Overbite Correction

Overbite Correction

Small Chins, TMJ Pain, and Short Round Face. Jaw Alignment and Bite Correction Treatment without surgery or Drilling Healthy Teeth.

Overbite Correction with VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Bite and Jaw Realignment With Stunning Cosmetic Benefits

Look your best and feel your best with an improved facial profile, better breathing, and less TMJ-related pain.

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Benefits of Overbite Correction with VENLAY® Bite Restoration

You cannot improve the size of your chin with porcelain veneers. This patient knows it to be true because he had ten upper veneers and ten lower veneers (in the before photo on the left) and still has a small chin.

Reversing Short Round Faces – The lower jaw usually closes too close to the nose causing facial collapse, a small looking chin or a short round face.  Older patients have short round faces and younger patients have egg shaped faces.  Reversing the short round face is accomplished with JawTrac® to locate the ideal jaw position and VENLAY® to maintain that position using the Face-lift Dentistry® Method. 

Porcelain Veneers don’t improve Chins Sizes or Facial Profiles – Smile dentistry and cosmetic dentistry do not improve the jaw position and subsequently cannot relieve TMJ pain, improve chin size or facial profiles.  They are OK with you smile but the other 95% of the time they do nothing for you.

Small Chins – Small looking chins are really much larger chins that look smaller.  The overbite pushes the chin back making the chin appear smaller.   Your chin is not that small so this method of bite correction allows the chin to appear larger by moving the jaw to a healthy jaw position without pain, force or surgery using JawTrac®.  We stress that the overbite jaw position is unhealthy and the overbite JawTrac® jaw position is a healthy jaw position.

Reduce Sleeping Problems – Overbites push the jaw back, which causes narrowing of the airway.  When the airway is narrow, sleeping problems are a result.  Our patients tell us that they are sleeping better, feeling better, have more energy and looking better with VENLAY® Bite Restoration.

Stunning Cosmetic Benefits – This treatment improves the shape, proportions, and support for the entire face.  This is way beyond porcelain veneers and cosmetic smile type dentistry.  We improve your health and function and at the same time get stunning cosmetic benefits.

Non-Invasive Dentistry – This method of non-invasive dentistry is nothing short of a dental miracle compared to any other choice available to our patients. Orthodontics cannot achieve this level of result. This is why we treat so many younger patients because their teeth are saved and so many mature patients because saving their tooth structure means no shots, no dental drilling, and much less pain.

TMJ Pain – Most of the patients we see with TMJ pain don’t realize that it is caused by their bad bite and unhealthy jaw position.  This treatment is a physical solution for a physical problem that reduces or eliminates multiple types of TMJ pain and headaches.  For these patients, the enormous cosmetic benefits are a bonus.

Featured Overbite Correction Patients

When the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth as the patient bites their teeth together.  Most often, the lower jaw is pushed back towards the patient’s ears which reduces the size of the airway.   Breathing is more difficult …

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The reason that a chin appears small is that the bite forces your jaw back towards your ears.  Your jaw position can make your chin look smaller with overbites and larger with underbites …

This is not cosmetic dentistry that grinds down your healthy teeth for just a smile. This is not a typical full mouth reconstruction that does nothing for your face. This is a method of treatment that…

The bite determines the shape of the patient’s face and also determines the appearance of the chin and lower jaw. The lower jaw and chin look smaller than their actual size when…

A perfect sized chin can look small when a patient has a deep overbite. Not only does the bad bite cause the chin to look small but the facial profile is also…

Face Lift Dentistry® creates the most ideal bite and jaw position without surgery to improve your health while optimizing the cosmetic results. Instead of using…

Overbite Correction with VENLAY® Bite Restoration

The choices for overbite correction have not been very appealing.  Patients have gone through braces, sometimes more than once while others had the clear retainer method.  The relapse rate appears to be fairly high and the patients are worn out and suffering from TMJ pain from years of treatment.  Now many of these patients are being told that jaw surgery is their only hope.  (This is no longer true!)

There are many features to this method and one of them is the speed of treatment.  You can keep your job or stay in college because today you can get results that cover virtually every aspect of your functional and cosmetic health in this highly comprehensive treatment. One of our patients said: “It encompasses everything.”

The cosmetic element is developed from the functional jaw position.  It is critical to get this part right because if the dentist is not using JawTrac® chances are they are guessing with or without a computer.  Dr. Muslin developed JawTrac® because guessing made the results unpredictable.  The patient may look good but is functionally miserable. 

Once the jaw position is tested and the patient says they love it, the cosmetic elements are designed by Dr. Muslin personally. However, it gets even better.  His patients get to see the new VENLAY® Restorations inside their mouth, on their teeth and walk around in different lighting and make changes before bonding! You cannot see the final results before treatment with Invisalign®, Jaw Surgery or Braces.

