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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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When considering the cost of Face Lift Dentistry®, keep in mind that you are asking for an independent non-invasive porcelain restoration for every tooth in your mouth that must fit together to synchronize the functionality to the TMJ, to correct your bite and increase comfort. You expect this method to help you speak your words more clearly, chew effectively, improve breathing, correct the bite, get a new jaw position, improve sleeping, relieve TMJ pain and/or headaches, and improve your facial profile. Face Lift Dentistry® with JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Restorations is far more comprehensive functionally and aesthetically than just cosmetic dentistry and porcelain veneers.

The cost for Face Lift Dentistry® varies from patient to patient. When patients only need either their upper or lower teeth treated to optimize their jaw position, the cost usually varies between $30,000 and $50,000. The level of the desired outcome, dental condition, and the severity of the problem, are all factors that will influence cost.

To help you better understand the complexity of cost, we present three real-life examples:

Example #1

We usually have no idea what a patient needs or what the treatment will cost until they come in for a consultation. Dr. Muslin recently treated a patient with a serious problem with depression that had severe TMJ pain, already had two full mouth bite reconstructions that failed and flew in from another country to seek help. After taking a full set of dental X-rays, and upon his examination Dr. Muslin found using magnification that this patient’s mouth was infected with ten failing root canals. He needed ten root canals retreated, and none of the other dentists saw it. The patient also needed a sinus elevation graft surgery and four dental implants along with the Face Lift Dentistry® Bite Reconstruction. None of the other dentists had any idea on how to treat his TMJ pain, so they began extracting teeth and guessing. Every porcelain crown was replaced with new porcelain crowns with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method that gave him a new bite, a new jaw position, a younger shape to his face, beautiful white teeth and also relieved his pain. He spent about $130k, and to him, it was a bargain because it may have saved his life.

Example #2

Recently, a 70-year old gentleman from China had dark-colored teeth that never had a cavity but were worn down from clenching and grinding causing facial collapse, poor quality sleep, and premature aging. He received VENLAY® Bite Restoration with the Face Lift Dentistry® non-invasive full mouth bite reconstruction method. The Chinese gentleman spent less money because he needed less dentistry and the benefits were a younger looking shape to his face, an incredible smile, much-improved quality of sleep, clearer speaking and a big boost in self-esteem. (He spent about $90k, and his life will never be the same.)

Example #3

We treated a young lady with a recessive chin and a deep overbite, and she never had a filling, and only the upper teeth were treated with VENLAY® Bite Restoration. She had constant headaches, jaw pain; a recessive chin that looked small but in reality, her chin was a normal size. She spent about $45k for only half of her teeth to be treated, and it worked. Her headaches are gone; she has a perfect profile and a terrific smile. (Most people get their entire mouth treated, but this patient was a rare exception.)

The most critical factor concerning how long this method lasts depends directly on how well the patient takes care of it. It is not much different than how a patient should maintain and protect their natural teeth. We teach and advise each one of our patients the specific method they will need to follow to help their treatment last as long as possible.

5 Years after JawTrac®, VENLAY® Restorations and Face Lift Dentistry®

We know that five years is not a long time, but we have had many patients that have had them longer that are not willing to let their faces be shown on the Internet. This patient returned for a new night guard appliance, and we had a chance to hear his experience with this method, and he shares that with you in the following video. This is a very difficult case for a general dentist to create but not difficult for a general dentist or cosmetic dentist to repair or replace if necessary.

Five Years Later . . .

“If you want the best you have to be treated by the best.” He explains the results 5 years after getting the treatment. He flew in from Arkansas. It looks like his VENLAY® Restorations are going to last a very long time.

“The outcome of this non-surgical bite correction method can be tested in advance – something which is not possible with surgery or braces. It also requires less treatment time.” -Sam Muslin DDS

If you live in another country, we need to know more about you before we can answer questions such as cost or length of treatment time. If you are planning to come to Santa Monica California, send us the following photos, video and dental x-rays described below:


Have a friend take the following 6 photos of your face:

  1. From the front – biting your teeth together with lips closed.
  2. From the front – biting your teeth together with lips open.
  3. From the front – smiling
  4. From the side-biting your teeth together with lips closed.
  5. From the side-biting your teeth together with lips open.
  6. From the side – smiling


  • Take a 15 to 20-second video of yourself telling us what you hope to achieve with Face Lift Dentistry®. We need to watch and hear you speak.


