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When jaw surgery does not work as expected, the best possible solution needs to be predictable, stable, non-surgical and most importantly non-invasive. It also needs to be done in just a few weeks without grinding down healthy teeth with a dental drill… 

Ref: #0995

This patient found an alternative treatment that is non-surgical, did not need to drill down her healthy teeth and only took about a month. This case demonstrates a functional and cosmetic solution for underbite correction that improved her facial profile and reduced her protrusive chin.

Ref: #1010

The VENLAY® bite restoration solves overbite problems by three-dimensionally positioning the lower jaw with JawTrac®. JawTrac® is the jaw position part of the treatment and it is a quick and painless process that our patients enjoy.

Ref: #1017

As long as she can recall, she had jaw clicking and popping.  Over the past few years, TMJ pain became worse and she decided to have dental work done by her local dentist.  Unfortunately, her jaw clicking and popping became worse, her TMJ pain increased.

Ref: #1014

When this young lady searched for a painless non-surgical solution for her underbite she had a hard time convincing her grandmother that this was the treatment she needed. She was pleasantly surprised to see that non-surgical underbite correction is indeed a reality.

Ref: #0880

Misaligned jaws due to overbites cause weak looking chins. When a patient has a misaligned jaw, the chin is forced backwards and the lower jaw closes too far upwards. This treatment can improve your facial profile, breathing ability, sleeping ability, chin size, and reduce the TMJ problems.

Ref: #1007

A patient’s natural beauty begins with profile correction to build a new level of self-esteem. This method is done non-invasively, without the risk, pain, time and unpredictability of jaw surgery.

Ref: #0860

The secret to getting the ideal shape to your face is by correcting an overbite. It doesn’t matter how old you are because just about everyone between 14 and 100 years of age can benefit from this non-invasive and non-surgical method.

Ref: #0929

The patient has a cross bite on his left side, and still has an underbite after years of braces and clear retainer type of treatment. All the doctors he saw recommended jaw surgery as the next phase of treatment.

Ref: #0858

When you go to the dentist and spend many thousands of dollars only to end up in pain, the experience can be frustrating.  The dentist then sent her to a specialist that wanted to do braces and extract a tooth. She said, “that is not going to happen, so I flew across the country to be treated by a dentist that does this type of treatment all of the time.” 

Ref: #0966

If you want to look younger and improve your health at the same time, bite correction with this exclusive method is your ticket to age reversal, making the aging face which begins to collapse as the bite worsens, looking younger.

Ref: #0892

She was told her only choice for open bite correction was double jaw surgery. Once she understood the time, the pain and the unpredictable risk of jaw surgery, they searched the Internet for another treatment option. The start of her life transformation began.

Ref: #0939

The patient’s enamel did not form completely. Amelogenesis imperfecta causes the tooth color to be brown, gray or yellow. This patient also had a posterior open bite whereby none of his back teeth touch normally.

Ref: #0889

Treatment for bite collapse, overbites and underbites is amazingly easy, safe and fast.  There is a pain-free, non-invasive method that does not require anesthetic, shots, injections, surgery, braces or grinding down your healthy teeth.

Ref: #0864

When you want to look and feel your best it is important to relieve as much physical stress on your body as possible. Most patients do not have the most ideal jaw position and consequently live their lives with a small looking chin and a face that ages prematurely.

Ref: #0862

This patient only touched one upper tooth and one lower tooth when he was biting together and was told that jaw surgery was his only choice. JawTrac® helped establish his best jaw position and VENLAY® Restorations corrected the bite so all of his teeth now contact with this bite correction method.

Ref: #0856

Clenching and grinding close the bite and shorten the face causing premature aging. Without grinding down any of his teeth, the length and color of his teeth was lengthened and whitened. His overbite was corrected and he now has a masculine face and jawline.

Ref: #0569

Anti-Aging dentistry with the Face Lift Dentistry® method is good for your health and removes years of aging from the face – from the eyes to the chin. Her bite was not only corrected but it was optimized to her facial structures.

Ref: #0613

The treatment is about maximizing the health of the patient while correcting the overbite and creating the ideal facial profile. The aging process is reversed because it is not just about your smile and cosmetic dentistry, it is about looking better and most importantly, feeling better.

Ref: #0650

Crooked, yellow worn down teeth make you look older unnecessarily. Treatment is available that does not require braces or grinding down your healthy teeth that can reverse the “old man” appearance.

Ref: #0538

Teeth wear down and the strain radiates to the neck because the bite and TMJ are not in harmony. The tension is clearly visible and it can be reversed. This patient had a full mouth reconstruction that did not help him look younger.

Ref: #0615

On the first visit you will see what your new face will look like and we can build a “test” appliance for the patient to “test the new position at home”. Treatment is fast, does not require grinding down any of your healthy teeth and can transform your bite, chin and facial profile.

Ref: #0652

She already had “smile” dentistry that did not improve her overbite, her profile or her face. She flew in from Dallas to get better profile, straight white teeth, overbite correction and to reverse premature aging.

Ref: #0670

The aging process makes our chins look smaller and our faces look shorter. Patients can now have masculine chins and younger looking faces with overbite correction and permanent facial support.

Ref: #0566

Treatment took a matter of weeks instead of years. The patient got something he could not get with jaw surgery or braces – white teeth and the perfect bite for his facial structure. The outcome was tested in advance – something you cannot do with surgery.

