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Changing The Shape Of The Face

An Ideal Bite and Jaw Position Without Surgery

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He wanted a “million dollar” smile but there were also several reasons to address his bite and jaw position at the same time. He could have chosen to focus only on his smile with porcelain veneers but he wisely choose the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment instead. Face Lift Dentistry® creates the most ideal bite and jaw position without surgery to improve your health while optimizing the cosmetic results. Instead of using porcelain veneers, which cannot idealize the jaw position or correct the bite, it was done with VENLAY® restorations.

He has straight teeth and healthy teeth in the “before photo on the left”. But, now he has the shapes and sizes along with the most ideal bite and jaw position to balance his face and his jaw position.

Changing The Shape of the Face

How youthful the patients face appears and how masculine the chin and how the shape of the entire face is perceived by others is determined by the teeth and the position of the bite. The bite position determines the jaw position which controls the shape of the face.

All 28 of his teeth were restored and his bite was corrected without any grinding down any of his natural healthy teeth. His bite and jaw position was improved and his smile is better than he ever imagined by optimizing his face non-invasively.

How to Get the Best Shape to Your Face

This isn’t about jaw surgery, braces, porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns. This is about a totally non-invasive facial transformation that is good for your health and will transform your face. The Face Lift Dentistry ® procedure non-surgically creates a healthier bite and jaw position that compliments your facial features and facial proportions..

Jaw Surgery or Facial Surgery are No Longer Your Only Choices

The goal is to create the most ideal bite and jaw position within the limits of your anatomy. Your chewing ability and TMJ comfort should improve as you get the smile and facial proportions that compliment your facial features. If you need under bite or overbite correction your options are no longer limited to months or years of Invisalign ® jaw surgery and braces.

No Tooth Grinding is Good for Your Health

Without grinding or drilling on your good teeth there is no pain or real healing time associated with the treatment. This is why the procedure is perfect for people all around the world who fly to Los Angeles and then return home with a new level of health and appearance. This patient came from New York hoping for a great smile but was also quite frustrated with his past experiences on the east coast. He said, “I have tried Invisalign ®, teeth whitening, and just about everything in the dentist industry and nothing worked or I have been unhappy with the results”.

He has straight teeth and healthy teeth in the “before photo on the left”. But, now he has the shapes and sizes along with the most ideal bite and jaw position to balance his face and his jaw position.

Cosmetic Dentistry vs. Face Lift Dentistry®

As we have already discussed cosmetic dentistry or porcelain veneers will have aesthetic restrictions that Face Lift Dentistry ® will not. Because Face Lift Dentistry® idealizes your bite and jaw position, the anti-aging and age reversing benefits of this treatment can transform the lives of the patients. Without restrictions, your smile can be better than you ever imaged and you will also be improving the shape, length, and proportions of you face at the same time.

Small Chin? It’s Larger than You Think.

Your bite and jaw position determine the length and shape of your lower face as well as the strength or weakness of your lower jaw. Too often people think that they have a small or weak chin and jaw but really it is just the position that makes the chin look small. By correcting your bite you can strengthen your jaw position without surgery for a better facial shape, stronger and larger looking chin along with improved profile proportions.

How to reverse what makes you Look Older

It is also important to highlight one sign of aging that Face Lift Dentistry ® can reverse but which is not readily well understood. Do you see your upper teeth when you talk normally.? That may sound a little odd but it is absolutely critical when it comes to looking younger. An older person will show mostly lower teeth when they talk. In contrast a younger person will show mostly upper teeth when they talk.

If you want to look younger you must have the attributes of a younger person and this means your upper teeth must show. It does not matter how much plastic surgery you have or how good your veneers may look when you smile because your teeth are still giving away your age when you talk.

Notice how his lower teeth dominate in the picture on the left. Face Lift Dentistry restored a more youthful balance to his smile by making his upper teeth more prominent. This will keep him looking young as he ages.

Old People Show Lower Teeth

Face Lift Dentistry® optimizes your bite to maximize the display of your upper teeth so that you look younger. For this patient he is only in his mid 20s but he is already showing mostly lower teeth when he talks. By choosing Face Lift Dentistry® his overbite was corrected, his smile was optimized, and his upper teeth now show when he talks. Take a look at his video and notice the display of his upper teeth.

This patient tried Invisalign ® and many other dental treatments without good results. Face Lift Dentistry® and VENLAY® restorations changed his life.

Exceed Your Goals without Compromising Your Teeth

With advances like VENLAY® restorations and Face Lift Dentistry®, the world of dentistry has never looked so exciting. Now you can accomplish your cosmetic and health goals without having to weight the down sides or side effects from the past. Years ago people looking for a beautiful smile or those in need of a full mouth reconstruction had to consider the negative effects of grinding on their teeth. The good news is that if you need a reconstruction or you are looking for the best smile possible, Face Lift Dentistry® can exceed your goals without compromising your healthy natural teeth.

TMJ and Chewing Better

When your bite and TMJ are given the mechanical chance to work together symptoms such as jaw pain, muscle tension, and headaches tend to subside. Quite often the source of your problems is the fact that your bite is not in harmony with your TMJ. Your bite was formed when you were just a child as your teeth came in over the years somewhat haphazardly. The likelihood that your bite formed perfectly and that there is no way to improve its relationship with your jaw is not high. Without ideal coordination between your bite and TMJ, painful side effects and detrimental habits such as teeth grinding and clenching begins.

The Face Lift Dentistry® procedure studies the anatomy of your TMJ to create a bite position that functions as comfortably and efficiently as possible. At the same time this bite position must enhance your facial features, support your lips, and create the best smile possible. When your TMJ and bite have the chance to mechanically work in tandem then facial tension, jaw pain, and headaches usually subside. This patient said, “my breathing is better and there is less tension in my face”. Your jaw and facial muscles will now be supporting a system that is harmonious rather than fighting to compensate for a lack of coordination.

With a healthy bite and jaw position he chews more powerfully, has less facial tension, and breaths better. This will benefit him for the rest of his life while he smiles with confidence.

Comfort and TMJ Cosmetics

What do we mean by TMJ cosmetics? When a person has less TMJ pain, tension or strain, they look happier and healthier cosmetically. Once your TMJ and bite are improved you should also experience more comfortable and efficient chewing power. You may think that there is nothing wrong with how you chew now but when you experience the difference it is remarkable. Better chewing means that your ability to take in nutrients improves and your digestion can occur more easily. Even though he did not report any significant chewing difficulty before his treatment, when it was done he said, “I can crush through food ten times stronger than I ever did before”.

There are so many health and cosmetic benefits to Face Lift Dentistry ® and it is really never too early or too late to start the treatment. Whether your goals are purely health based our you are looking to take years off of your face, give the office a call to schedule your consultation exam to find out what can be done for you. Call 310-829-6796.

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