Non-Surgical Bite Correction

Treating an Underbite, Open Bite and Cross Bite with VENLAY® Bite Restoration

No Surgery, No Drilling Down Healthy Teeth, No Braces, Less than a Month

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Many new patients seeking consulting for bite correction had braces, at least once, in the past. Most have been advised that jaw surgery is the only remaining option to correct ongoing problems. Santa Monica cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sam Muslin, has developed a method which requires no surgery, no braces, and no grinding down of healthy teeth to address bite problems for most patients. This high tech method has a predictable outcome and is exponentially safer than surgery.

This website features many patients who have been treated with this high tech dentistry method. None required jaw surgery or braces. Most important, the treatment was completed without any grinding down of healthy teeth enamel.

VENLAY® Bite Restoration Video Testimonial

This patient had a misaligned jaw which impaired his bite and his speech. With JawTrac® Jaw Alignment, Dr. Muslin discovered that his jaw could comfortably be moved to its ideal position with the Face Lift Dentistry® method and VENLAY® Bite Restoration.

“The outcome of this non-surgical bite correction method can be tested in advance – something which is not possible with surgery or braces. It also requires less treatment time.” -Sam Muslin DDS

Underbite Jaw Surgery Alternative

Speech therapy is handicapped because the patient does not have the right bite to make clear speaking possible.   This patient’s jaw can easily move to its ideal position if the dentist has the imaging skills to determine the location of the ideal position.

Best Bite for Your Face – Bite Correction

Using technology that helps you to see what you are doing is the best way to build the bite that augments the patient’s face and TMJ.  The method to this treatment involves using high tech imaging that emits ultra-low radiation in order to see the best jaw position for the patient, test it in advance and build the bite accordingly.

This highly predictable method is very safe and the patient can see the porcelain in their mouth before it is bonded.  With jaw surgery or braces, patients cannot see the results before the surgery or treatment has been completed. However, with the Face Lift Dentistry® method, patients can. This provides peace of mind to the patient.

Clear Speech after Non- Surgical Open-Bite Correction

When you have an open bite you tend to use your tongue to say words, rather than your teeth. This results in slurry and unclear speech as the tongue cannot produce the crisp sounds made possible by correctly aligned teeth.

Unclear speech due to open bite and under bite

With an open bite and underbite he could not speak clearly. Speech therapy was unable to help him and braces also failed so this patient had no idea where to turn .

A friend in Canada advised him to fly to Los Angeles and get treated with Dr. Sam Muslin’s non-invasive bite correction method.

Open Bite and Cross Bite Correction

Open bite correction requires a bite that allows the patient to use his teeth to pronounce his “S” and his “th” sounds clearly.  It is impossible for him to be able to pronounce certain sounds that are crisp.

Watch his video to learn how the Dental Face Lift® can actually achieve results that are not possible with any other treatment and it can be done none surgically and with non-invasive dentistry.

Underbite and Open Bite Correction and the Shape of your Face

The shape of your face is vital to a healthy bite, which is why cosmetic dentistry and smile type of dentistry can actually be bad for the patient’s health. The patient may have a better smile but still has a bad bite, slurry speech, a facial profile that is compromised and the shape of their face is short and round.

“Underbite correction is about the shape of your face much more than just your smile”.  – Sam Muslin DDS

TMJ Pain, Clicking and Popping – Underbite Correction

The reason the jaw clicking and popping stopped a couple of days after treatment is because for the first time in his life his jaw was a healthy position.  When the jaw is in a healthy position, the TMJ can begin a healing process that can decrease jaw pain, headaches, clicking and popping and neck pain.

Patient Testimonial Appreciation

Dr. Muslin sincerely and humbly thanks this patient who gave  written permission  to show his results to the world.  It graciously wanted to help future patients make informed decisions.

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During his nearly 40 years of experience, Dr. Muslin discovered that he can help reverse the effects of aging with his dentistry.

His sophisticated high-tech office is equipped to deliver the cosmetic dental procedures as porcelain veneers as wells as complex bite correction treatment using his non-invasive VENLAY® Restoration treatment.

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