Bite Correction

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers

The true test of the doctor’s abilities lies in the “before and after” photos of patients who have gone through the cosmetic dentistry. It is important to see as many photos as possible and examine them closely. After comparing the work of several cosmetic dentists in Marina Del Rey, Katie knew whom to pick as she has been seeing the results of some of Marina Del Rey finest cosmetic dentistry personally.

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers by Sam Muslin DDS

Katie’s Story:

Katie already had a great smile which makes the treatment very difficult. It is easier to make someone look better when he or she has a bad smile; but when they already look great, the challenge for the cosmetic dentist is greater. Katie insisted that she wanted a “smile that would light up a room”. She wanted her teeth to be very white yet look natural and believable. More importantly, she didn’t want any of her natural teeth ground down and asked to see the work in her mouth for approval before it was bonded into place. The smile makeover has to be perfect or else the patient will be disappointed. The best smile makeovers are accomplished when both the patient and the cosmetic dentist participate in the final result.


Katie knows how a great smile makeover should look and, for years, has been observing patients who were treated. She knew what she wanted and was very particular about it. She also knew the value of non-invasive dentistry, as she wanted to preserve her natural dentition. Porcelain veneers can be completed non-invasively but the cosmetic dentist in Marina Del Rey has to have the artistic ability to make it look beautiful and natural.


Katie has seen the results of bad porcelain veneers. She has seen bad porcelain veneers that were too large, too bulky and square in shape. There are certain characteristics that are considered more masculine or feminine and they make a big difference in a smile makeover. She wanted her porcelain veneers to make her teeth look larger, her smile wider and her overall appearance more exciting yet feminine in style. Her porcelain veneers had to be an artistic cosmetic dental masterpiece!


Katie’s teeth were originally tipped toward her tongue and she did not want to wear braces to correct it. Although years of braces may widen her arch, they cannot make her teeth larger or permanently whiter. Plus, she wasn’t thrilled about having to wear a retainer forever. With non-invasive porcelain veneers, she can have a wider smile in just a couple of weeks and whiter teeth for the best possible smile makeover.


She has been watching her father’s work for the last 20 years. She thinks her father is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Marina Del Rey. She has seen his work because she knows so many of the patients. She has seen the porcelain veneers by other cosmetic dentists and could not believe that the patient let the cosmetic dentist get away with such a bad job. Because most of us do not have the advantage of seeing many patients personally, the next best thing is to view the “before and after photos” of many patients treated by the cosmetic dentist. The choice of cosmetic dentists is yours.

Dental Face Lift – Jaw Re-Aligningment


Dr. Sam, Would Jaw Re-Aligning the jaw with Face Lift Dentistry lead to future Problems?


Most people do not ever have proper jaw alignment at anytime during their lifetime and after years of aging, the bad bite problems get worse. Jaw pain is generally the result of bad jaw alignment and emotional stress. Patients are more likely to have problems in the future, if they do not get their jaw alignment idealized with Face Lift Dentistry.

My treatment protocol for Face Lift Dentistry involves testing the jaw position before treatment begins. The patient is in total control of the testing and they report the results.

The results of jaw “re-alignment” with Face Lift Dentistry have been highly successful in relieving jaw problems as headaches. Neck pain has been reduced, muscle tension has been relieved and headaches have decreased in frequency and intensity after treatment. These patients have benefited from being treated with Face Lift Dentistry and have lived better and healthier lives.

The reason a jaw would need “re-aligning” is to improve the alignment. The patient is more likely to develop jaw problems as headaches if they do not improve the jaw position.

Weak Biting Surface or Weak Enamel


Dr. Sam, my dentist told me I have a weak biting surface and should go and see a specialist. What is a “weak biting surface” and how can this be fixed. Who can fix a weak biting surface?


The biting surface of our teeth wears down with age in most people. Over decades of wear, our teeth loose enamel just like the tread on our tires. If the enamel is weak, the loss of tooth enamel due to wear is increased. Weak biting surfaces wear down faster than strong biting surfaces. When the bite wears down, the overbite generally increases, the jaw is pushed back and the TMJ becomes problematic. The TMJ can click or pop. We can get headaches or sore jaws or jaw pain that all result from a worn down bite. The patients that have a worn down bite, also generally have shortened faces.

Dr. Sam Muslin has perfected the NON-Invasive bite restoration technique.

The solution is a dentist that specializes in complex dentistry. The very best dentists are able to restore your teeth and the bite by adding back the lost tooth structure without having to grind down your teeth. Caution!! Most dentists and dental specialists will want to grind down your teeth in order to place crowns.

In order to improve your bite, your teeth will have to be damaged in most dental offices. However, Dr. Sam Muslin has perfected the NON-Invasive bite restoration technique. Many of the patients featured in our Before After Dental Gallery had their weak enamel strengthened and replaced without grinding down the patients teeth. He has developed a super bonding technique that lasts for many years and has photos of his patients to prove it. See, Kevin (a woman) and Mathew (a young man) in the photo gallery of the website. Both of these patients had their bite completely restored, all of the lost tooth structure replaced, whiter teeth, a face lift effect due to the bite being lifted and restored, and all of the treatment was completed without any grinding on their natural teeth.

Call Sam Muslin DDS MAGD for your appointment on (310) 829-6796, it will be educational and informative to see the large photos of his patients.