Facial Profile Correction

Facial Profile Correction

Optimize Small Chins, Large Chins, Overbites, Underbites, and Worn-Down Teeth for a Younger-Looking and Confident You.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration for Optimizing Facial Profiles

No Drilling to Healthy Teeth, No Surgery, No Braces - in Less than a Month

Bite and Jaw Correction Dentistry that helps patients look their best from every angle and with every expression rather than just getting smile dentistry with the same face and bite.

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Optimum Facial Profile, Ideal Jaw Position and Optimized Bite

Her chin was in the wrong position which makes her lower face look short. With VENLAY® Bite Restoration the face is optimized after correcting her bite.

Small Chins and Overbites – The overbite causes the chin to appear smaller and when the overbite is corrected with this method it appears larger.  Our patients will see how much their facial profile will improve on their very first consultation.

Large Chins and Underbites – With every underbite patient we have seen so far, their chin appears smaller when the jaw position is improved.  The goal of jaw position improvement is for JawTrac® to coordinate the chin position with the TMJ function.

Aging Faces Reversed – The reason most patients have premature aging is because they are structurally compromised with a bad bite.  Their teeth have worn down and the jaw is now in an unnatural position that causes health problems.  JawTrac® deals with the functional jaw position, VENLAY® Bite Restoration deals with maximizing the cosmetic benefits.

Done in a Month – Patients without complications are easily treated in about a month because it takes Dr. Muslin 3 weeks to create your new face, new facial profile, incredible smile and establish all of the corresponding health benefits.

No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth – No chin implants, No jaw surgery, No braces, No Botox®, No Facial Fillers, almost no pain because there is no drilling down healthy teeth.

TMJ Pain Relief – The secret to the success of this method is establishing the jaw position you were always meant to experience.  JawTrac® is the secret.

Featured Facial Profile Correction Patients

Patients with an overbite will age prematurely because of the stress on their head and neck regions.  Overbites also cause the person to have a face that is shaped like…

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A patient’s natural beauty begins with profile correction to build a new level of self-esteem. This method is done non-invasively, without the risk, pain, time and unpredictability of jaw surgery.

Ref: #0864

Treatment for bite collapse, overbite and underbite is amazingly easy, safe and fast.  There is a pain-free, non-invasive method that does not require anesthetic, shots, injections, surgery, braces …

Advantages of VENLAY® Bite Restoration for Profile Correction

The decision to go with this process is easy when you consider that you are going to keep your teeth intact and have high-tech porcelain bonded over the biting and outside surfaces of your teeth.  Your local dentist will drill down your teeth for crowns or veneers in order to provide a full mouth reconstruction for your bite but this treatment does not usually improve the jaw position or the small looking chin. 

However, our treatment goes beyond the bite and how the teeth fit together.  Our process develops the ideal jaw position created by you during a testing period using JawTrac®. This is treatment that is beyond a full mouth reconstruction, this is Face Lift Dentistry® combined with VENLAY® Bite Restoration and JawTrac® jaw alignment. 

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A Normal and Healthy Bite, Jaw Position, and TMJ Function

If you are looking for the ideal jaw position, bite and TMJ function then the Dental Face Lift® is designed to maximize your existence within your natural and healthy biology.  The main reason that patients suffer is that they overbite physically compromises their health

A harmonious bite, jaw and TMJ create comfort that many patients are trying to get but unfortunately other treatments have a great deal of difficulty achieving it.

Most patients need to understand that surgeries can be unpredictable and sometimes dangerous.  We have seen a number of chin implants that had to be removed due to infections.  The best feature of this method is that it takes advantage of your natural facial features and augments your entire face yet keeps your unique qualities.


“This method is complete treatment for your physical health that is simultaneously coordinated with the best possible cosmetic results”

How Can You Move My Jaw To Improve My Profile?

Your bite moves your jaw back towards your ear canal and your new bite will allow your jaw position to be in the healthiest position for you, which is more forward and downward away from your ear canal.  If your overbite can force your jaw back, then the Face Lift Dentistry® method can remove that backward force.  This method is good for your health by relieving TMJ problems at the same time.  It is a complete treatment for your health and appearance.

Does Face Lift Dentistry® Improve My Health?

It does a lot more than just improve your health; it boosts self-esteem, reduces head and neck strain and gives you cosmetic results that are a “miracle” to some patients.  This is the official site for Face Lift Dentistry®, a method of treatment which was created by Dr. Sam Muslin to preserve your teeth from the dental drill and create the bite with the optimal jaw position to improve your health, cosmetically balance your face and improve your profile non-invasively.

TMJ Pain Relief, Bite Correction, and Profile Improvement - All At The Same Time. How?

The teeth are wearing down and at the same time the teeth are slowing shifting.  Most overbite patients have the same problem with the lower teeth.  The front teeth are too high and they fit behind the upper teeth driving the lower jaw towards the ear canal and the back teeth are too low causing the jaw to close too close to the nose.  The jaw position of the overbite patient is in an unnatural position that causes the TMJ pain.

Ask Dr Muslin

Dr Sam Muslin

During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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