  • If possible, get a copy of your most recent full mouth set of x-rays.

With over 40 years of dental bite correction experience, with every method, we can say with authority that most bites, except for the most physically extreme cases, can be fixed without jaw surgery. We are not talking about cosmetic camouflage with porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry that drills away healthy teeth either. VENLAY® Bite Restorations with JawTrac® can correct facial profiles, facial proportions, overbites, underbites, cross bites, open bites and bad bites without the risk, pain, loss of work and unpredictability of jaw surgery and without the tooth destruction by a dental drill.

The Face Lift Dentistry® Method is a physical and functional bite correction with a JawTrac® jaw alignment position that is comfortable for the patient. The best part of this method is that it is non-invasive, (none of your healthy teeth are drilled down by the dentist). We believe it is the future of non-surgical and non-invasive bite correction.

Trust Factor #1

The biggest reason that you can trust what we are saying is that we have, the ultimate testimonials from the patients permitting us to show their results. It is one of the world’s largest “before and after video and photo” testimonial galleries. These patients are the ultimate testimonials because they gave Dr. Muslin written permission to show the results of their work for the world to see to help other patients make better-informed decisions.

Trust Factor #2

The second biggest reason is that our functional results are tested before any work is done to our patient’s teeth to prove and build trust that they are comfortable and see the shape of their face and profile while wearing JawTrac®. Our patients get to physically experience their new jaw position, and you cannot do this with jaw surgery or braces. JawTrac® removes the guesswork and builds trust that our patients can experience the jaw position and cosmetically see the improvements to their faces quickly and easily.

Trust Factor #3

This method was designed to be a revolutionary improvement from all of the invasive dentistry methods done today that are harmful, time-consuming, painful, can harm your health long term, that is unnecessarily destructive and is risky. It even helps patients that already had less than optimal results with jaw surgery, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, full mouth reconstructions, braces, and the clear retainer type of treatment. But it is even easier for those patients that never had a filling but have bad bites, weak chins, facial collapse, and pain. When we say we do not grind down your healthy teeth, we are serious about it.

The Dangers of Porecelain Veneers

She found Dr. Muslin after getting porcelain veneers that caused hot and cold sensitivity and “made my bite worse”. The cosmetic dentist said, “I am conservative and won’t drill down much of your healthy teeth” and this patient says, “That was a bald-faced lie”.

“If you want the best you have to be treated by the best”. He explains the results 5 years after getting the treatment. He flew in from Arkansas. It looks like his VENLAY® Restorations are going to last a very long time.

There are cosmetic benefits that are many levels above porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry. Face Lift Dentistry® is the combination of non-invasive functional and physical bite restoration with cosmetic benefits to the entire face that are above and beyond, cosmetic dentistry smiles, traditional face-lifts, and porcelain veneers.

From an aesthetic perspective it is called a “Face-Lift” because it physically improves the shape of the face and facial profile. It also reverses the effects of aging on our mature and enhance the appearance of the face on our younger patients with a new jawline and facial support that benefits the face from every angle and expression a boost in self-esteem with the improved jawline provided by the bite restoration that is built to augment their facial structures.

“Face Lift Dentistry® is only available in Santa Monica California, as no other dentist in the world has the knowledge or experience to provide this method.”

This method balances the proportions of the face, can lengthen teeth more than veneers because all of the teeth are lengthened and given a 3 dimensional occlusion designed to reverse facial collapse. It improves the facial profile without surgery, supports the face with VENLAY® Restorations and helps us feel younger with the physical health benefits that improve daily function.

“The magic to this method is that it is non-invasive and does not drill down your healthy teeth and get results that are many levels above what patients and dentists believed was ever possible with dentistry.”

From a health care perspective, it coordinates your misaligned jaw function including the teeth, bite and TMJ into a cohesively synchronized unit. It improves breathing, chewing and TMJ function (jaw joints) in order to reduce head and neck tension and physical stress from misaligned jaws. (Most people have misaligned jaws to some degree and could benefit from it.) It improves jaw function by correcting misaligned jaws, cross bites, open bites, underbites, overbites and bad bites without jaw surgery or braces. One of the biggest benefits is that it can enlarge the airway passage for better sleeping and breathing. Patients have reported sleeping more soundly, sleeping longer, and sleeping deeper. All of this is accomplished by working with the JawTrac® Alignment to achieve the functional and aesthetic benefits that are built and maintained with VENLAY® Restoration and the Facelift Dentistry® Method.

