Porcelain Veneers

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers

The true test of the doctor’s abilities lies in the “before and after” photos of patients who have gone through the cosmetic dentistry. It is important to see as many photos as possible and examine them closely. After comparing the work of several cosmetic dentists in Marina Del Rey, Katie knew whom to pick as she has been seeing the results of some of Marina Del Rey finest cosmetic dentistry personally.

No Grinding Porcelain Veneers by Sam Muslin DDS

Katie’s Story:

Katie already had a great smile which makes the treatment very difficult. It is easier to make someone look better when he or she has a bad smile; but when they already look great, the challenge for the cosmetic dentist is greater. Katie insisted that she wanted a “smile that would light up a room”. She wanted her teeth to be very white yet look natural and believable. More importantly, she didn’t want any of her natural teeth ground down and asked to see the work in her mouth for approval before it was bonded into place. The smile makeover has to be perfect or else the patient will be disappointed. The best smile makeovers are accomplished when both the patient and the cosmetic dentist participate in the final result.


Katie knows how a great smile makeover should look and, for years, has been observing patients who were treated. She knew what she wanted and was very particular about it. She also knew the value of non-invasive dentistry, as she wanted to preserve her natural dentition. Porcelain veneers can be completed non-invasively but the cosmetic dentist in Marina Del Rey has to have the artistic ability to make it look beautiful and natural.


Katie has seen the results of bad porcelain veneers. She has seen bad porcelain veneers that were too large, too bulky and square in shape. There are certain characteristics that are considered more masculine or feminine and they make a big difference in a smile makeover. She wanted her porcelain veneers to make her teeth look larger, her smile wider and her overall appearance more exciting yet feminine in style. Her porcelain veneers had to be an artistic cosmetic dental masterpiece!


Katie’s teeth were originally tipped toward her tongue and she did not want to wear braces to correct it. Although years of braces may widen her arch, they cannot make her teeth larger or permanently whiter. Plus, she wasn’t thrilled about having to wear a retainer forever. With non-invasive porcelain veneers, she can have a wider smile in just a couple of weeks and whiter teeth for the best possible smile makeover.


She has been watching her father’s work for the last 20 years. She thinks her father is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Marina Del Rey. She has seen his work because she knows so many of the patients. She has seen the porcelain veneers by other cosmetic dentists and could not believe that the patient let the cosmetic dentist get away with such a bad job. Because most of us do not have the advantage of seeing many patients personally, the next best thing is to view the “before and after photos” of many patients treated by the cosmetic dentist. The choice of cosmetic dentists is yours.

The True Cost of Bad Porcelain Veneers


Porcelain veneers can give discolored, uneven, and broken teeth new life.  But if a dental patient receives bad porcelain veneers, the cost can far exceed the dollar figure alone.  Can you truly put a price on feeling better about your appearance?  Feeling great about yourself shows in every other aspect of your life from your career to your relationships.  Whether patients realize it or not they receive so much more.

They receive the self-confidence that only a natural and beautiful smile can give; something bad porcelain veneers can never do. The characteristics of bad porcelain veneers include mismatched colors, ill-fitting veneers that feel and look bulky making it difficult to smile and red or swollen gums.  Done correctly, porcelain veneers can mask many types of imperfections as well as give patients an aesthetic boost to their smile.  But done improperly, bad porcelain veneers can have the opposite effect.  It can open doors to other dental issues that for many patients are best left closed.

A Bad Porcelain Veneer Procedure Can Lead to Bad Results

Patients instinctively know when they receive a bad porcelain veneer procedure.   Perhaps the result is that their gum line is uneven and lacks symmetry.  In other instances, staining can develop beneath the veneers detracting from that ‘perfect smile’ they were seeking.  After receiving bad porcelain veneers, patients may notice their gums have become inflamed, red or swollen.  For others, the porcelain veneers are often too large and it’s just too uncomfortable to talk or smile naturally.  Often they feel the shape of the veneers is somewhat off or the overall look is abnormally white giving them that unnatural ‘Chiclet’ appearance.

Let’s be honest, porcelain veneers should give patients that instant ‘makeover’ they’re looking for; that   guaranteed natural-looking smile in a short time span making it a convenient and reliable alternative.