Ref: #0841

The overbite caused her face to be too short and contributed to premature aging. Face Lift Dentistry® can reverse the aging process by building the best bite for her face, jaws and lips. She has a better facial support and a wider smile.

Ref: #0794

Overbite correction without surgery or braces also addresses premature aging. Unlike cosmetic dentistry,it is not about your smile.  Smile dentistry does not treat the shape of the face.  The shape of the face is treated with bite correction and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Ref: #0834

When the teeth are short, the bite is over closed and the face is round. The face, chin and jawline will look small because of the bite. VENLAY® restorations restore the shape of the face by restoring the lost tooth enamel and by building a new bite, this creates a better looking chin and jawline.

Ref: #0749

She already is a very attractive woman with straight teeth and a good smile. She had a good bite but not the best for her facial structure. She had a good smile but not the best possible. She saw the results by Dr. Muslin that were done on her 14-year-old niece and flew in from Ohio for this

Ref: #0775

The aging process causes our chins to look small and our faces to look short as the teeth wear down and the overbite becomes worse.   The soft tissues of the face get deep wrinkles, the neckline loses definition and the chin sinks causing facial collapse.  The treatment available today is fast, non-invasive and has far less risk than ever before.

Ref: #0828

Small chin and a bad facial profile were caused by an overbite. Her small looking chin now looks normal in size. Her facial profile was improved with overbite correction using VENLAY® restorations and Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. She was told by several specialists that the only treatment available was jaw surgery and braces.

Ref: #0771

Patients can have the best facial proportions, whiter teeth and a wider smile with an “optimized” bite in just a matter of a few weeks. It is not necessary to grind down healthy teeth or wear braces or Invisalign®. Although expensive, the treatment can transform the face without pain.

Ref: #0746

These are common symptoms for patients with overbites that can be reversed. Bite correction is easier than ever with no tooth grinding VENLAY® restorations with the Face Lift Dentistry® method. See her video.

Ref: #0739

Looking younger is not about the “smile”, it is about the bite and shape of the face. This treatment smoothens facial wrinkles, corrects the overbite, and improves the facial proportions and removes years of aging. This “patent pending” method is the ultimate in Anti-Aging Dentistry.

Ref: #0784

Read what happens when healthy teeth are unnecessarily ground down and how the problem can be fixed with VENLAY® restorations and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Ref: #0721

It’s not just about your smile. It is about the shape of your face and the improvement in your health, thanks to bite correction. No surgery, no braces, and especially no grinding down of healthy teeth for a younger looking face.

Ref: #0839

If you were being told you need jaw surgery and braces, then it would be a good thing to know that there is an effective alternative that there is a predictable and safe method that lasts.  There are advantages to this method such as a treatment time that takes only one or two weeks in most cases.

Ref: #0845

It is the position of his teeth that caused the speech and TMJ problems. With the bite corrected and coordinated with his TMJ, he could speak clearly for the first time in many years.

Ref: #0851

He could not speak clearly, had jaw clicking and popping TMJ problems, and was clenching and grinding his teeth. His underbite was corrected without surgery or braces in just 2 weeks with VENLAY® restorations and the Face Lift Dentistry® method.

Ref: #0849

Her local dentist was treating her for bite correction and “it was a disaster” as the dentist ground down all of her teeth. She was in severe pain when she came to Dr. Muslin to be treated with the Face Lift Dentistry® method which requires no grinding down of healthy teeth.

Ref: #0855

Many patients cannot see their upper teeth for a variety of reasons. Most of the time they do not have the best jaw position for their faces and their upper teeth are too short. We look older and we feel older because we do not have the support to our faces.

Ref: #0897

Anti-Aging Dentistry Can’t be done with Porcelain Veneers. 
This is not cosmetic dentistry that grinds down your healthy teeth for just a smile. This is not a typical full mouth reconstruction that does nothing for your face …

Ref: #0665

After two failed attempts to have his underbite corrected with braces, he was told his only option was jaw surgery. But then he discovered non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry® with VENLAY® Restorations.

Ref: #0924

The symptoms she experienced made her wonder if it could be a result of nerve damage. Much to her delight, she discovered Dr. Sam Muslin who did not find these symptoms uncommon.

Ref: #1027

When a patient is told that jaw surgery is her only choice for jaw realignment, after receiving many different types of TMJ treatment, they become frustrated. Jaw realignment surgery, are they kidding? The fact of the matter is that jaw surgery could be a huge mistake as there is a much safer and less invasive method available today.

Ref: #0894

Bicuspid extraction for orthodontics can leave you with more than straight teeth. When four teeth are extracted in order to make room for the rest of the teeth, some patients experience facial collapse, small chins, short round faces, TMJ problems, and premature aging.

Ref: #0552

Worn-down teeth and lost tooth enamel can be restored quickly and easily. Small looking chins can look larger. Short round faces can be lengthened. An overbites or underbite can be corrected non-surgically. Facial profiles can be improved without braces or surgery using VENLAY® Restoration that takes only two weeks.  This is the “new age of dentistry.”

Ref: #0759

Worn-down teeth and lost tooth enamel can be restored quickly and easily. Small looking chins can look larger. Short round faces can be lengthened. An overbites or underbite can be corrected non-surgically. Facial profiles can be improved without braces or surgery using VENLAY® Restoration that takes only two weeks.  This is the “new age of dentistry.”

Ref: #0871

This exclusive method does not need to grind down healthy tooth enamel, which makes it faster, safer, easier, longer lasting, much less painful and more predictable than any other method.

Dr Sam Muslin