Bite Correction with Face Lift Dentistry®

One of the biggest benefits is that it can enlarge the airway passage for better sleeping and breathing. Patients have reported sleeping more soundly, sleeping longer, and sleeping deeper. All of this is accomplished by working with the JawTrac® Alignment to increase the size of the airway passage.

This patient flew across the country to get pain relief. She explains her issues and responses to treatment.

Just about everyone with teeth is a candidate for this method. Extremely deformed structural cases may be the exception although even those cases can be improved without surgery.

Cosmetic dentistry deals with the smile, which is a relatively simple process compared to the structural, functional and cosmetic demands of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. We recommend you call us to discuss your dental issues so we can have some idea of your needs and give you some idea of the cost.

The best way to get your questions answered more accurately is to come in for an appointment because every patient is different. Patients from other states or countries can fill out the contract request and send us photos of their faces, profiles, and teeth along with a photo of their faces, profiles, and teeth along with a photo of their dental x-rays by email after calling us.

This treatment is highly desirable because it is so fast, is far less painful, saves your teeth and is more comprehensive than the other methods. (There are two options explained below) A recent patient said, “It was easier to get on a plane than to make another mistake with a local dentist.” We suggest you call the office and have a discussion with the staff. (310) 829-6796


You are very Serious and Ready to Start – Plan to come in for five days for the examination, consultation, treatment plan, and JawTrac® Alignment testing. Once satisfied with the testing, patients move forward to start the treatment for the VENLAY® Bite Restoration. It takes three weeks for Dr. Muslin to design and construct the new jaw position and during that time you are wearing the JawTrac® Alignment testing appliance. (Most patients fly back home.) The best part of this method is that the patient gets to see the unbonded VENLAY® Restorations in their mouth for their approval. Once approved it takes about a day to bond them in, and the next three days we work on fine-tuning your bite, speech, chewing and comfort before you fly home.

You are Not Sure but Really Curious – Come in for a 20-minute consultation to see how this treatment will change the shape of your face, facial profile, and chin position. Dr. Muslin can help you understand your treatment options. If time permits and you decide to move forward to the JawTrac® Alignment testing phase, we will do our best to help you.

Your local dentist can clean, replace or repair his work because that is what dentists do. We advise that the dentist treat the VENLAY® Restorations that same as they would a normal tooth or teeth that had porcelain veneers. The patient needs to understand that technology is improving quickly, and we think this method will evolve so many other dentists can provide this level of care in the future. Dr. Muslin is planning courses for dentists to learn his methods. Keep in mind that the teeth are intact, so the patient has choices for future care with healthy teeth!

Just about everyone is a candidate for VENLAY® Bite Restoration because just about everyone could live better if they had the ideal jaw position. Dr. Muslin believes that this is the method of the future. Some of our patients have already experienced failed dentistry, jaw surgeries, bad veneers, braces, clear retainer type braces, and full mouth reconstructions and need help.

Some patients decided to see Dr. Muslin after other dentists were recommending invasive dentistry like grinding down all of your teeth for full mouth bite correction using porcelain crowns or jaw surgery and years of orthodontics. VENLAY® Restorations are an alternative to jaw surgery and other invasive cosmetic dentistry options.

We have successfully treated patients from 14 to 93 years of age with a wide variety of health problem combinations such as bad bites, jaw pain, sleeping problems, premature aging faces, TMJ pain and many other variables too numerous to mention. The number of younger patients has skyrocketed because the treatment is safer and more predictable than any of their other choices of treatment and it does not require drilling away your healthy teeth or surgery.

You Are Most Likely a Candidate for JawTrac®, Venlay® Bite Restoration and Face Lift Dentistry® If:

You Cannot See Your Upper Teeth When You Talk

This is the ideal method to lengthen upper teeth and get teeth that can be seen that support your face. It corrects the bite and can lengthen teeth far greater than veneers and corrects the bite non-surgically and non-invasively.

Your Face Is Aging Too Fast

Premature aging is directly related to the worn-down teeth, collapsing bite, shrinking chin and increased facial collapse due to poor jaw alignment generally associated with overbites and worn-down teeth.