What Causes Bad Porcelain Veneers

There are many reasons for bad porcelain veneers.  Here’s just a few:

Not Addressing Gummy Smiles  Every smile is different as is every person.  So it’s safe to say that what works for someone in their 20’s may not work for someone who is 45.   In fact, that gummy smile can be a blessing, so appropriate consideration of the aging process is certainly part of the evaluation.  As we age, our gum lines may recede.  This is normal and natural.  Decades of chewing and biting does have an effect. However, depending upon the individual, a quick surgical procedure that doesn’t require stitches or lasers can alleviate the lack of symmetry some patients have.   Patients can even resume their normal activity the very next day.   Bad porcelain veneers that don’t address symmetry often leave patients with uneven gum lines.  It defeats the purpose of the procedure in the first place; the opportunity for the patient to have the smile of their dreams.

Bad Porcelain Veneer Color Match  The best porcelain veneers have gone high tech.  Today’s porcelain veneers are non-invasive, super strong and hold onto their natural shape and color well. But matching color in porcelain veneers is truly an art form.  Bad porcelain veneers are often the result of the porcelain being cut too thin to the point that it doesn’t fully hide color flaws like tetracycline stains.   With the appropriate porcelain veneer, and without unnecessary grinding, a patient’s natural smile becomes enhanced by considering each individual tooth shape, veneer translucency, surface texture and the subtle shading of the veneer itself.

Miscommunication Can Result in Bad Porcelain Veneers  It’s important to realize that today’s cosmetic dental patients have very complex needs.  Thanks to advanced porcelain veneer technology patients’ expectations have also grown more sophisticated.   A consult with Dr. Muslin means patients can discuss their distinct cosmetic dentistry goals and realize what they can expect from a high tech porcelain veneer procedure.  From computer imaging to a vast library of before and after photos, we can customize the porcelain veneer procedure to fit every patient’s diverse cosmetic needs.

Dr.Muslin’s state-of-the-art dental practice has helped thousands of patients around the world from San Francisco to Singapore.  Both his patented and unique dental techniques have helped people overcome premature aging from discolored or stained teeth, achieve straighter smiles, and improved their bites for better overall health.  It’s amazing what porcelain veneers without grinding can help people achieve.  It builds confidence, creates self-esteem and a better outlook on life.



Aesthetic Ceramic Treatment Choices

Post Gum Recession Tooth Restorations

Our patient had a history of having teeth that were just a bit undersized, assumed to be a common, minor genetic defect. During her early adult years they presented no problems and were in reasonably   good health.

In later adult years our patient, like many older adults, gum disease (periodontitis) took it’s toll and caused significant gum recession in different areas.

As can be seen in these pictures, the telltale dark triangles appear on the upper arch (maxilla) with more severe indications on the mandible (lower jaw).

Periodontal treatment was successful for the patient and her teeth structures were in good health. She did not like however the significant gum loss.

Since many of her teeth had been small and lacked a certain cosmetic balance, she decided to have a variety of restorative treatments that would establish the smile she had always wanted.

Dr. Muslin determined that a combination of premium all porcelain crowns and hand crafted feldspathic veneers could produce the cosmetic result the patient was seeking. Dr. Muslin maintained a close eye on the functional aspects of treatment, to assure the multiple restorations would maintain an optimal, normal bite.

Articulation Analysis and Study

Wax up models and a special articulator device was used throughout treatment enabling both Dr. Muslin and the patient to achieve the goals of great looking teeth that fit the patient’s smile… while assuring an occlusal relationship (normalized bite) that was appropriate for her larger sized teeth and opened bite.gumrecession_veneer1

Articulation devices and accurate interpretation of the data provided by these instruments is critical for preventing the occurence of jaw, tmj and tmd joint pains that are often associated with this degree of dentistry.

Our last two post operative photos reflect the degree of change and result obtained with multiple crowns and ceramic laminates. Our patient was excited about the outcome.

Her new teeth were the size she wanted and had helped in crafting, quite literally, a broad, tooth filled smile she had never had before. Color and shade matching was just about perfect, giving the appearance that her teeth were natural.

High grade porcelain ceramics, including crowns and feldspathic veneers can provide patients with new choices in restorative dentistry for just about any dental need. In successful periodontic treatment programs, patients can look forward to recreating a great smile again… and in some instances.. have a smile and appearance they were unable to have during earlier years.
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Best Porcelain Veneers in Santa Monica

Porcelain veneers and recent advancements in dental bonding technology have had a dramatic impact on dentistry. Skilled dentists now have the capability have dramatically changing and improving a patient’s smile and aesthetic appearance

In this photo, it can be seen that this patient had teeth that were too small for the size of her jaw. She had spaces between her teeth and didn’t feel comfortable with her smile (see close-ups below for more detail).

