Small Chins and Overbites

Repositioning the Jaw without Surgery

With the jaw in the correct position, the chin is perfect

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A perfect sized chin can look small when a patient has a deep overbite. Not only does the bad bite cause the chin to look small but the facial profile is also compromised. This patient was treated without a chin implant, without surgery and without grinding down her teeth. She did not even need braces.

This patient’s treatment took only a two visits, separated by one to two weeks to correct her overbite and permanently improve her chin size. Dr. Sam Muslin’s exclusive Face Lift Dentistry®method using VENLAY® restorations required no shots, no drilling, no surgery, no facial fillers or chin implants. Today’s technology makes this treatment a reality for every age group.

Headaches and Tension Relieved

Most patients find it hard to believe that the shape of their face is determined by their bite. They also are surprised that the size of your chin is determined by your bite. Additionally, the shape of your facial profile is directly related to your bite. The patient’s bite will decide some of the following problems: Will their chin will look small, will they age prematurely, get headaches, snore, wake up a lot at night and have low self-esteem.

The quality of life for each of these patients is related to their bite and today there is a non-surgical, non-invasive, drug free method to correct deep overbites without braces that is quick, predictable and has the potential of exceeding the expectations of the patients.

Improving lives one patient at a time by developing the best possible jaw position without pain, surgery or drilling down teeth. She will have the best bite developed for her facial structure with this method.

The Same Chin: 2 Weeks Apart Without Surgery

This is a case study of the results obtained by an actual patient that flew across the country to see this dentist. She has always hated her facial profile and was thinking of a chin implant. The problem is that a chin implant does not solve the cause of the problem, which is an overbite.

Chin Implants are Cosmetic Camouflage

Chin augmentations do nothing to improve the patient’s health. Many of these patients have small looking chins, some get headaches and some have insomnia because there is not enough room for their tongue inside their mouth. Deep overbites restrict the tongue which is why so many older people do not speak clearly, snore, are tired in the morning from waking up at night, have some form of insomnia and facial wrinkles and premature aging.

Do You Really Need Jaw Surgery and Braces?

Too many patients have been told they need surgery and that there is no other way to help them when it is not true. With the utilization of the latest advancement in the correction of overbites, no jaw surgery is necessary, no braces are needed in most cases and the entire treatment only takes one to two weeks.

Many of these patients were told they need surgery and braces without being informed of overbite correction alternatives. Most dentists are not aware that this is even possible.

Patients are finding Dr. Sam Muslin website, seeing the untouched and unaltered photos of his results and are impressed enough to fly across the country for a consultation. She said, “It was the best thing I ever did”! “My headaches are gone and I love my new profile”.

What is a VENLAY® Restoration?

A VENLAY® restoration is used to correct overbites and under bites by building a thin layer of porcelain over the sides of the teeth. It is like a veneer on the side of the tooth but also like a crown built over the biting surface of the teeth to correct the bad bite and improve the shape of the patient’s face. But, it requires no tooth grinding like a porcelain crown and has the advantages of a crown. It also has all of the advantages of a veneer but has much more potential to solve problems than porcelain veneers.

VENLAY® restorations are totally non-invasive and require no prep. None of your healthy teeth need to be ground down because a thin layer of a high tech porcelain is bonded over the top of the patients teeth.. This patient never even has a shot to get her chin in the best position for her health and appearance.

The Secret of Bite Correction Success

The secret to this treatment is the analysis of the patient’s jaw position, which is generally “bad” when they have an overbite and allowing the chin to move to a better position naturally. The new jaw position is good for her health, reduces head and neck stress and nearly eliminated all of her headaches. She has a more comfortable bite that improved her health by reducing the stress in her neck and head regions. She has a normal size chin and a much-improved facial profile and she got it all done in about 2 visits. It was literally a miracle result for this patient.

Your Bite Ages Your Face

People have been searching for a new non-surgical, no braces method that does not require having their teeth ground down to look and feel younger. There is no hiding the fact that the patient’s teeth age their faces. They want it to be done quickly, painlessly and improve their health. You cannot get overbite correction or under bite correction with porcelain veneers.

The goal is to optimize the chin position of the patient so it functions more efficiently with the rest of their faces. The potential of Face Lift Dentistry® is overbite correction, under bite correction, correcting bad bites, open bites and many other hybrid forms of bites. Dr. Sam Muslin believes, “We are living longer and no longer have to accept a compromised chin position or short round faces”. “The technology has advanced to such a degree that patients can look younger than their friends the same age, gain better health, sleep better, eat more efficiently and live a healthy life with the non-surgical optimization of the patients bite and jaw position.

This is the new age of high tech dentistry that can permanently support the patient’s face.

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