Underbite Correction

Underbite Correction

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Bite Correction to Reduce Large Looking Lower Jaws and Improve Facial Profiles in less than a Month

VENLAY® Bite Restoration to Correct Underbites

Functional Jaw Alignment and Underbite Treatment

Orthognathic Surgery is no longer the only solution. Class III Underbite Correction without surgery, without the need to grind down healthy teeth, and without the need for orthodontic braces.

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The Ultimate Underbite Correction for Adults

Years of braces and porcelain veneers could not correct her underbite. Her orthodontist recommended jaw surgery. She refused and opted for non-surgical underbite correction that was done in about a month.

Is it really possible to correct a Class III malocclusion, without jaw surgery, with VENLAY® Bite Restoration?

Yes, we do it all of the time and the results speak for themselves because every one of the patients featured on our website is the ultimate testimonial of this remarkable method.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration will get the bite, jaw position, jaw alignment, improved facial profiles and TMJ coordinated without pain, low risk, and with a smile that matches the facial structures in just a few weeks.  And, most important, the treatment is non-invasive, safe, predictable and with stunning cosmetic results, all without drilling away your healthy teeth.

Does this sound too good to be true? We hear this all of the time but when you look at all the patient video testimonials  on the website that have had VENLAY® Bite Restoration, they say,
I don’t know how he does it, but Dr. Muslin is a wizard.

Featured Underbite Correction Patients

This patient had a misaligned jaw which impaired his bite and his speech. With JawTrac® Jaw Alignment, Dr. Muslin discovered that his jaw could comfortably be moved to it’s ideal position with…

When this young lady searched for a painless non-surgical solution for her underbite she had a hard time convincing her grandmother that this treatment was possible. Her grandmother openly expressed her doubts by saying, “nobody can correct your underbite without jaw surgery.”

This patient was treated with braces twice in his life in an attempt to correct his  uneven teeth and underbite. He was very disappointed when he was told that jaw surgery was his only choice. In his attempt to find an alternative non-surgical…
Many of Dr. Muslin’s patients experience a lifestyle enhancement with his treatment because they have a higher sense of self-confidence.  This patient experienced a “phenomenal transformation” as he is happier, smiling more and feeling better about himself.
Just about everyone with an underbite has been told that they have to have jaw surgery and braces by their orthodontist and oral surgeon.  Dr. Muslin has over 38 years of experience with braces, mouth reconstructions, bite correction and has developed a method that is safer and more predictable than jaw surgery.
VENLAY® Bite Restoration is  remarkably easy compared to jaw surgery and braces because it is non-invasive.  They can improve the shapes of teeth better than porcelain veneers.  None of his teeth need to be ground down and the shape of his face, his profile and his bite were custom built to enhance his natural facial features.

Four Reasons to Consider VENLAY® Bite Restoration

You can stay the way you are but patients tell us that they keep getting worse with time. Our forty-year-old patients are getting VENLAY® bite restoration treatment because the Class III underbite is affecting the quality of their lives from aesthetics to function.

You can get jaw surgery, and after a couple years of orthodontics you may, or you may not, be comfortable. If you have already had jaw surgery and are unhappy, we see and successfully treat patients that previously had jaw surgery.

You can get a “cosmetic camouflage underbite fix” with porcelain veneers that do nothing to improve your health, bite or facial profile.  Unfortunately, your dentist will grind or drill away your healthy teeth into little pegs, for porcelain veneers, which we have found to be a long-term mistake without health benefits.  We see these patients with veneers, and they all say that they wished that they had found us before going to the “cosmetic camouflage” veneer dentist. The VENLAY® Bite Restoration goes beyond porcelain veneers and cosmetic dentistry for a Skelital Class III underbite correction.

You can get VENLAY® Bite Restoration and get predictable results to your face, jawline, facial profile, smile, jaw alignment, shapes and tooth color, and if your teeth are crooked, they can look perfectly straight.  With JawTrac® you will experience and test your new jaw position before we treat.  The treatment process is nothing less that “revolutionary” according to one of our most recent patients that made the following comments:

“It would be revolutionary all by itself if you could correct my bite without jaw surgery, and it would also be even more revolutionary if you could do it without drilling down my healthy teeth –  but it is far more than that.”  “This method is a functional health correction and a cosmetic explosion which takes the treatment to highly advanced level.”

VENLAY® Underbite Correction Testimonials

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What is Underbite Correction?