You Already Have a Full Mouth Reconstruction but Still Have a Bad Bite

Even if you have a bite reconstruction or a full mouth reconstruction, you may not have the best possible jaw alignment or the optimal jaw position for your facial structures. This method can help you get the bite that the previous dentist could not accomplish.

You Have Perfect Teeth, No Cavities, and No Fillings

We treated a 14-year-old patient to a non-invasive and non-surgical full-mouth reconstruction to reverse facial collapse, lack of tongue space, and cannot see the upper teeth after braces with VENLAY® Bite Restoration and never gave the patient a shot or anesthetic of any kind.

You Had Bicuspid Extractions for Braces

Patients with bicuspid extractions typically have crowded tongue syndrome and facial collapse because they have less tongue space and their lower jaw is usually pushed back by the bite. Our method can help reverse the negative effects of bicuspid extraction with JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Restorations to correct the bite.

You Have a Deep Overbite and a Small Chin

Most of the time, the patient’s chin looks small because it is pushed back towards their ears and closes too far. Most of the time their chin is normal in size and the overbite makes it looks smaller than it is. These patients typically have sleeping problems. This method builds the bite and repositions the lower jaw to a more comfortable position and creates a functional jaw position that makes your chin look larger.

Your Jaws Are Misaligned or You Experience Jaw Tension

JawTrac® can align the jaws without surgery or braces, and we test the new jaw alignment before we treat the bite. Our patients can build trust in this process by experiencing the alignment physically, so they will know that this method works for them before they spend a lot of money.

You Have Short Teeth, Small Teeth, and Worn-Down Teeth

This method adds a new porcelain layer and new length to the teeth that improve the shapes of the teeth, the sizes, angles, and color and builds the cusps in the right position to support the new jawline and improved facial proportions.

You Have Crooked Teeth and Do Not Want Orthodontics

Crooked teeth can be made to look perfectly straight without braces in just a few weeks.

You Have Tetracycline Stained Teeth

Get a new layer built over the dark teeth to hide the color and correct the bite at the same time

You Have a Large Jaw and Class III Underbite and Cross Bite

The lower jaw is not as large as it looks. This method improves the jaw position to decrease the appearance of the lower jaw and improve the profile with the new jaw position. This website has many successfully treated underbites, and these patients represent the ultimate testimonials.

You Already Had Jaw Surgery and Still Have a Bad Bite

lt does not make a difference if you already had jaw surgery, because this method works to idealize the jaw position even if you did or did not have jaw surgery.

You Have Headaches, TMJ Pain, Neck Pain, Facial Pain, Jaw Pain

Pain results from misaligned jaws. With JawTrac® we test for pain relief before we treat the teeth so you can trust that this method can work before any treatment to the teeth is even started.

You Have a Short Face, Weak Chin and Jawline

The shape of the face is determined by the jaw position, and the jaw position is determined by the bite. The Face Lift Dentistry® Bite Correction is the key to a better jawline, a better-proportioned face, healthy-looking chin, and this method takes advantage of your natural jaw movements.)

You Have an Open Bites Which You Would like Corrected without Surgery

Dr. Muslin does the testing on a set of models of your teeth to determine how much he can help before any treatment is started.)

You Need Cosmetic Dentistry and Non-Invasive, No Prep Porcelain Veneers

You can get non-invasive porcelain veneers for a better smile without drilling away healthy teeth that are done by Dr. Muslin.

You Have Sleep Apnea and Experience Airway Passage Blockage

Most people have a smaller airway passage caused by misaligned jaws, and bad bites that contribute to a smaller airway passage, small chins, facial collapse, sleeping problems, breathing problems and physical health problems. When the bite is optimized, the size of the airway passage improves because the chin moves away from the throat.

You Are a “Silent Sufferer” without Pain

Pain makes us take action; no pain leaves us to suffer silently with facial collapse, bad bites and worn-down teeth that accelerates aging from the inside out.

You Experience Sensitive Teeth

Our bonding method can reduce sensitivity even if it is a crown or filling. The number of root canals needed in Dr. Muslin’s office has dropped by 80% with this bonding method.