Her teeth were already laser whitened by Dr. Sam Muslin, but there was something more that she wanted.

Natural “Whitest of White” Teeth

The patient was a “practical-minded” person. She was not one to get carried away with her make-up and was not interested in the artificial appearance of some of the “Hollywood style” makeovers. She simply wanted a bright smile that looked natural. Most importantly, she did not want to damage or alter her natural teeth in the process.

Precision Porcelain Ceramics

Many dentists use porcelain veneers that oftentimes “require” a reshaping of the original tooth. This apparent “requirement” may be a reflection of the quality of the ceramic material and the skills of the ceramist…. and moreover… of the dentist.

A big advantage that Dr. Sam Muslin has over most dentists is that he has his own ceramist who does all of his work. Together they customize work which may not be possible in other offices.

In this case, a total of 10 porcelain veneers were hand crafted and skillfully applied for the upper teeth without grinding or drilling on one single tooth!

All of her porcelain veneers were made to fit her teeth without altering anything. It was very difficult, but her care was delivered flawlessly. This level and quality of precision ceramics is an important quality to assess when selecting a dentist.

The patient’s lower teeth did not need veneers so they are completely natural. The 10 upper front or (anterior) teeth have porcelain veneers and the color match between porcelain upper and natural lower teeth is perfect!

Porcelain Veneers + Precise Teeth Whitening

In the close-up pictures below, it can be seen that the patient already had her teeth laser whitened. It is important to get your natural teeth whitened first and then do the porcelain veneers.

You can see that her teeth have a clean, healthy white smile and bright smile appearance. Gum symmetry is perfect and balanced, which was addressed during the time the veneers were placed. Laser whitening, plasma arc whitening or Zoom teeth whitening are effective methods of getting a smile to the level of whitening that the patient wants.

In Dr. Muslin’s office, the teeth whitening procedure is customized for color quality and intensity issues, depending on the existing color characteristics of the patient’s teeth. Just one system cannot meet all of the color problems among the patients. Customized teeth whitening is superior and a standard feature in Dr. Muslin’s practice.

Review the photos below for more detail:

Low Prep Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Muslin uses premium porcelain veneer materials that enable him to create veneer laminates that are as thin as a contact lens and have the translucence qualities of your real teeth.

Veneer Bonding Technologies – Informed Decision

Dr. Muslin offer patients their choice of dental veneer technologies and procedures. In many cases, patients select the veneer of their choice based on their unique interests for minimal invasive preparation, current status of their bite and dental function, and their desired cosmetic result.

All veneers are not alike. Dr. Muslin assists patients in determining which veneer technology offers the most advantages and best choice for each and every patient.

Pain Free Veneer Laminates

The fitting process is virtually pain free. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require “tooth preparation” (i.e., existing tooth is ground down to accommodate a veneer), Dr. Muslin’s veneers frequently eliminate the need for grinding or shaping of the existing tooth. This is on a case-by-case basis, depending on the patient’s wants and needs.

For many patients there is no drilling… no grinding… no preparation whatsoever that would require the usual need for a local anesthetic. Because our laminates are the thinnest porcelain laminate materials available locally, there is no risk of having veneers that make your teeth appear “fat” or unusually “thick” (a common complaint with veneer makeovers).

Reshaping the Smile Line

Dr. Muslin is able to create truly dazzling, permanently white smiles by using custom thicknesses and shapes of laminate porcelain to create a cosmetic result that feels and looks natural. As the adjacent photo shows….this adult patient had great looking teeth that were quite healthy.

She did not like however the overall shape of her teeth. In some instances she also felt that some of her teeth lacked a certain bulk, or thickness.

This after photo reveals how dramatic veneer bonding can be. Most of the upper arch teeth now have the appearance of being fuller (more bulk) and do not taper inward. Gum reshaping and contouring was also performed to produce a very natural appearing harmony across all of the gingival tissues.

Visit our Dental Cosmetic Photo Gallery to see more examples of how Dr. Muslin performs porcelain veneer dentistry for a variety of dental needs.

Not sure if you are a candidate for Porcelain Veneer Dentistry?