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What is Overbite Correction?

When a person’s top front teeth are protruding over the bottom ones, this is an overbite. A dentist will recommend overbite correction to fix the problem and provide a better bite, which can remove pain and discomfort while improving the person’s appearance and jaw movement. Often, dentists will suggest traditional methods of overbite correction, such as braces, clear aligners, jaw surgery or even removing teeth on the top. Braces and clear aligners will only fix the teeth without solving the underlining jaw misalignment, while jaw surgery and teeth removal are not necessary or always effective. Instead, a modern approach can provide overbite correction in a non-invasive and effective way.

When we do not have a healthy jaw position, we are physically compromised and age prematurely.

Aging Faces

Deep overbite correction reverses the effects on aging faces by optimizing the cosmetic elements and relieving the TMJ pain, correcting the Overbite by establishing a new health Jaw Position that coordinates all of the elements together.

Symptoms of an Overbite

The shifted and worn down teeth commonly found in a patient with an overbite force the lower jaw back causing TMJ pain. Correcting the teeth alignment and jaw alignment changes the lives of our patients.

Malocclusion, which is when your teeth aren’t lined up properly, impacts more than your smile. It can cause pain and discomfort, especially when you’re eating. Also, you could bite down on your tongue and inner mouth, and have trouble with breathing and talking. Visually, you’ll notice that your teeth aren’t lined up correctly, with your top front teeth hanging too far over the bottom ones. This can also affect the proportion and overall appearance of your face.

Is Overbite Correction Necessary?

Fixing an overbite may only seem like a cosmetic fix. However, overbite correction can also improve your health and happiness on a daily basis. You could eat and talk better and use your jaw in a comfortable, pain-free way. This correction could also improve breathing problems, TMJ disorders and pain. And there’s a big cosmetic improvement. It creates an improved smile while providing a better face proportion and making you look much younger and feel physically better at the same time.

Will an Overbite Cause or Aggravate TMJ Problems?

Many dentists will attribute TMJ disorders (TMD), which are disorders of the temporomandibular joint that connects your upper and lower jaw, to teeth grinding. Yet a bad bite, such as an overbite, can lead to teeth grinding and be a hidden cause of TMJ pain, neck pain with stress and tension. Whether because of the grinding or not, the answer is yes, an overbite can lead to TMJ problems.

How to Fix an Overbite

Most dentists will want to fix an overbite with orthodontic braces or clear aligners, yet these options only move the teeth. With an overbite, the upper and lower jaw are misaligned, which needs to be addressed. Once the braces or aligners fail to fix the overbite, dentists will generally turn to jaw surgery. But there is a different way. A non-invasive method that can fix the overbite and the teeth without braces or surgery is now available. 

Overbite Correction with Veneers

Sometimes dentists will want to turn to veneers because that is what to know how to provide.  Veneers usually make the overbite worse. They might change the way the teeth line up slightly, but they don’t fix the underlying jaw position. Also, putting in veneers is an invasive procedure that damages the natural teeth with a dental drill. Instead, a revolutionary technique can fix the overbite on the jaw level without destroying the healthy teeth.

Overbite Correction with Orthodontic Braces

Orthodontic braces are one of the traditional methods of overbite correction. Dentists attempt to fix the protruding upper teeth with braces. It can straighten the teeth but can’t usually get the optimized jaw position for your facial structure. When braces are used, the dentist will often recommend jaw surgery as well. But there is a non-invasive option that can take the place of surgery and braces.

Overbite Correction with Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a modern equivalent to the traditional method of braces. They perform the same function of straightening the teeth. Many dentists will turn to clear aligners to help with an overbite, yet they often want to use them in addition to jaw surgery. (You may not learn that jaw surgery is required until many months after you started the clear aligners.) That’s because aligners alone won’t change the structure position of the jaw to truly correct an overbite. A new method is able to effectively correct an overbite without aligners or surgery.

Overbite Correction with Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is one of the main methods most dentists will use as an overbite correction solution, whether by itself or with braces or clear aligners. Called orthognathic surgery, this corrective jaw surgery can help to change the size of the jaw to improve the bite by cutting it down surgically. It can be effective, yet there is a non-surgical method available that is more predictable with less pain and time involved toward achieving a better bite by improving the position of your jaw instead of cutting it.

Bite Correction with Clear Aligners

Many dentists offer clear aligners as a bite correction solution. These are alternatives to the traditional option of orthodontic braces. However, for more severe cases, the dentist will generally recommend surgery plus the clear aligners. This is because the aligners simply move the teeth without getting the jaw position optimized.

