Facelift Dentistry ® Can Improve Your Appearance


Dr. Sam, how can Face Lift Dentistry improve my appearance?


Face Lift Dentistry ® is the only procedure that can change the shape of your face permanently without facial surgery.  The basic concept is that the teeth are directly responsible for the length of your face and facial support.  If you have longer teeth or if they are angled correctly, you will have more lip support.  Fuller lips and a smoother facial appearance is possible by only treating your teeth and the treatment is non-invasive. 

Additionally, most patients and dentists do not understand that the bite is directly responsible for the shape of your face.  If you have a deep overbite, your face will be shorter.  If you have a deep overbite, your jaw will look smaller.  With the advanced bonding technologies, a persons face can be permanently changed while getting the best shaped teeth and the best color for their face.  The results completely revitalize the entire face.  Patients in their 60’s look 15 years younger and more healthy.  Younger patients with weak looking chins can have a vastly improved facial profile without jaw surgery. 

Face Lift Dentistry ® is customized to each persons individual facial characteristics.  Be Careful!  There is only one dentist that has the extensive experience and the full face photography of his patients that clearly demonstrate the versatility and the possibilities of this technique.  Sam Muslin DDS MAGD has trademarked and developed the concept as will as perfecting the non surgical dental bonding technique.  No dental crowns are necessary if the teeth are healthy.  Dr. Muslin does NOT have to grind down your teeth in order to provide Face Lift Dentistry ®. 

Face Lift Dentistry is a great life style enhancer and confidence builder.  The patients have been so thrilled with the results that they have signed full model release forms allowing Dr. Muslin to show photos of their faces that are matched perfectly.  Don’t Be Fooled by fake photos in other websites.  Dr. Muslin’s photos are untouched and unaltered and matched positions so you can see the amazing results accurately.

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