Underbite is a bite problem that involves misalignment of the bottom teeth and jaw with the top teeth and TMJ. To correct this problem, most dentists will suggest braces, clear aligners, crowns or veneers. However, these options only correct problems with the teeth instead of realigning the jaw, which is what is needed to truly correct an underbite. Because of this, many dentists will turn to jaw surgery and orthodontics. However, a more reliable, non-invasive, non-surgical solution is available that realigns the jaw position, the teeth, corrects the underbite jaw alignment and the TMJ quickly, effectively and predictably.

Normal and Healthy Bite, Jaw Position and TMJ

We are striving to achieve a structure correction to the position of your lower jaw instead of surgically cutting down the size of the jaws.  JawTrac® coordinates the TMJ, bite and jaw position and the VENLAY® Bite Restoration holds that position.  Patients that have had jaw surgery still do not have a normal jaw alignment, which is why this method also works for them.

When do you need Underbite Correction?

Underbite correction is usually done after 19 years of age and beyond because this is usually when growth has stopped.  Underbite correction would come into play when your bottom teeth sit in front of your top teeth. This is a form of prognathism, where the upper or lower jaw protrudes farther than it should. It’s also a type of malocclusion, the technical term for a bad bite. Correction can help solve problems associated with an underbite, including consequences to your physical appearance, social and professional life and your health.

Underbite Symptoms

An underbite comes with various symptoms but jaw alignment is number one. Physically, you would notice the lower teeth in front of the upper teeth. In more advanced cases, the chin can protrude and affect your facial profile. Also, your mouth function can be impaired, which shows itself through trouble with speaking, eating, sleeping, chewing, and clicking jaws, clenching and grinding teeth and swallowing. Like other bite problems, an underbite can contribute to TMJ disorders, which cause pain and other symptoms in the TMJ joint that connects the upper and lower jaw. Further, an underbite can lead to a lower quality of life professionally and socially. The health benefits, and especially the cosmetic benefits to your self esteem, changes  your life.

Is Underbite Correction Important?

Correcting an underbite might only seem necessary if you want to improve your appearance. It does provide an improvement to your smile and facial structure, helping your face look more balanced and younger. Yet it’s benefits go beyond the cosmetic level, as underbite correction can improve your social life and your ability to speak and eat. It can also minimize pain and discomfort from the underbite or TMJ disorders as jaw tension, headaches and neck pain caused by it.  The key to success is choosing the right method for you.  The method we offer has changed lives without the invasive drilling, painful surgeries, years of treatment, risky and less predictable results offered by other dentists. Don’t be fooled, VENLAY® Bite Restoration is exclusively available from Dr. Sam Muslin in Santa Monica, CA.

How Do You Fix an Underbite?

There are different options available for fixing an underbite. Many dentists will recommend braces, veneers, crowns or clear aligners, often along with jaw surgery. There are risks to these treatments and they can take a very long time and relapse in the end.  This is why dentists will often add jaw surgery to the other treatments, to cut down the size of the lower jaw in addition to moving and drilling down your teeth. However, there is a different option available that truly corrects the underbite without surgery, braces, without cutting down your health teeth and it is usually completed in a month.

Types of Underbite Correction

  • Underbite Correction with Veneers – Veneers are one of the “patchwork” choices dentists will offer to fix an underbite. We have found veneers to help with the smile and no help at all with bite correction or facial profile improvement. Veneers act as covers for the teeth, and they can help change the way the teeth are lined up or appear from the front view but not the profile.  Veneers do not correct the bite, do not align the jaws, do not relieve TMJ symptoms and do not improve the jaw position.  Plus, many dentists will want to perform jaw surgery, and braces and clear retainer treatment in addition to adding the veneers.
  • Underbite Correction with Orthodontic Braces – The traditional way of correcting an underbite is to use surgery to cut the jaw in order to align the jaws and orthodontic braces to move the teeth. Braces can move the teeth but do not shift the alignment of the jaw, hence the need for jaw surgery. Braces and jaw surgery are a time-consuming, painful, risky and less predictable form of underbite correction.  Today we have a non-invasive method that is predictable and with no hospitalization that changes lives in about one month, without the risks, pain and invasiveness of the old treatment.
  • Underbite Correction with Clear Aligners – Clear aligners provide a easier approach to move the teeth rather than using orthodontic braces. They can shift the teeth to somewhat change the bite, yet surgery is often needed as well just as it is with braces. The VENLAY® Bite Restoration has unmatched advantages over these method from a functional prospective because we can test for success in advance of treatment..
  • Underbite Correction with Jaw Surgery – Jaw surgery, which is also called orthognathic surgery, is a typical method most dentists will use to correct an underbite. They rarely use surgery by itself, because healing cannot be predicted that accurately.  So they’ll use surgery along with an orthodontic method to shift the teeth, such as braces.  It will take years and there are some good results and some bad results.  We have successfully treated several patients after jaw surgery and braces were unsatisfactory for the patient. VENLAY® Bite Restoration has structural advantages not possible with jaw surgery.
  • Underbite Correction without Surgery – Dentists have limited non-surgical options to turn to for patchwork underbite correction. They are not achieving the jaw position or jaw alignment as much as they are just trying to line up the teeth for an improvement in the underbite.  Most dentists use braces, clear aligners, veneers or crowns. The problem is that these options are usually not effective by themselves so the results are limited. But there is a different non-surgical, non-invasive option that doesn’t involve braces or any of the other methods yet is far more effective.  This method can align jaws, improve facial profiles and facial proportioning with results that are so good that it has been called “too good to be true”.