Bite Correction with Jaw Surgery

Even when dentists use orthodontic braces or clear aligners for bite correction, they will often recommend jaw surgery. That’s because a bite problem requires aligning the jaw, and the braces or aligners only align the teeth. Orthognathic surgery, which is corrective jaw surgery, can help to realign both the jaw and teeth. However, it is a very invasive procedure that results in pain and extensive recovery time, there can be health problems after surgery requiring more surgery and it doesn’t always work to solve the bite problem.  Dr. Muslin feels that once the surgeons and orthodontists learn about this revolutionary method, far fewer patients will require jaw surgery.

Overbite Correction without Surgery

Overbite correction does not require surgery. Dentists will often turn to non-surgical methods to improve the bite, such as braces, clear aligners, crowns or veneers. These methods can change the bite slightly by moving the teeth, but they don’t entirely fix the problem because they don’t change the jaw position enough. That’s why dentists will often end up recommending surgery along with non-surgical methods after your “non-surgical” treatment has begun.  A different technique can truly correct the problem at the jaw level while also improving the smile, all without surgery and years of orthodontics.

How Does Overbite Correction Work?

Most overbite solutions dentists offer move or cover the teeth in an effort to change the bite. These methods include braces, clear aligners, crowns or veneers. However, these “solutions” don’t entirely fix the problem because they don’t change the jaw position, they straighten the teeth. The position of the jaw needs to change so the upper and lower jaw and teeth line up correctly. That’s why dentists will often turn to jaw surgery on top of the other options. However, there’s a different way of correcting the jaw and teeth that’s non-invasive and non-surgical.

How Long Does Overbite Correction Take?

The amount of time needed to fix an overbite depends on the method. Methods like clear aligners, braces and surgery can take years to finish the treatment. But a revolutionary overbite correction technique can fix the problem in under a month without any recovery time needed. 

How to Speed Up Overbite Correction

It’s understandable to want a quick fix to overbite correction, but the traditional options of braces and surgery can take months up to years before you’re done. Don’t worry, that’s not the only way. It’s possible to get that quick fix with your bite corrected in less than a month, through a non-surgical, non-invasive method that is more predictable and safer than surgery, braces and other traditional bite correction techniques.

Does Overbite Correction Change Facial Structure?

Common overbite correction techniques that only change the position of the teeth don’t usually change facial structure and far too often the results can relapse. Other methods include veneers and dental crowns that require drilling down all of your teeth. Our method will alter the jaw’s position to improve the facial profile and gain much better facial support non-invasively and non-surgically.  We treat patients from 14 years of age and up because the teeth are not drilled down and we are usually “done in a month”.

Does My Overbite Give Me a Small Chin?

Yes, your overbite causes you to have a smaller looking chin and a weak jawline.  You may not sleep as well because your airway is also smaller and so is the shape to your face. The bottom jaw is pushed back toward the ears, which makes the chin look small and your face squished. Our technique effectively corrects an overbite because it is able to change the position of the lower jaw from an overbite position to a healthy position.

Is Overbite Correction Necessary?

An overbite affects your appearance, which can take a toll on your self-esteem and confidence as well as your relationships and work life. Yet the negative effects of an overbite go beyond appearance. An overbite can make everyday life more difficult with TMJ pain, discomfort, poor sleep quality, and difficulty speaking and eating.  If you correct the overbite, your quality of life improves physically and socially.

Overbite Correction Benefits

Just as an overbite can cause negative effects, correcting the overbite can provide benefits to your life. It can improve your social life, professional life, self-esteem and happiness through a better smile and overall appearance. It can improve your speech and ability to eat, and especially chewing and sleeping which have far-reaching benefits to your everyday life. 

Overbite Correction Problems and Dangers

The dangers of overbite correction come from the methods with the greatest risk such as surgical method combined with orthodontic methods.  Or the Porcelain Crown full mouth reconstruction method that drills down all of your healthy teeth.  Veneers are also dangerous because they make overbites worse most of the time.  With the VENLAY® Bite correction we have minimized all of the risks because there is no jaw surgery and no drilling down healthy teeth.  Treatment is usually completed in about a month and for those patients that fly in from other countries, it usually takes only two trips.

The VENLAY® Bite Restoration Solution

The VENLAY® Bite Restoration solution is the single most advanced Overbite Correction method because it is predictable, mostly painless, quick, and takes advantage of the new technologies that no longer require drilling down healthy teeth.  This is been the most remarkable aspect because now far more patients from 14 and up can benefit from this remarkable bite correction treatment.  Our patients can have all 28 VENLAY® Restorations bonded without a shot or dental injection and without any pain medication.  Our senior patients really appreciate looking many years younger with healthy jawlines and they did not have to go through a painful risky process to get it done.

We have treated Medical Doctors, and their children because the treatment results are “incredible” and the “risks are negligible.  It may seem hard to believe but the future of non-invasive bite correction is here and you can have the “master” that invented work on you personally.

Ask Dr Muslin

Dr Sam Muslin

During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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