Contact Dr. Muslin and his staff at (310) 829-6796 to arrange an appointment or speak with his staff to obtain the answers you need for making an informed decision about your treatment needs.

No-Prep Porcelain Veneers

This patient wanted straight white teeth for her wedding. She lives near London in the UK and was interested in getting the best possible cosmetic dentistry from the very best cosmetic dentist.

She interviewed a few cosmetic dentists and saw porcelain veneers that were done on other English patients and she was not impressed. She found the website of Dr. Sam Muslin and saw the results of his porcelain veneer work that was non-invasive. The thought that her teeth did not have to be ground down was very appealing.

She wanted the best cosmetic dentistry and wondered if it would be worth flying to the Unites States just to see this dentist. After careful thought and one last consultation with a cosmetic dentist in England she decided to make the trip to see Dr. Sam Muslin in the United States. She is not a wealthy woman so the additional cost of the flight was a consideration.

Straightening Crooked Teeth

She discussed the treatment and because she came from such a long distance away, he stayed late to start her work.
Straight teeth in less than two weeks is called Instant Braces by Dr. Muslin.

Her teeth were crooked and she did have to have a little shaving done, but no anesthetic was necessary. He explained that if he lightly shaved a couple of areas that stick out, she would have teeth that looked much more straight. The idea that she could have straight teeth in less than two weeks and not have the enamel of her teeth ground off was very exciting for her. She had the smile of a beautiful bride for her wedding and found the trip to the United States to see this particular cosmetic dentist very beneficial. She said, “I am so glad that I had this done and my husband was very impressed with the results”. The porcelain veneers places on this patient’s teeth is called “Instant Braces” because the work was done so fast and no retainers are needed.

Gaps Between Teeth

The hardest part of her porcelain veneers or teeth veneers or laminates was to get a balanced look. Sometimes when there are gaps between teeth and dental laminates are placed, the teeth can look too big or too wide. Dr. Muslin explains, “the artistic element is to get the right sizes and proportions to the porcelain veneers while closing the spaces by a method he calls ‘size shifting’” The proportioning is the single most important element to achieving the best cosmetic dentistry using the best porcelain veneers. Proportioning the teeth with the Instant Braces technique cannot be achieved with any kind of orthodontics. The advantage of the Instant Braces method is that the sizes, shapes and color of the teeth can be significantly improved.

Do Porcelain Veneers Break?

During dental consultations, patients have said that porcelain veneers break because that is what happened to their friends. Some of these patients have had several porcelain veneers break at very embarrassing times. They lost their confidence because they never knew when it was going to happen next. Some had porcelain veneers done by what they thought was the best cosmetic dentist in Malibu. But none of these patients had porcelain veneers done by Dr. Sam Muslin.

The difference is how he uses his dental bonding technique. He has not had a problem with porcelain veneers breaking. He has developed a bonding method that takes longer than the traditional method to bond but is so strong that bad porcelain veneers breaking off of the tooth have been extremely rare. Keep in mind that natural teeth that do not have porcelain veneers can break too.

The key is to get a perfect dental bond so the veneer actually integrates with the tooth enamel. Additionally, Dr. Muslin says, “Non-invasive porcelain veneers are bonded to enamel which is 5 times stronger bonding than if the dentist grinds down the teeth and tries to bond to dentin”!

Before and After closeup photo of no-prep porcelain veneers. This patient clenches and grinds her teeth as the flat edges in the before photo are obvious.
However, the porcelain veneers done by Dr. Muslin are bonded so strong that they can withstand teeth grinding without breaking for most people.

Non-Invasive Porcelain Veneers

The goal of treatment is to do no harm to the patient. Non-invasive dentistry is the key to the best cosmetic dentistry. The teeth generally are much less sensitive because Dr. Muslin bonds a new layer of high tech dental porcelain that is a veneer over the tooth. The intact tooth under the porcelain veneer now has a new strong insulating layer that not only protects it from decay but portects the natural tooth from wear, tooth erosion and tooth abrasion. The porcelain veneer actually strengthens the tooth, protects the tooth and makes it much less sentistive to hot and cold temperatures. Tooth decay under the porcelain veneer is virtually non-existant.

Dr. Muslin is sensitive to needs of his patients that travel long distances to see him and has the abiliy to deliver his care in very rapid fashion. Call the office to discuss your options and plan your trip because as this patient said, “you won’t regret it”!