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All to often people who discover this website find the results difficult to believe. When this young lady searched for a painless non-surgical solution for her underbite she had a hard time convincing her grandmother that this treatment was possible. Her grandmother openly expressed her doubts by saying, “nobody can correct your underbite without jaw surgery.”   Fortunately for this patient, her grandmother agreed to fly from New Jersey to California for a consultation with Dr. Muslin and was pleasantly surprised to see for herself that non-surgical underbite correction is indeed a reality.

It wasn’t enough to correct the underbite without surgery as this patient also suffered from headaches almost daily.  TMJ pain is related to the patient’s jaw position. 

Successful treatment depends on the dentists ability to locate the most ideal jaw position. Dr. Muslin developed and uses JawTrac®. As one patient said, “most dentists just guess where the bite should be but this dentist knows.”

Headache Relief

Most of the time our bite causes trauma to the head and neck regions. Every time the patients bite their teeth together the TMJ is being forced into an unnatural position. Most patients never realize that there is a direct relationship between the position of their jaw, their bite and TMJ. When these structures are “out of alignment” the patients experience headaches, neck pain, back pain, difficulty chewing and speaking. Headache relief can be obtained by “optimizing” the jaw position using JawTrac® in order to help all of the head and neck regions functioning more harmoniously.

The patient’s before video clearly shows the difficulties she was experiencing and the after video shows the results when a patient is “optimized.”  

Video: Patient Testimonial - Before and After Underbite Correction

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Face Lift Dentistry® & Avoiding Jaw Surgery

Sometimes jaw surgery is a better choice, but often the non-surgical method has considerable advantages.  The dental profession considers jaw surgery to be the treatment of choice but there are risks that can compromise a patient for life.  The results on this website demonstrate the power of the Face Lift Dentistry® Method and avoiding jaw surgery.

When a patient is “optimized” using this method, none of their teeth are ground down and the treatment is painless.  This patient has a beautiful smile and a functioning jaw.  She has permanent lip support because every aspect has been augmented by only using VENLAY® Restorations.

“Optimizing” with JawTrac®

First the patients new jaw position needs to developed, which is a fairly quick process and is usually accomplished on the first visit.  Second the patients facial features need to be analyzed in order determine the best design to totally augment the facial features and facial profile.  It takes Dr. Muslin about 3 weeks to complete the VENLAY® Restorations so many patients make two trips about 3 days each to complete this treatment.  This patient had no shots, no drilling down her healthy teeth and no temporary teeth in order to be “optimized” with JawTrac®

Non-Invasive VENLAY® Restorations

She had 28 non-invasive VENLAY® Restorations that were designed to “optimize” every single aspect of her appearance and her jaw function.  Everything is designed one time and every VENLAY® Restoration is a separate restoration.  They stay in the patient’s mouth and become part of their natural teeth.  Patients eat, chew, speak, brush and floss normally.

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