Can an Underbite Cause TMJ Problems?

Yes, a bad bite like an underbite can affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), causing TMJ disorders (TMD) that lead to pain, discomfort and other problems as misaligned jaws. In many cases, fixing the underbite can take care of the TMJ problems in the process. There problems usually get worse with age.  We offer a total comprehensive method that deals with all TMJ issues simultaneously.

The Lower Teeth in Front of the Upper Teeth

When a patient has an underbite, the lower teeth are in front of the upper teeth.  When a patient has an Overbite, the lower teeth are behind the upper teeth.  However, in both Overbites and Underbites, the lower front teeth are too high and the back teeth are too low causing the misaligned jaws.

How Long Will It Take to Correct an Underbite?

An underbite correction can take different amounts of time-based on the method. Far too often, the length of time is extended beyond what was originally claimed.  Sometimes more surgery is needed.  Sometimes the braces need to be on your teeth longer.  We have treated patients that wore braces for over 11 years unsuccessfully!  Fortunately, an improved method is available that quickly changes both the facial structure, the jaw position, aligns the jaws, improves the shapes and color of the teeth, reduces TMJ, and has a big increase self-esteem with the cosmetic benefits surgery and braces alone cannot offer.

Underbite Correction Benefits

Correcting an underbite provides enormous benefit to your life. It enhances your appearance, which can boost your confidence, self-esteem, and success at work and in relationships. It also has benefits to your health, including less head and neck pain and headache discomfort, reduces TMJ problems and improved ability to bite, chew, speak clearly and your new first impression will never be the same. This method also improves the airway for improved sleeping ability, which has been a life change for our patients.

Is VENLAY® Cosmetic Camouflage or is it Real Skeletal Correction?

Some jaw surgeons say that VENLAY® Bite Restoration treatment is not a skeletal correction and that you will have problems if you don’t get jaw surgery.  In all fairness to oral surgeons, they have no understanding of the revolutionary results with this method of jaw alignment and bite correction.   Oral Surgeons provide incredible dental services but many of their patients now have a choice between surgery and the VENLAY® Bite Restoration.  The orthodontists and oral surgeons need to know that VENLAY® Bite Restoration can help the oral surgeon when their patients have problems after jaw surgery. We treat patients that avoided jaw surgery the same way we treat patients that have already had jaw surgery and the results are highly predictable. 

Is Jaw Surgery and Invisalign® Really the Only Way to Correct my Bite?

Again, most dentists and oral surgeons have no idea how well VENLAY® Bite Restoration can help their patients get incredible results without jaw surgery or any form of orthodontic braces.  Their patients will not have to suffer the pain and the risks of jaw surgery.  With VENLAY® Bite Restoration their patients will also have the ability to see the shape and balance of their new face before treatment.  You cannot do this with jaw surgery.

What Does Underbite Correction with VENLAY® Bite Restoration Cost?

There is not a set fee to correct underbites because some patients have missing teeth, others have infected gums, lots of old fillings, and some need dental implants while others have complex TMJ problems.  Some patients don’t need any of the above treatment and have healthy teeth so their cost is lower.  We have tried photos, Skype etc. but the only way to for us to know how much it costs to treat your underbite is for us to see you in person, and the Doctor can show you the shape of your new face on your very first visit.  This is a huge decision that affects your health the rest of your life and it is worth calling us so we can understand a little bit about you and give you some idea of cost. 

Call our office, and we can help get some idea of your cost once we know a little about you.  The best way to really know is to see Dr. Muslin for a consultation.  

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During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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