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Patients with an overbite will age prematurely because of the stress on their head and neck regions.  Overbites also cause the person to have a face that is shaped like that of a much older person.  Old people have short round faces and younger people faces that are egg shaped.   Patients with overbites usually age prematurely.

The overbite causes the face to be short and round while the optimized bite creates the shape of the face to be that of a much younger person. Bite optimization using this method developes the ideal bite, jaw position and shape to the face. It is not about your smile, ……… it’s about your face.

Overbites and the Aging Face

It is not about your smile.  Smile dentistry does not treat the shape of the patient’s face.  The shape of the face is treated with overbite or under bite correction and the method utilized in this website is Face Lift Dentistry®.  The face ages faster when the patient’s bite is compromised and this method was designed to optimize the shape of the face and the function of the jaw using a drug free, mechanical approach that does not require grinding down your healthy teeth, or jaw surgery or braces or Invisalign®

Look at her chin and the shape of her lower face along with the cheeks and facial wrinkles in the before photo. The face looks younger because the shape of the face and the position of the lower jaw were idealized in the after photo.

Better than a Face Lift?

Dr. Muslin has had patients get his Face Lift Dentistry® treatment and skipped the face-lift while other patients have gotten both.  The main point is that a face-lift cannot improve the jaw position and generally does not improve the health of the patient.   Face-lifts cannot improve the length of the face or the facial profile.  But, both procedures have a valid place in the treatment of the aging face.

VENLAY® Restorations were designed to be used exclusively in the treatment of bite correction. This patient’s results have given her a much cleaner neckline.

Facial Profile Correction & the Neck Line

You cannot do this with a face lift and you cannot do this with porcelain veneers or braces or Invisalign® or jaw surgery.  This treatment is purely mechanical, drug free, no Botox®, no injections and no grinding down the healthy teeth.  Patients fly in form all over the world instead of going to their local dentist and they have saved themselves a great deal of time, pain and expense.  This patient lives in a very large city with excellent dentists that provide high quality care, but she said, “They can’t do this so I flew in to see Dr. Muslin and it was worth it”.

Treatment Sequence

You can send us photos, a cell phone shot of your dental x-rays and a 15 second video of your explaining your needs for us to understand the basic nature of your treatment.

On the very first visit, Dr. Muslin will show you how your face will look when the treatment is completed.  Records are taken.  (Photos, models of your teeth, x-rays, jaw tomography etc.)  A cost estimate is given and the patient can decide when to start.  If you are flying in to Santa Monica, the staff can arrange time to begin the treatment on your first visit, which is usually one to three days depending on the complexity of your dental needs.

Most patients fly back home for about 3 weeks and then return for about 3 or 4 days to see the porcelain in their mouth before it is bonded.  The patient is in total control of the esthetic portion of the treatment and can choose the shade of their teeth and then see it in their mouth.  If they approve, Dr. Muslin will bond the porcelain to the patient’s teeth and then spend the next couple of days perfecting the results.   The patient returns home and gets cleanings with their regular dentist.

Neck Pain

She was having severe neck pain and back pain for the last 20 years and after just treating the upper teeth she said,  “The pain is completely gone”.  She went on to explain, “I went to a chiropractor for 20 years, took pain medications that upset my stomach and was still constantly in pain and the doctors were considering back surgery”.   “I don’t know how Dr. Muslin did it but all of my pain is gone and I am so happy that he has improved my life so much:”  “I love how I look and I love how much better I feel.”

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During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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