Open Bite Treatment Options

Open Bite Treatment Options

Non-Surgical VENLAY® Bite Restoration vs. Jaw Surgery

The Ideal Anterior Open Bite Correction for Adults

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Open Bite Correction Patient Video Testimonial

Compare her speaking ability in the before section with her speaking ability in the after section, and you will realize how her health and self-esteem have improved.  She will discuss the physicality and function benefits and how this method can prevent the loss of time, money, social life, work income, college educations, and a possible unfavorable surgical result. 

Treating an open bite comes down to jaw surgery and braces after this patient spent many years in braces with headgear, speech therapy and years later, after everything failed, she is being told her only choice for open bite correction is DOUBLE JAW SURGERY. Once she understood the time, the pain and the unpredictable risk of jaw surgery, they searched the Internet for another treatment option.

After searching the Internet, her Mother found the VENLAY® Bite Restoration with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method of non-surgical open bite correction. With no other choices for non-surgical open bite correction she came in for a consultation, and the start of her life transformation began.

Adult Open Bite Correction without Surgery

Adult Open Bite Correction - Before and After Treatment
In the before-photo, she is biting her teeth together and you can see the open bite or gap between her upper teeth and her lower teeth.  She cannot even bite into a sandwich so eating and speaking are difficult.

Early in his 40 years of dental experience, Dr. Sam Muslin began to see patients suffer during the surgical phase of their orthodontic treatment, watched them get years of braces and then seeing results that were less than optimal and felt something was very wrong.  He knew there had to be a better way to correct open bites, underbites, and overbites without the treatment being so invasive and risky.  That is when he developed his adult open bite correction without surgery method that included a function and physical benefit along with cosmetic benefits that were better than cosmetic dentistry.  He developed his method by combining all of the elements of functional treatment and cosmetics goals into his comprehensive, non-invasive and non-surgical method.

How Jaw Surgery Fixes an Open Bite

The oral surgeons carefully dissect the tissue, then sections of the jaw is cut and moved to treat the skeletal deformity of an open bite.  The treatment involves risk that could compromise the patient for the rest of their lives.  The jaw surgery goal is to have the jaw surgery get the jaw sizes closer to the desired outcome, and then orthodontic braces are required to finish the procedure by moving the teeth so that they fit together.  Healing may take several months, and the result is not always as predicted. 

Contrast this with VENLAY® Bite Restoration which is highly predictable and with very low risk with no surgery, no risk and with minimal discomfort.  The VENLAY® Bite Restoration only takes about a month and three weeks of that time, Dr. Muslin personally designs every aspect of the patient’s treatment. He does this for every one of his patients.

Open Bite Treatment

Every dentist the patient saw over many years recommended jaw surgery and braces. We hear from so many of our underbite patients, our overbite patients, and our TMJ patients that jaw surgery is their only choice.  Lately, the orthodontist will predict that the open bite can be corrected with only braces, but far too often, their prediction was not accurate and they then during your treatment with clear retainers or braces recommend jaw surgery and more braces.   With our method, open bite treatment no longer requires jaw surgery.  The JawTrac®, VENLAY® Bite Restoration and the Face Lift Dentistry® method can successfully correct open bites without the traditional treatment of jaw surgery and years of braces.

Open Bites, Underbites, and Overbites, Corrected Non-Invasively

VENLAY® Restorations were designed to fix malocclusions, such as an open bite, underbites, and overbites non-invasively without the need for jaw surgery or braces.  Dr. Sam Muslin developed this method of treatment after seeing the risks and the disappointments experienced by some jaw surgery patients.   Dr. Muslin says, “Dentistry has become so invasive and risky that we dentists need to recognize that today’s technology is beyond yesterday’s invasive surgical treatment methods.”

Speech Problems, Facial and Neck Pain

In some cases, jaw surgery may be the best option, but it is being offered as the only solution far too often when many patients can be treated non-surgically. Oral surgeons and orthodontists are trained at dental school to provide jaw surgery as the only solution, so that is all they know. Very few know that there is a highly effective, predictable non-surgical solution that does not require braces and can be completed in a few weeks. Lives are changed when neck pain, facial pain, and speech problems are corrected, and the shapes of the faces and jaw position can be seen by the patient before final bonding of the VENLAY® Restoration occurs.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Relieve TMJ Pain?

Cosmetic dentistry’s purpose is to improve your smile not to relieve TMJ pain.  Only some of the teeth are treated, the jaw position stays the same, the bite stays the same, and the shape of your face remains the same.  This old approach of smile dentistry needs to address the fact that this generation will live longer than any generation in the past and the teeth should not be drilled down, and the jaw position and bite need to be “optimized.”  This is the treatment goal of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method with JawTrac®, and VENLAY® Bite Restoration.

Facial Transformation After Open Bite Correction

Facial Transformation after Open Bite Correction
After her Anterior open bite was corrected, her face was transformed into a young healthy vibrant person that has experienced the physical benefits to this treatment as she can stand much longer and can speak to groups of people with confidence and clarity.

Open Bite Corrected without Jaw Surgery

Instead of highly invasive jaw surgery, which requires the jaws to be cut and moved, while ensuring the arteries and nerves remain functional, a safe and predictable solution is available. Dr. Muslin uses JawTrac® Alignment to determine the jaw position that balances misaligned jaws without jaw surgery. The patient gets to test the new jaw position before treatment starts.  This non-invasive open bite treatment is ideal for adults as they do not have the time to be hospitalized, take the risk of the surgery, and wear braces or clear aligners for years that may or may not work. 

The exact treatment and time requirements can vary from patient to patient. In general, on the first visit to the office, they stay for about three days for consultation and testing. The construction of the VENLAY® Restorations requires three weeks, whereafter the patient returns for five days to complete the treatment.

Functional and Physical Jaw and TMJ Treatment

VENLAY® Bite Restoration has functional benefits that physically improve the health of the patient by getting the ideal jaw position using JawTrac®. Once the jaw position is located, the shapes and sizes of the teeth are non-invasively changed with porcelain to maintain the new jaw position.  No teeth are cut down or drilled down for VENLAY® Restorations.    Cosmetic dentistry will cut down and drill down your healthy teeth.  Cosmetic dentistry does not relieve neck pain; she would still suffer physically and could not stand as long as she can stand today, and she would not be able to be pain-free.

What Does VENLAY® Open Bite Correction Cost?

This is like asking us how much your new car would cost when you have not picked out your new car!  The cost varies between patients because all of you are unique individuals.  Treatment cost and examples are explained on our FAQ-page.  There is nobody else that does what Dr. Muslin does, as this is life transformation dentistry. 

Everyone is a candidate for this method, so cost becomes a matter of what level of treatment would be best for you. You will get a good understanding during the consultation visit.   Even if you don’t do the treatment, a consultation can help you understand the possibilities. As one patient said, “He is worth the visit.”

Dr. Muslin sincerely thinks this patient for allowing him to show the work the “new age of dentistry using “the Face Lift Dentistry® method.  He understands that she wants to help people and he deeply appreciates her permission.  

Call us so we can discuss your options, as this is the single most important dental decision a patient can make and as one of our patients from Arkansas said, “If you want the best, you have to go to the best.”

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