Jaw alignment deals with the three-dimensional lower jaw alignment position caused by the existing bite. The bite causes jaw misalignment. Determining what would be the best jaw position that would be supported by the new bite is the responsibility of JawTrac®. Most patients have some level of misaligned jaws that cause stress and tension because they do not have the most optimal jaw position. When the jaws, bite, teeth and TMJ are out of synchronization and alignment; patients pay the price physically and cosmetically even if they don’t feel pain.

Misaligned jaws force the body to exert energy to accommodate a less than optimal jaw position. Patients get headaches, don’t sleep as well, have TMJ problems, don’t breathe or sleep as well, some cannot speak as clearly, have neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain, cannot chew effectively and end up with digestion problems, and as a result, they age prematurely.

Patients could have misaligned jaws even if they had braces, full mouth reconstructions, and porcelain veneers. The goal is to have the jaws aligned, the biggest airway passage for better breathing, as little tension and stress in the head and neck area along with the highest possible aesthetic benefits that augment the entire face.

If you get a plastic surgery style face-lift or a facial filler face-lift, there are no health benefits, and the proportions of your face stay the same, lack of internal facial support stays the same, the bite stays the same, the profile is the same and the teeth stay the same. You may look better but probably don’t physically feel any better. If you have a small jawline, or a short lower face, the shape of the face does not improve from a soft-tissue type of face-lift. Face Lift Dentistry® is structural support and a Face-Lift is soft tissue smoothing.

With the Face Lift Dentistry® Method, your jawline and facial proportions are structurally changed with JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Bite Restoration, combined with the Face Lift Dentistry® method, to provide a physical and structural face-lift with facial support and health benefits. The advantage of this method is that the sizes, shapes, angles, and color of the teeth is improved. The health benefits of this method provide jaw comfort; better airway passage and TMJ function that helps our patients not only look younger but also actually physically feel younger. It is designed to maximize aesthetics and functionality without surgery, fillers, orthodontics, and without drilling down your healthy teeth. This high-tech comprehensive method was created to provide aesthetic and functional benefits that can improve self-esteem, and self-confidence that physically transform lives and faces from 14 years of age to 93 years of age so far.

The non-invasive nature of Face Lift Dentistry® is one aspect that sets it apart from the cosmetic dentist drilling away your healthy teeth for porcelain veneers. Face Lift Dentistry® also has health benefits previously mentioned that cosmetic dentistry cannot offer with veneers. Cosmetic dentistry has little health benefits or facial structural benefits because only some of the teeth are treated and only the smile and tooth color are improved. Face Lift Dentistry® is functional health care and has aesthetic advantages such as structural support for the face.

The right way to move forward is to call our office and discuss your treatment issues with the staff, (310) 829-6796, then make an appointment for a consultation. For Dr. Muslin to answer your questions he needs to see you in person, it cannot be done with Skype or email. You can send photos and dental x-rays by email to help us understand your needs before flying to Santa Monica to see us.

5 Reasons Face Lift Dentistry® Is Above and Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry

#1. Saves Your Healthy Teeth

A cosmetic dentist will drill away your healthy teeth for porcelain veneers and so will a neuromuscular dentist and a full mouth reconstruction dentist. Long-term, this can be a big mistake, and it is completely unnecessary.

You don’t have to spend long miserable hours in the dental chair with a dental drill cutting down your good teeth with us because we don’t do it. The patients we treat that are cavity free don’t even need an anesthetic, a shot or drugs of any kind for a full mouth bite correction using VENLAY® Bite Restoration!

#2. Avoiding Jaw Surgery

Some patients have TMJ problems, sleeping problems, and headaches and cannot get relief after years of braces, night guards and clear retainer type treatment and jaw surgery. Now they are told their only choice is another dreaded jaw surgery and the patients don’t want the risk! Not only can the jaw surgery be eliminated but also the cosmetic benefits of this method and the non-invasive nature of the treatment make it above and beyond other methods.

#3. TMJ Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain

Some patient’s jaws click and pop. Others clench and grind their teeth. Some have neck pain. They want to look better. The typical reaction is to find help from a cosmetic dentist, or neuromuscular dentists, or a full mouth reconstruction dentist. This often leads to the dentist drilling down most or all of their healthy teeth for porcelain crowns and veneers. Many of these dentists never reach the result possible with the Face Lift Dentistry® method and end up with bite and jaw problems and non-ideal facial proportions.

