Jaw Surgery and Braces Avoided

Instead of Jaw Surgery there is JawTrac® Jaw Alignment and VENLAY® Bite Restoration

Skeletal Underbite Correction in Less than a Month

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This patient found an alternative treatment that is non-surgical, did not need to drill down her healthy teeth and only took about a month. She received a non-invasive treatment for a skeletal underbite correction that is safer than the surgical method and is superior to invasive porcelain veneers. This case demonstrates a functional and cosmetic solution for underbite correction that improved her facial profile and reduced her protrusive chin.

A Changed Facial Profile! In the after photo, her lower jaw is painlessly repositioned, which has improved and reduced her skeletal deformity. She had a dental jaw misalignment that created the underbite and the large chin appearance. A result like this is not just a smile … this patient gained a structural underbite correction, self-esteem, confidence, comfort, a smaller looking lower jaw and happiness with VENLAY® Bite Restoration. She wanted to share her results with you so you will know that there is a safer choice.

Save Your Teeth From the Drill

“I don’t want surgery, and I don’t want my teeth ground down.”

Dentists claim that they can “fix” your underbite with porcelain veneers.  Don’t be mislead into believing you’re getting an underbite correction.  You won’t see an improvement in your facial profile because your jaw will still be sticking out too far with the veneer “fix”.  

Our method saves your teeth from the drill, no surgery, no braces, no clear retainers, just JawTrac®, VENLAY® Bite Restoration with the Face Lift Dentistry® Method.

VENLAY® UnderBite Restoration is Non-Invasive

Patients are being told that their only choice of treatment is jaw surgery and braces.  This is no longer true. Most patients don’t have to have jaw surgery and the magical part of this treatment is that they also don’t have to have their healthy teeth ground down.

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VENLAY® Underbite Correction Patient Testimonial

She expresses herself beautifully with before and after video results of this treatment.  She flew in from Texas and there is no doubt that even though it may sound “too good to be true”, this method is todays reality.  Her large looking lower jaw now appears to be a normal size.  Her facial profile has improved and the boost in self-esteem will change her life.

JawTrac® to Find the Natural Jaw Position

This underbite correction method uses JawTrac® to find the most natural jaw position.  Most patients with underbites do not have a jaw as large as it looks.  It looks large because it is a misaligned jaw. 

JawTrac® aligns the jaw.  VENLAY® Bite Restoration corrects the underbite in order to hold the lower jaw in the Jawtrac® position it has enormous cosmetic benefits beyond veneers and cosmetic dentistry.

This method is a comprehensive functional and cosmetic treatment in one plan.

Dangers of Jaw Surgery

Having seen many other doctors about her possible treatment options, our patient learned that with jaw surgery, it is possible to lose taste, have nerve damage and/or facial paralysis, postoperative pain and/or complications, as well as the possibility of another surgery – just to name a few. 

You now have a high tech low risk alternative to jaw surgery.

JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Bite Restoration

JawTrac® alignment is designed to improve the jaw position. Once JawTrac® has proven this treatment will work great for you (and just about everyone else) the creation of the VENLAY® Bite Restoration begins.  It takes Dr. Muslin 3 weeks to design your porcelain.  Bonding VENLAY® Bite Restoration is completed in just a morning or two.  All of the patient’s teeth are treated with Individual VENLAY® Restorations that are bonded to the healthy tooth structure and the porcelain becomes part of your teeth.  You eat the same, brush and floss the same. 


Your New Jaw Position Is Where It Was Meant To Be

Patients chew well, speak clearly and feel “natural.”  Most importantly, our patients have big cosmetic benefits not possible with veneers.  The cosmetic dentistry element in perfecting the patient’s smile is actually a bonus to the mechanical and functional treatment goals of JawTrac® and VENLAY® Bite Restoration that jaw surgery and your “best jaw surgeon” cannot provide.

She loves having white teeth that were larger than her original teeth without the trauma of drilling away her healthy teeth. All 28 of her independent restorations were bonded in one morning and then she went to lunch!

Smiles with Bad Bites

Porcelain veneers cannot correct the jaw position because they do not go over/cover/or change the biting surface(s).  Veneers improve a smile but not your face, not your profile and not your bite.  Most importantly, the underlying problem stays the same because cosmetic quick fixes don’t address the cause. You will realize that only getting a better smile is a shallow patchwork approach.

Misaligned Jaw Correction

VENLAY® Bite Restoration wrap over the biting surfaces of your existing teeth without harming you or your healthy teeth to collectively work together with the TMJ, bite and teeth to form a new bite and jaw position. This underbite correction method improves the skeletal imbalance and aligns misaligned jaws. 

After VENLAY® Bite Restoration a whole new life opened up for this patient, with self-esteem and confidence in herself that she has never experienced before in her life. A few days after her treatment was complete, she told us “I feel like a woman”!

Full Mouth Reconstructions and VENLAY® Bite Restoration

If you go to any other dentist and a full mouth reconstruction is recommended, all of your healthy teeth will be drilled away.  Besides being painful and harmful to your teeth, this is a long process with possible post-treatment problems, tooth pain, bite pain and tooth sensitivity which VENLAY® Bite Restoration avoids.  Full mouth reconstruction is an old invasive and painful method and the VENLAY® Bite Restoration is not painful and saves your healthy teeth from the dentists drill.

What is VENLAY® Bite Restoration?

Patients are suffering from full mouth reconstructions, years of braces, teeth drilled down, Orthotic appliances, clear retainer type treatment, jaw surgeries and patchwork veneers. 

All of these treatments are less predictable and take a lot of time.  Dr. Muslin has experience with all of them and he realized that there has to be a much better way to correct bites, facial profiles and facial proportions. 

He invented the VENLAY® Bite Restoration, combined it with JawTrac® Alignment, and the Face Lift Dentistry® Method to create the solution that avoids invasive, risky and painful dentistry that can actually harm the patient’s health.

How Does He Do It?

First, Dr. Muslin uses JawTrac® to locate your ideal jaw position without force, pain or surgery that maximizes your health.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration is then used to build your new cusps, ridges, angles, and sizes of your teeth to maintain your new bite and jaw position.  With this technology, we can idealize your smile and facial proportioning and get your jaw in a more ideal position simultaneously. 

This is a totally comprehensive method.  You can’t do this with veneers and cosmetic dentistry!  You will see your new jaw position on your very first visit, and you cannot do this with jaw surgery either!

Call our office and let us know about your issues so we can get some idea of your needs and give you an approximate cost and help you move forward with your life.

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