Correcting an Under Bite without Surgery in 2 Weeks

“Maybe the biggest advancement in high tech dentistry today is underbite correction that is non-surgical, no braces and does not require grinding down your healthy teeth”

Sam Muslin DDS

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Under Bite Correction without Jaw Surgery and Braces

All to often people who discover this website find the results difficult to believe. When this young lady searched for a painless non-surgical solution for her underbite she had a hard time convincing her grandmother that this was the treatment she needed. Her grandmother openly expressed her doubts by saying, “nobody can correct your underbite without jaw surgery.”   Fortunately for this patient, her grandmother agreed to fly from New Jersey to California for a consultation with Dr. Muslin and was pleasantly surprised to see for herself that non-surgical underbite correction is indeed a reality.

Can You Fix an Underbite without Surgery? Patient Review.

The patient cannot speak clearly, is ashamed of his appearance so much that he tries to move his jaw in a way that doesn’t make him look unappealing.  But, chewing, jaw issues, appearance and speaking clearly have literally compromised the quality of his life.  It was all reversed in just 2 weeks and it’s not too good to be true.

Non-Surgical Under Bite Correction

How Does Dr. Muslin Move The Jaw?

The only reason your face looks like it does is because your under bite guides your lower jaw into a bad position making your chin look larger that reality and your facial profile look less than optimal.

A bite can be created that can guide your jaw into an ideal position that improves your facial profile and the size appearance of your chin using specific jaw imaging technology, the patent pending bonding technique and the exclusive VENLAY® restorations that were created specifically for the Face Lift Dentistry bite correction method.

This method works well with both Overbites and Under Bites.

Underbite Correction - No Surgery, No Shots, No Drilling

In the first five minutes of the appointment Dr. Muslin showed the patient the improvement in his face if the treatment was completed. The patient’s facial proportions improved, his facial profile improved and his chin looks smaller.

Facial Profile Correction – Under Bites and Overbites

When a patient has an under bite, the upper teeth are behind the lower teeth and usually there is a one sided or a two sided cross bite. This can be corrected in just two weeks and this patient is a living example of the success for this method.

Correcting Under Bites without Surgery using VENLAY® Restorations

Patients with under bites have a problem with larger looking chins because the chin is guided forward away from the patient’s ears making their chin look much larger than it really is in reality. Their chin is really smaller than it looks so constructing a bite that is built to the patient’s facial features so the bite guides the jaw into it’s proper position the facial profile is improved and so is the size of the chin.

“Face Lift Dentistry® is about idealizing the patient’s natural facial features by correcting the bite so it will guide the jaw into a healthy position for the first time in the patient’s life”.  -Sam Muslin DDS

TMJ Problems, Jaw Clicking and Popping, Clenching and Grinding

Nothing works for everyone but with this method, Dr. Muslin has been more successful than with any other method. He is a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry with means he has taken far more continuing education that is certified by the Academy than most dentists. This method works well because he can see what is happening with the jaw and have imaging that can locate the most ideal position. Then he tests this new position with a removable “test appliance” so he and the patient know in advance that the patient finds the new jaw position to be more comfortable. Then and only then does Dr. Muslin build the bite for the patient.

If You Have Already Had Jaw Surgery You Still Can Be Treated

“He spent many hours in speech therapy that did not help him until his under bite was non-surgically corrected. Patients cannot speak clearly if they do not have the right structure to their teeth, jaw and bite.”  -Sam Muslin DDS

Porcelain veneers are only cosmetic camouflage that helps the patient look better from the front view and not from the profile view. Veneers do not correct the patients bite.
All of these photos on this website are untouched and unaltered and Dr. Muslin humbly thanks all of the patients that have given written permission to show the results of their treatment. These patients wanted to help other people make wiser choices.
Call the office to discuss your treatment options and read the Frequently Asked Questions section on this website.

Under bite and a cross bite with a protruding lower jaw and a large looking chin can be reversed by correcting the underbite with VENLAY® restorations.

Only his upper teeth needed to be treated with VENLAY® restorations to get a healthier bite that allowed this patient to speak more clearly chew more efficiently and relieve any TMJ issues that were troubling him. The results were instant.

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During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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