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This patient was treated with braces twice in his life in an attempt to correct his  uneven teeth and underbite. He was very disappointed when he was told that jaw surgery was his only choice. In his attempt to find an alternative non-surgical bite correction solution he discovered VENLAY® Restorations.

Patient Testimonial: Before and After Bite Correction with VENLAY® Restorations

His underbite and dominant upper lip made him self conscious. “It’s tough to smile and feel confident.”  His uneven bite and misaligned jaw caused premature wear and chipped teeth. Braces did not solve his problems and jaw surgery was the recommended next step. When he discovered Dr. Sam Muslin’s non-surgical VENLAY® Restorations he had it checked out by an experienced dentist (his uncle) and then decided to move forward with treatment. You will hear him tell his story and witness the remarkable before-after results in this video.


Underbite Correction Failures

Throughout the years patients have been getting unresolved bite correctional treatments with braces and clear retainers. It is common to see adult patients who’ve even went through two phases of braces treatment and had no luck.   Other patients have had braces, once as a child and again as an adult, and still had crooked teeth and bite problems. As a next step, orthodontists mostly recommend jaw surgery.

Jaw surgery, braces, or clear retainers cannot correct bites predictably. It is frustrating to see the number of unhappy patients that went through years of unsuccessful bite correction treatment.

Discover Non-Surgical and No Braces Adult UnderBite Correction

This young adult male, going through his third year of medical school, has been a victim of failed orthodontic treatment with braces himself. He suffered trying to fix his under bite twice with braces! Not once did it help him and now the specialists were recommending jaw surgery and braces again. As a medical student, he knew the risks of jaw surgery were high. He wondered if there was anyone out there that could correct under bites without jaw surgery.

There is no need to suffer from invasive underbite correction using “old school” dentistry like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, braces, clear retainers and jaw surgery.

No Grinding Down Your Healthy Teeth – Save them Instead

He searched for an alternative underbite solution, and gladly he found our office. The website was offering him pain-free, fully non-invasive and non-surgical bite correction treatment that made him excited and eager to try it out. His uncle is a “top quality dentist that I highly respect” so he asked his uncle to do some research on Dr. Sam Muslin and his method. A week later, his uncle recommended that Michael “get on a plane” and he described Dr. Muslin as the “real deal”.

Testing Before Treating

After going through the work up process and experiencing his new simulated bite position, the patient could see the new shape to his face and facial profile.  He returned the next day to start with Dr. Muslin’s Face Lift Dentistry® Method. As his teeth were healthy it only took a couple of hours to complete the first phase of the treatment.  None of his healthy teeth were drilled down so no shots, no surgery and no pain. The patient flew back home as it typically takes three weeks to make the individual VENLAY® Restorations for each of his teeth.

Seeing Results of VENLAY® Restorations before Bonding

Three weeks later, on the day of the VENLAY® try-in appointment, the individual VENLAY® Restorations were glided on to his teeth. He was able to see his new bite, new white teeth, a full re-shaping of his face and new facial support. When a patient has an underbite, the lower jaw is protruding and with this method, the lower jaw no longer protrudes. He was overwhelmed by the drastic change stating, “I can’t believe it, it’s amazing, my under bite is gone and I can talk more clearly!”

Veneers cannot correct bites and you cannot see the results of jaw surgery before the treatment starts.  This method does not require grinding down your healthy teeth.

You Can’t do this with Porcelain Veneers

After his approval, Dr. Muslin being the ultimate professional, looked not once, not twice, but multiple times to find any flaws that needed an extra boost or refining. Even though the patient loved the results, Dr. Muslin said, “I can beat this result”. The patient said, “I love it the way it is but I trust you and if you say you can beat it, go ahead and do your thing”.

Look at his jawline and his lips and compare the shape of his face in both the before and the after images.  The Face Lift Dentistry® is the ultimate self-esteem booster.

Adult Misaligned Jaw Correction

Over night, Dr. Muslin and his ceramist “did his thing” and the results were astonishing. He actually improved his own results from the day before! We were able to seat all 28 Venlay® Restorations in under 3 hours, correct his bite, get his jaw to the proper position and give this patient a new lease on life. Now he can finish his last year of medical school with an adult misaligned jaw correction, a more masculine appearance and a self-confidence boost to embrace his new smile. His bite has been “optimized”, his teeth are lengthened, whitened and angled to “optimize” his new jaw position and his self-esteem is through the roof!

Protruded lower jaw has been reduced, his jaw position has been improved and the shape of his face has been idealized to his natural biologic potential.

Maximizing a Patient’s Biologic Potential

Closing words from Dr. Muslin’s Dental Assistant: “After working many years in an orthodontic dental office, it has been a pleasure to see results that are incredible and patients that are thrilled in just a few weeks.  I’m shocked myself.  Dr. Muslin’s goal is to maximize a patient’s natural biologic potential without harming the patient and without the risk of jaw surgery. He undoubtedly proved this!”

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