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Preventing TMJ Problems

We are living longer and need to take better care of ourselves. If our teeth are going to last to one hundred years of age, preventing TMJ problems by optimizing the function of the bite with the TMJ (jaw joint) has prevented future problems. It has been my experience that after treating patients with Face Lift Dentistry for over 26 years, every patient has had fewer TMJ problems and additionally has experienced life-changing benefits of a renewed self-esteem.


Dealing With TMJ Problems

TMJ Problems

Many patients have TMJ problems such as heavy tooth wear from grinding or clenching, clicking or popping jaw joints, headaches, neck pain or back pain and facial pain due to a bad bite. Some patients have jaw joint problems and are not aware that they have lost over a third of their tooth structure from grinding! As patients age, the teeth loose enamel and the bite deepens. (Read more about Tooth Grinding or Bruxism)

What is a Bad Bite?

Bad bite is term describing the functional harmony between the teeth and the TMJ or jaw joint. When there is little to no harmony, the TMJ and surrounding muscles must work much harder and compromise normal function. When muscles have to compromise or work harder, damaging TMJ symptoms can be from mild to extreme. (Read more about Natural Facial Optimization)

TMJ & a Bad Bite

Most patients have some form of TMJ problems and many of these patients are not aware of the destruction to the jaw joint and the teeth that is caused by a bad bite. Patients come into my office with many symptoms and TMJ pain but do not realize that the bite is off in all three dimensions. They also did not realize the incredible advantages of early treatment. (Read more about TMJ Problems)


Bad Bite Correction Changes Lives

Face Lift Dentistry ® is the creation of the best possible bite for the particular jaw dimensions and natural jaw functions of the patient. These patients have experienced comfort that exceeded their expectations. “Wow, that bite feels a lot better and I did not even know I had a problem” and others have said, “I can chew better, I feel a lot better and I look a lot younger”. One wife said, “My husband smiles more, looks 100% better, is more romantic and he feels much happier about himself, he is a new more positive husband”. Another said, “ Dr. Muslin, you have changed my life, people treat me better because I look like a new and healthy women, thank you”. Face Lift Dentistry relieves pain, improves jaw comfort and decreases the possibility of having TMJ pain in the future. When the jaw muscles function normally, the patient has more energy, less discomfort, less stress and a healthier body. (Read more about Mouth Reconstruction)

Neuromuscular Dentistry, Who Needs It?

The life expectancy of all patients is increasing. In just the last 30 years the life expectancy has increased over 20 years! Because patients are living longer, it is of particular importance that patients get the best level of dental care they can afford. Just about 80 percent of patients that I see would benefit from Face Lift Dentistry as it would reduce the stress level in the face, neck and jaws. Neuromuscular dentistry is a word coined to describe a form of positioning the lower jaw in a better position but neuromuscular dentistry alone is not enough to create the ultimate level of care, Face Lift Dentistry ®.

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