gummy Smiles  Every smile is different as is every person.  So it’s safe to say that what works for someone in their 20’s may not work for someone who is 45.   In fact, that gummy smile can be a blessing, so appropriate consideration of the aging process is certainly part of the evaluation.  As we age, our gum lines may recede.  This is normal and natural.  Decades of chewing and biting does have an effect. However, depending upon the individual, a quick surgical procedure that doesn’t require stitches or lasers can alleviate the lack of symmetry some patients have.   Patients can even resume their normal activity the very next day.   Bad porcelain veneers that don’t address symmetry often leave patients with uneven gum lines.  It defeats the purpose of the procedure in the first place; the opportunity for the patient to have the smile of their dreams.

Bad Porcelain Veneer Color Match  The best porcelain veneers have gone high tech.  Today’s porcelain veneers are non-invasive, super strong and hold onto their natural shape and color well. But matching color in porcelain veneers is truly an art form.  Bad porcelain veneers are often the result of the porcelain being cut too thin to the point that it doesn’t fully hide color flaws like tetracycline stains.   With the appropriate porcelain veneer, and without unnecessary grinding, a patient’s natural smile becomes enhanced by considering each individual tooth shape, veneer translucency, surface texture and the subtle shading of the veneer itself.

Miscommunication Can Result in Bad Porcelain Veneers  It’s important to realize that today’s cosmetic dental patients have very complex needs.  Thanks to advanced porcelain veneer technology patients’ expectations have also grown more sophisticated.   A consult with Dr. Muslin means patients can discuss their distinct cosmetic dentistry goals and realize what they can expect from a high tech porcelain veneer procedure.  From computer imaging to a vast library of before and after photos, we can customize the porcelain veneer procedure to fit every patient’s diverse cosmetic needs.

Dr.Muslin’s state-of-the-art dental practice has helped thousands of patients around the world from San Francisco to Singapore.  Both his patented and unique dental techniques have helped people overcome premature aging from discolored or stained teeth, achieve straighter smiles, and improved their bites for better overall health.  It’s amazing what porcelain veneers without grinding can help people achieve.  It builds confidence, creates self-esteem and a better outlook on life.



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