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Open Bite Treatment Without Jaw Surgery and Braces

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If you were being told you need jaw surgery and braces, then it would be a good thing to know that there is an effective alternative that there is a predictable and safe method that lasts.  There are advantages to this method such as a treatment time that takes only one or two weeks in most cases. Listen to her talk as she has an “open bite” and needs to use her tongue in order to say certain words.  If you listen to her after the Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® Bite Correction method, she is speaking clearly and looks years younger.

Open-Bite Correction Video Review

VENLAY® Bite Restoration not only corrected her open-bite, but also transformed the shape of her face. Hear and watch this patient talk about her treatment.

The Jaw Surgery Alternative for Open Bites, Under Bites and Overbites

She is biting her back teeth together and none of her front teeth touch. Eating a sandwich is very difficult and speaking clearly is not possible because she needs to use her tongue in order to pronounce her words. If she had a ideal bite, she would use her teeth to say the “S” sounds and the “TH” sounds rather than her tongue.

Reverse the Effects of Aging

Anti-Aging Dentistry is not Face Lift Dentistry®. Patient’s need to be careful because there is no definition to anti-aging dentistry and every dentist can be called an anti-aging dentist.  The treatment they provide is really nothing more than cosmetic dentistry in most cases.  Dr. Muslin’s exclusive Anti-Aging Face Lift Dentistry® is a method that corrects overbites, under bites, bad bites and open bites using the non-invasive VENLAY® restorations.  This is a method that can transform the shape of the patient’s faces while reducing head and neck pain at the same time.

In order to reverse the aging process, the shape of the face needs to be idealized through bite correction. There is a definition for this method which is the trademarked Face Lift Dentistry® method. And, it is health care rather than just cosmetic dentistry. This patient has her teeth closed together in both photos. The shape of her face is improved, her jaw position idealized, her TMJ problems are greatly reduced and she now is speaking clearly.

Alternative to Orthognathic Jaw Surgery and Braces

The first jaw surgery caused the open bite and now the specialists recommend another jaw surgery.  She found this website and decided to fly across the country to seek a jaw surgery alternative.  She is very glad that she did.  Treatment was completed in just a matter of weeks and she was so happy with the results that she agreed to allow her story to be told on the Internet.

The angle of her jawline changed after surgery by using the Face Lift Dentistry® method, Dr. Muslin was able to design a new jaw position by “optimizing” her bite. All of her teeth now fit together in the after photo while in the before photo only her back teeth can touch which is the definition of an “open bite”.

Bad Bite Correction – The “Fountain of Youth”

If you want to look younger you first need to feel younger and the best way to have both is to idealize the bite and subsequent position of the lower jaw.  Dr. Muslin has found that when the bite is “optimized’ to the patient’s face, many of their TMJ problems decrease and they look years younger.   If you want to prevent premature aging, and look years younger idealize your bite.  If you want to have tension relief, and TMJ relief, idealize your bite.  If you want feel younger physically and mentally, again Dr. Muslin recommends you “optimize” your bite.

TMJ pain is usually the result of a bad bite and lower jaw position. The idea behind this treatment is to get the jaw in the best position and let the body heal the rest. He has found that the body can heal many areas once the source of the problem has been corrected.

Bite Correction – “Letting the Body Heal the TMJ problems”

With Under Bites, Overbites and Open Bites patients usually have the wrong jaw position.  Some patients are being told they have a great bite because they have straight teeth, Class One Occlusion and one millimeter of overbite, which is supposed to be idea.  Unfortunately, a patient can have the so-called “perfect bite” but the lower jaw is not in the most idealized position.  These patients have jaw problems, headaches and other issues that most dentists don’t understand.  How can you have jaw problems when your bite is so perfect? (Because how the teeth fit together is not the most important factor).

Cannot be Done with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers cannot correct bites and veneers cannot significantly improve the jaw position.  The need to be able to correct bites non-invasively is the reason that his Venlay® restorations were developed.  Dr. Muslin feels that grinding down healthy teeth is not the best course of treatment and this is another reason that Venlay® restorations were developed.  The idea behind neuromuscular dentistry requires electronics to tell the doctor what to do and this has been unpredictable for many dentists.  Dr. Muslin feels strongly that he needs to actually see the jaw position rather than guess with electronics which is why he uses his exclusive Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Dr. Muslin is humbled when patients allow him to show the results of his work.  He deeply appreciates her permission.  She was so happy with the results and so relieved that she had a jaw surgery alternative treatment that saved her a lot of risk, post operative pain and save her loosing a lot of work days.  This made the trip to California, “worth it”.

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