#4. Small Chin and Overbites Cause Premature Aging

Reversing the Effects of Aging

If you have a small looking chin, chances are quite high that it is normal size and only appears small because you have an overbite. Cosmetic dentistry typically does nothing to help your chin or facial profile improve and it makes overbites worse with porcelain veneers that lengthen your teeth.

This patient has experienced pain relief, a younger shape to her face with a life-changing bite correction using our method after having serious bite problems after treatment by a “holistic dentist.”

#5 UnderBites and Misaligned Jaws

malocclusion corrected with venlay - before and after

Underbite Correction without Surgery

Using cosmetic camouflage and porcelain veneers the cosmetic dentist tries to hide the underbite rather than treat the physical elements causing the problems. Structural and physical underbite correction requires a new comfortable jaw position to improve the face and the profile.

Look at the difference in the chin position. She is now pain-free for the first time in many years. She has porcelain veneers in the before photo that did nothing to improve her bite or jaw position.

A VENLAY® is a porcelain restoration made for each tooth, handmade and custom designed by Dr. Muslin that is built for bite correction, bonded to your teeth so that they become part of your teeth. Each tooth gets a separate VENLAY® Restoration that corrects the jaw alignment, bite correction, chin size, facial profile improvements, sleeping problems, bite pain and premature aging. You eat, brush and floss normally.

It is a process whereby a cosmetic dentist drills down your healthy teeth to make them look better. It is a cosmetic procedure with little to no health benefits. There are no requirements; no standards and any dentist can call themselves an anti-aging dentist.

Reverse the Effects of Aging Faces

By contrast, the Face Lift Dentistry® Method structurally reverses the effects of the aging process by restoring and optimizing the jaw position and bite, which prevent premature aging. There are specific methods, requirements, and standards which is why Dr. Muslin is the only dentist providing this service.

Look at the difference in the chin position. She is now pain-free for the first time in many years. She has porcelain veneers in the before photo that did nothing to improve her bite or jaw position.

Dr. Sam Muslin invented this method because he was so frustrated with the invasive treatment options as tooth grinding, jaw surgical, and many years of orthodontics, invasive porcelain veneers, and with the invasive nature of cosmetic dentistry, bite reconstruction dentistry and full mouth reconstruction dentistry. Once he realized that there is a technological advancement making non-invasive treatment a reality, he developed his protocol, standards, and methods. At present, Dr. Muslin is the only dentist that offers this method. Courses for dentists are being planned.

As your bite gets worn down, there is less room available for your tongue and can reduce the size of your airway. When misaligned jaws, bad bites and lack of tongue space, decrease your airway passage, breathing and sleeping are negatively affected. Additionally, when the jaw closes too far, and when it is also pushed back by the bite, the airway is usually physically smaller. You can spend the rest of your life getting worse every day or you improve the quality of your life.

Bite correction in most dental offices does not impact the jaw position horizontally. Our method of bite correction has a three-dimensional impact on the jaw position that can increase the size of the airway passage. Patients sleep better and breathe better when the size of the airway is increased.

Chin Position and the Airway Passage

Chin position also has a narrowing effect on the airway passage because the bite is forcing the jaw backward. The following patient has upper and lower porcelain veneers that made his airway passage and chin size smaller.

In the before photo, he has upper and lower porcelain veneers that made his jaw look small. In the after photo on the right, he has the VENLAY® Bite Restoration that increased the size of the chin appearance with the new JawTrac® jaw position and opened up his airway passage.

Patients Readily Fly In from All Over the World

If you want to receive treatment at this high of a level, it has to be important enough to you to fly to Santa Monica and be treated by the dentist that invented this exclusive non-invasive and non-surgical method of treatment. He is the only dentist in the world providing this method.

She saw dentists in London, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia. They all told her she had to have surgery. Then she discovered Dr. Sam Muslin’s non-surgical Face Lift Dentistry in Santa Monica, CA. The photo speaks for itself.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration with JawTrac® Alignment is a structural solution for a structural problem. It works by aligning the jaws, bite, teeth, and TMJ to function as a coordinated unit together. Misaligned jaws are a dysfunctional alignment that compromises the health of the patient.

Contrast this with jaw surgery which requires your jaws to be cut jaws into similar sizes, and hope it heals well before braces are placed to improve the positions of the teeth. We all know this can relapse.

