TMJ Problems

TMJ Problems

The treatment of the TMJ or jaw joint has become a big area in dentistry.  New phrases as neuromuscular dentistry have been developed to draw attention to the complexity of the TMJ joint.  It is the only joint in the body with a physiological component as the more we are stressed, the more we clench or grind our teeth which puts more pressure on the TMJ. 

Most patients have not reached the best shape to their faces nor the best facial balance between the upper and lower part of their faces because their lower jaw is not optimally positioned.  If these patients have their lower jaw optimally positioned by creating the best possible jaw position and jaw height, the face is finally balanced for the first time in their lives.  The shape of the face is directly determined by the position of our lower jaw and the height and angle of our bites.  We can remove over 10 years from the face in most patients over 55 years of age with Face Lift Dentistryâ and improve the TMJ comfort.  These patients have experienced a life style enhancement. 

The Success Rate with the TMJ

After treating patients with Face Lift Dentistryâ for over 25 years, every patient has improved. Face Lift Dentistryâ patients are happier, more comfortable, love the newly achieved facial balance and have fewer TMJ problems or symptoms.  The treatment sequencing developed by Sam Muslin DDS MAGD combined with the utilization of the finest dental technologies are coordinated in a customized plan specific to the needs of the individual patient.  No two patients are alike and to be a Face Lift Dentist requires many years of experience to properly care for the wide variety of facial types.  To claim that every patient has improved without complications is a very bold statement, but to this point in my career, it is accurate.

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