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In order to get the large chin appearance reduced without jaw surgery patients will have to travel to Santa Monica California.  This method is done non-invasively, without the risk, pain, time and unpredictability of jaw surgery.

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The Shape of Your Face is more Important than just your Smile.

It was such a pleasure to help a young person gain confidence and improve her health with the non-invasive underbite correction method. 

Her new jaw position improved her facial profile and it also improved the shape of her face.  She has a comfortable bite and the “size shifting” gave each of her front teeth a normal size and shape along with a wonderful smile.  True beauty starts with the shape of your face which is more important than just your smile.

Natural Beauty Starts with Profile Correction

A patient’s natural beauty begins with profile correction to build a new level of self-esteem.  But, there is another problem, she was congenitally missing her two upper lateral incisors and years ago the orthodontist used braces to move her canine teeth right next to the central incisors.  It does not look very natural to have canines that are larger than the central incisors.  The sizes of her teeth were out of balance.

She has an underbite, she is about to graduate college and after already having braces, the recommended jaw surgery and braces required time, risk and pain.

Bite Correction – Jaw Surgery, Braces, Dental Implants

The patient has retained her “baby teeth” and she has gaps between some of her teeth.  After jaw surgery and another couple of years of braces, she will also need dental implants and the treating doctors could not give any assurance that her daughter will have a great smile after all of that treatment.

Instead of surgery, braces and jaw surgery, this patient was able to have her bite corrected, gaps closed and the sizes of her teeth balanced in less than one month.

Mom, I Don’t Want to Wear Braces at my Graduation!

This is an attractive young lady that also has her first job lined up after she graduates.   Jaw surgery, braces and implants will take years to complete.  Her Mother was checking out the reputation of the oral surgeon that was going to do the jaw surgery when she came upon this website.  They don’t live in California so flight arrangements were made.

Using this method, the dentist knows where the healthiest jaw position should be rather than just guess.”

How Her Face Would Look After Treatment on the First Visit

The grandmother was very skeptical but after Dr. Muslin demonstrated how her face would look after his treatment, both the patient and the Grandmother were excited.   On the second visit, Mom came in and asked many complex questions but she still was very concerned because it all seemed too easy.  “Can he really complete all of the bite correction, cosmetic corrections and tooth replacement along with “tooth size shifting” and improve the shape of her daughters face too?

The lower jaw looks larger because the under bite forces it into a forward position causing it to look much larger than it is in reality. Under bite correction requires imaging technology so the dentist knows where the jaw should be rather than just guess.

Bite Reconstruction – Minimally Invasive

Most of her teeth did not have to be ground down using VENLAY® restorations which made the treatment much safer, easier and less risk than the traditional porcelain crowns and porcelain veneers.  In just a few weeks, the porcelain was constructed and the bite reconstruction was completed with Dr. Muslin’s personal involvement with the size, shape, color and bite for all of his patient’s teeth.  The new porcelain restorations were placed over the patient’s teeth so her Mom and Grandmother could see the final results before bonding.  Mom said that this treatment was a “miracle” for her daughter.

This patient already has natural beauty that was made possible with this bite correction method that is only available in Santa Monica California. Patient’s that fly here save a great deal of time, pain and post treatment problems when the method is non-invasive.

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Dr. Muslin sincerely thanks this patient, her Mother and her Grandmother for signing release forms that allow him to show the results of his work and how it can impact the life of an entire family.

Call (310) 829-6796 to schedule your appointment. This treatment is only available in Santa Monica California.

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