Instead, Dr. Muslin developed the VENLAY® Bite Restoration method by improving the jaw alignment with JawTrac® and maintaining that alignment non-invasively with VENLAY® Restorations. Both VENLAY® Bite Restoration and orthognathic jaw surgery are trying to accomplish the same thing. One is risky and invasive, and the other is not.

  1. We need to see you in person, watch the jaw move, do a little informal jaw position testing so that Dr. Muslin can figure out your needs and can explain how he would treat you. Skype or email cannot replace a face-to-face interview.
  2. If the patient chooses to move forward, they can experience their new jaw position with JawTrac®. Getting to experience pain relief and improved aesthetics before you even commit to the treatment is a huge advantage that builds trust in this process.
  3. If the patient decides to start the treatment, we treat the teeth, take impressions, duplicate the patient on our jaw movement simulators (articulators), then it takes three weeks to get the VENLAY® Restorations designed and developed personally by Dr. Muslin and his ceramist.
  4. The patient returns for five days to complete the Face Lift Dentistry® Method. On the first day, our patients get to see their new porcelain in their mouth before it is bonded in four different types of lighting for their evaluation. Most changes, if there are any are done overnight.

It takes about a day to bond all of the VENLAY® Restorations and the remaining days Dr. Muslin tunes every aspect of the porcelain to your body’s normal function to try to make it flawless before you go home.

This method transforms lives, and we need time to make it tailored to your movements for optimal function.

JawTrac® is used to treat underbites, overbites, and bad bites. Dr. Muslin will use JawTrac® Alignment to locate your ideal jaw position and then design the JawTrac® testing appliance.

He will take the imaging of the TMJ jaw positions, take photos, video, models of your teeth and dental x-rays. The process is typically completed in about 3 hours. 

malocclusion corrected with venlay - before and after

Reversing the Protrusive Chin with Underbite Correction

Once the patient experiences the benefits of the new jaw position, VENLAY® Restoration treatment can begin the next day and save the patient from another plane trip.

She has an underbite with porcelain veneers that made her jaw position and bite worse. It only took about a month, and the treatment transformed her self-confidence. She is a research scientist and needs to speak about her work. The VENLAY® Bite Restoration improved the clarity of her speaking ability.

For Face Lift Dentistry® to be successful, the patient’s jaw position, using JawTrac®, is a critical cosmetic and physical component. You will get to experience the new jaw position and see the new shape to your face before any treatment is done to your teeth. Dr. Muslin says, “Computer simulations are just guesswork, while our method allows you to take JawTrac® home and see your new face and profile when it is in your mouth and see your old face and profile when you take it out.” There is nothing better than seeing and experiencing the feeling of the new jaw position with this method before you start the treatment to your teeth. You can’t do this with jaw surgery or braces.

There is no doubt about Face Lift Dentistry® but nothing is guaranteed in medicine.

The many reasons that there is no doubt about Face Lift Dentistry® because the website has one of the world’s largest “before and after photo galleries” and “before and after video galleries” featuring the results that document his work. We welcome you to call us (310) 829-6796 to discuss your options. Keep in mind that results vary, and no treatment is guaranteed but our non-invasive method has fewer risks than any other method we are aware of today.

There is no doubt about Face Lift Dentistry®, but nothing is guaranteed in medicine.

The Before-After Photo and the Video Testimonial galleries on this website are arguably the most extensive collection of actual satisfied patients, attesting to the success of Face Lift Dentistry®, VENLAY® Restorations, and JawTrac® Alignment. They came from all over the world and agreed to have their pictures shown, without any reimbursement or favors, to help other people with similar problems. We remain deeply grateful to each of them. We welcome you to call us (310) 829-6796 to discuss your options. Keep in mind that results vary, and no treatment is guaranteed, but our non-invasive method has fewer risks than any other method we are aware of today.

Only a small part of Face Lift Dentistry® is covered by dental insurance.  Dental insurance has strict limits to dollar amounts to coverage and some policies have strict limits on which dentist you are allowed to see.  We help you get the benefits you deserve but, most of the cost of Face Lift Dentistry® is out of pocket.

Our office accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash, and checks. We also work with great financing companies such as Lending Club and Care Credit.

This exclusive method does not need to grind down healthy tooth enamel, which makes it faster, safer, easier, longer lasting, much less painful and more predictable than any other method.

Dr Sam Muslin