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This dentist can achieve underbite correction with his non-surgical underbite treatment method by first using JawTrac Alignment, to locate the ideal jaw position. One of the big advantages to this method is that the location is tested to prove that it works. You cannot test your jaw surgery in advance. No jaw surgery is necessary. 

 Another huge advantage of the underbite treatment method is that your healthy teeth are not ground down. In other words, the VENLAY® Restoration is built right over your healthy teeth, therefore keeping them healthy. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive, underbite treatment solution which can be completed in as little as two visits that last about four days each that are separated by three weeks.

Is Underbite Surgery Necessary?

Orthognathic jaw surgery should only be considered in extreme cases. Unfortunately, too many dental surgeons and orthodontists recommend jaw surgery as the only underbite treatment option. When you browse the underbite correction cases on this website and watch the video testimonials, you will often hear patients say: “My dentist said orthognathic jaw surgery is the only solution.” Not so! The before-and-after photos and videos on this website tell a different story of non-surgical success. 

True underbite treatment without surgery is absolutely possible, has a highly predictable outcome, has stellar aesthetic benefits, is quick, and gives the patient the ultimate health benefits.

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Witness the Wonder of JawTrac® Alignment and VENLAY® Restorations

When your bite forces your jaw into a bad position, your body suffers. You may have neck pain, back pain, TMJ pain or headaches that are all caused directly or indirectly by a bad bite. This is a bite correction treatment method achieved non-surgically and it may seem that it is “too good to be true” but all of the patients in this website are testifying that this method “is incredible and real.” Using his underbite treatment he can synchronize your TMJ, teeth and bite to achieve a structure underbite treatment correction using JawTrac® and VENLAY® Restorations.

Can You Fix an Underbite without Surgery – or Is It Camouflage?

In the video above she explains that this underbite treatment method relieved her headaches. You cannot relieve headaches with camouflage! In other words, the Face Lift Dentistry® method using JawTrac® and VENLAY® Restorations is a functional and aesthetic comprehensive underbite treatment that is the most predictable, non-invasive treatment available today. If you want cosmetic camouflage, get porcelain veneers that don’t correct bites or relieve headaches or TMJ pain.

Will Underbite Treatment with Jaw Surgery Produce Better Results?

You cannot test jaw surgery in advance like you can with the JawTrac® underbite treatment method. With surgery, you never know if your jaw will heal as planned. But with VENLAY® Restorations you will see the results and experience the results before you commit to the treatment. The best way to know if jaw surgery would be a better treatment for you is to see Dr. Muslin personally. He is one of the very few dentists in the world that has experience with orthodontics, jaw surgery and the Face Lift Dentistry® treatment. He will tell you the best course of treatment for you. In other words, he can also provide underbite treatment for patients that already had jaw surgery and things did not go as well as planned and want to avoid a second jaw surgery.

The Position of the Lower Jaw

The lower jaw position in the before photo was too far forward and closed too far. She was suffering physically, socially and mentally because of the position of the lower jaw. Patients with daily headaches usually have the wrong lower jaw position that causes stress and strain on the entire body. All of the photos in this website are untouched and unaltered.

JawTrac® Alignment with VENLAY® Bite Restoration improves the shape of your face and your facial profile. There is no other underbite treatment choices that can get results non-invasively like this method.

Jawline and Chin are Too Large

Do patients that need under bite correction have a jawline and chin that are too larger? In most cases, they do not have chin or jawline that is too large because they have a bite that makes the chin look too large. Yes, many patients have a lower jaw that is bigger than the upper jaw but nowhere near as big as the bad bite makes it appear.

This method tests the results before treatment begins. The patient and the doctor know what they will get visually and physically.

Above and Beyond Cosmetic Dentistry and Porcelain Veneers

Dr. Muslin uses a high tech ultra-low radiation imaging system to locate the best possible jaw position from a health perspective and then he tests this position to see if the patient likes the comfort and the aesthetics to their faces. He She loved how she looked and how she felt so we started the treatment. You can’t do this with braces or jaw surgery or veneers which is why the Face Lift Dentistry® underbite treatment method is so successful and predictable.

Underbite Treatment without Surgery - Before and After

The chin looks smaller. The jawline looks smaller and the shape of her face looks more feminine.

VENLAY® Restorations

The idea behind VENLAY® restorations is to save your healthy teeth. Your teeth remain intact under the VENLAY® restorations which are designed to improve or correct your bite, your face and your profile. These restorations are exclusive non-invasive bite correction treatment.

Anti-Aging Dentists

Most dentists that call themselves anti-aging dentists are really going to grind down your healthy teeth, which is damaging to your tooth structure and your health. Don’t fall for the “fix underbite” dentists either because they just use porcelain veneers, will most likely grind down your healthy teeth and the treatment you will most likely receive is cosmetic camouflage and not bite correction or profile improvement. The functional and aesthetic predictability of the VENLAY® non-invasive underbite treatment makes it above and beyond anti-aging dentistry.

Call the office, discuss your options and make your appointment to bring a new level of health and self-confidence into your life.

Talk to us about your issues and what you want to achieve and treat. We do not know how much it will cost until we know how much dentistry you will need. As an example, do you have missing teeth, need implants, root canals, have many crowns and veneers already? This cost is higher than for a person that has all of their teeth. We can give you an estimate over the phone if we know how much we need to do for you.

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